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High border fees promote smuggling-Hamukale

General News High border fees promote smuggling-Hamukale

Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale
Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale

Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale has said there was need to fight smuggling at all times at Kazungula border post.

Mr. Hamukale explained that there were many ways that make smuggling rampant at a point of entry.

He cited high border charges as compared to other neighbouring countries as some of the factor that promote smuggling in Zambian borders.

Speaking when he addressed different stakeholders at Kazungula district town council, Mr. Hamukale said smuggling of goods to avoid paying tax retards the country’s development.

Meanwhile, chairperson for the clearing and insurance companies at Kazungula border Lackson Phiri disclosed that a lot of people in the area were very ignorant about clearing procedures.

Mr. Phiri explained that most traders did not know about the charges hence they were in the habit of avoiding passing through the normal channel thinking that they would be charged huge sums of money.

He said there were a lot of incidences where people would use illegal routes after buying goods from the neighbouring countries yet certain goods would not even attract a fee.

Mr. Phiri suggested that there should be some sensitization on cross border traders regarding clearing procedures so that they can know about the goods that need to be declared and paid for.

And national chairperson for Cross Border Traders Association (CBTA) Mwape Lukwesa assured the stakeholders that an office will be opened at Kazungula border in March next year to carefully handle issues of smuggling.

Mr. Lukwesa said cross border traders will be sensitized on how best to conduct their businesses efficiently and effectively.

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    • Very valid points sir, Same with Road Traffic charges. .they are too high thus giving chance to cops to “negotiate ” with erring drivers by “offering ” them lower fees which the cop pockets for his own use.

  1. I agree with the minister 100%. Besides, there is a lot of paper work at Zambian boarders compared to RSA, Botswana, lesotho, Swaziland, etc; why can’t we have same rates as others in the region? Gov’t is indeed promoting corruption and smuggling of goods hence people resorting to using shortcuts; If you want to grow the economy, do what President Tump is doing – reduce paper work, remove redundant procedures, lower tax, remove unnecessary levys, educate people, etc… Make Zambia Great again. God bless Zambia!

    • And I agree with James 100%! Look at the volumes of liquor at COMESA market which literally supplies the rest of Zambia with South African beer, ciders, wines and spirits. For starters, anything that competes with ZB products should be taxed, ie beer; ZB is a good employer and taxpayer. But Zambia can’t produce wine or apple cider for example, so why over tax these products. If govt. lowered taxes on wines and ciders, those smugglers will line up to pay tax (why go through the hustle of hiding in bushes???). Mozambique has started producing Smirnoff Spin, Gilbey’s gin and only when such industries are brought to Zambia is when taxes should be raised to promote local industry.

  2. Anything made in a SADAC country is duty free, just vat payable , except oils and food , cigs and grog
    All solar and agric machines duty free also.

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