Chikankata District Council Secretary, Milly Muluti, has praised the Local Government Commission for improving the salaries of council employees in the country.

Mr Muluti said the gesture by the Local Government Commission should be commended which is aimed at motivating Council employees with improved conditions of Service.

The Council Secretary said this in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Chikankata district in Southern province today.

Ms Muluti also called on the Local Government Commission to consider increasing grants for local authorities in order to improve service delivery within their localities.

Ms Muluti said the increment of grants if considered will enable councils improve service delivery to the local communities in the country.

She said the councils have been facing many challenges in implementing most of the projects aimed at assisting the local people due to the grants which are not sufficient for council operations.

Meanwhile, Ms Muluti says despite many challenges the council has been going through during the year 2017 in the district, the local authority has managed to implement projects which have benefited the communities in Chikankata district.

Ms Muluiti cited the ongoing construction of toilets at Turn Pike Tamanga Kabanana Market, construction of township roads at Turn pike residential area, Nansenga Estates and Shamabele prime residential areas respectively.

She said the local authority will continue striving to work hard during the year 2018 in the area of providing adequate social amenities for the people of Chikankata district in Southern province.

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