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Ministry of Chiefs to promote integration of ceremonies


Mwini Kalonga Gawa Undi Mkhomo V arrives in the main arena whilst President Edgar Lungu (left) looks on during the traditional ceremony

The Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs has disclosed that it is working on ways in which it can promote the integration of traditional ceremonies.

Luapula Province Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Officer, Noah Mwisa said the move is aimed at ensuring that there is unity and oneness among traditional groupings which have similarities in their culture.

Mr. Mwisa explained that the integration of traditional ceremonies will also improve on the way most traditional ceremonies are packaged thereby promoting tourism in the country.

He told ZANIS in an interview that the Ministry will be giving more support to those traditional ceremonies which brings a number of chiefs together.

He added that currently there are a number of traditional groups which hold separate ceremonies despite them having the same ancestral background.

Mr. Mwisa stated that if Chiefs who have similar historical background can agree and start holding one big traditional ceremony, the number of tourists will increase as the ceremonies will have a lot of content to showcase.

He noted that traditional leaders should understand that traditional ceremonies if well managed has the potential to contribute to the country’s economy hence their integration will be more beneficial.

Meanwhile Mr. Mwisa has appealed to traditional ceremony organizers to ensure that they start preparing for their ceremonies on time so that they can be more attractive.

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  1. KK Airport Cabinet
    Don't bring more confusion in these ceremonies; leave the traditionalists do what they do each alone;
  2. Inonge Wina
    The problem is that now everything is being seen through commercial eyes. Leave traditional ceremonies as they are. Changing them just to attract tourists is tantamount to selling our culture. Those ceremonies have been in existence for a long time and mostly funded by tribal subjects. If a traditional ceremony is going to attract tourists, so be it and that's good but please lets not change them and sell our culture because we'll have nothing left. I guess that's why we even want to sell the police service to the Chinese.
  3. Lombe (MA)
    Who is going to be gracing these ceremonies? Chagwa Lungu said he will never attend traditional ceremonies ever again.

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