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It’s the confiscated Mukula Logs that are being exported to China by ZAFFICO – Defence PS

Headlines It's the confiscated Mukula Logs that are being exported to China by...

Defense Permanent Secretary Stard Mwale
Defense Permanent Secretary Stard Mwale

Government has dismissed allegations levelled against senior Government officers that they were involved in the illegal exportation of Mukula logs.

Defense Permanent Secretary Stard Mwale told a media briefing held at his office today that the allegation is false and malicious.

The PS however, said government officials found wanting in the illegal mukula logs would be dealt with accordingly.

Mr. Mwale disclosed that investigations have been instituted and warned members of the public that defense and security personnel are on high alert and would sternly deal with those involved in illegal exportation of Mukula tree.

“The nation may wish to know that allegations that senior government officials were involved in the illegal exportation of mukula logs is false. Government has mandated ZAFFICO to export the illegally harvested and confiscated mukula logs to China on its behalf,” the PS said.

He said the ban of the ‘government trophy’ is still enforce.

Meanwhile, the PS has disclosed that the Zambia Forest and Forestry industries (ZAFFICO) has been mandated by government to export the illegally harvested and confiscated precious mukula logs to China.

Mr. Mwale stated that ZAFFICO was transporting 21 containerized trucks from Lusaka to Chirundu and from Mporokoso to Chirundu when they were intercepted by suspected opposition UPND cadres in Shimabala area.

Mr. Mwale said ZAFFICO officials escorting the trucks were robbed off in the process.

He further disclosed that K30,000 was allegedly stolen in the fracas and security wings are investigating the matter to bring the culprits to book.

He said the trucks laden with mukula were later taken to Zambia National Service Kafue Camp and Chilanga Police Station for safety following alert defense officers who rushed at the scene.

The PS advised political party cadres to desist from taking the law into their own hands.

Mr. Mwale said cadres must report to the relevant defense and security wings if they suspect anything.

And Home affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has warned youths in the party against indiscipline. This is in view of what he terms unwarranted misuse of social media by young people.

Mr. Kampyongo said that youths who are in a habit of using the name of the party to engage in such activities will not be tolerated anymore.

Mr. Kampyongo said that as PF national youth chairperson he will ensure such youths are brought to book. Mr. Kampyongo, who is also Minister of Home Affairs, is not happy with some Party youths abusing social media to react to issues.

Mr. Kampyongo is disappointed with a named youth for challenging him to explain why he was interacting with an opposition Member of Parliament.

Mr. Kampyongo said this in Shiwang’andu district where he is on a tour of his constituency


  1. we kno these faces on videos,and lusakatimes pic,none of them belong to the opposition,this makes your statement sir very suspicious,too much twisting,why was state house vehicle involved,why it has taken two days to respond,why use zaffico to export these logs,why was the public not informed in advance,why the defence ps is issuing this statement instead of zaffico or police chief .this is fake.

    • Come on now! Why is defence permanent Secretary issuing a statement, ,,,ZAFFICO, is not under ministry of defence, this should be a police case/criminal case, there’s a ban on mukula tree export announced by Edgar lungu himself,

    • Tables overturned yet against UPND. How could UPND manage to be waving fists like PF cadres?
      Kaiser mwaume, from Chest on clinic cleaner to PF political mnupu

    • In Zemunda, this is pure coup. PF ministries are paralyised.
      Army everywhere, is it ZANU-PF mania?
      Yesterday it was Green Buffaloes vs cholera.
      Today its Green Buffaloes vs Forest Rangers.

    • A few days ago this is what the minister said and I copy and paste”Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Jean Kapata has said all illegal cargoes of Mukula logs that have been seized by the state will be forfeited to the state and sold off.Ms. Kapata said the Zambia Forestry and Forestry Industries Corporation (ZAFFICO) Limited will auction off the contraband. She was speaking when she addressed ministerial staff in Ndola today.

      Now tell us why ka defence ps is trying to tell lies to the nation.By the time these thugs are booted out in 2021, they would have mortgaged the country to the Chinese.
      Why ca’t we process the mukula tree ourselves than export it raw?

    • This is a traversity … the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise deserves a better explanation. This Mukulu Tree is a national treasure that takes 90 years to mature and we are harvesting it indiscriminately without plans for replenishment.

      A real national policy needs to emerge on this so that we can figure out ways to replant once each one is cut. We also need to focus on the medicinal side of things here. The pharmaceutical industries interested in this tree have huge pockets.

      We need to ask them to set up shop in Zambia, as for the gun butts and furniture use, the Zambia National Service needs to take lead on this ~ Our Time Is Now to grow this economy using every blessing the good Lord has blessed us with.

    • No more exporting this resource to China … a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador is needful right away. If the Chinese are our best friends, we need to ask them to ask the buying entities to immediately come to Zambia and set shop there for what ever it is they do with this tree once it reaches China.

      This way, the industry becomes local and we are now in control. Whatever is produced from Mukulu would then be “Made in Zambia” thus creating employment and whatever is earned by exporting the final product then earns us tax revenues as well as forex.

      Above all else, we would create totally new industries based on this resource while creating new jobs for the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise. Revenues from exporting raw are peanuts compared to what we would realize if did the…

    • Continued …

      Above all else, we would create totally new industries based on this resource while creating new jobs for the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise. Revenues from exporting raw are peanuts compared to what we would realize if did the above.

      Ban all exports until we figure out what the Chinese are doing with this ourselves, period!!!! Because Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us ~ B R Mumba, Sr.

      I wish all the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise a prosperous 2018!!!

      God Speed Everyone, And God Bless!!!

    • Kikikiki ati UPND cadres????when video evidence is there that these are PF cadres and they even named themselves. What is wrong with these PF guys? Why hide the transportation of these tree in containerized trailers if the exportation is legal? Why have escorts from Lusaka to Chirundu when there is no evidence of “Pirates” on that corridor? Which Mukula is going to be auctioned to the public as announced by Jean Kapata if you are exporting it yourselves? The same thing with maize ban while you export to Malawi in the night is what you are doing with the Mukula , THIEVES

    • Today B R Mumba, Sr has said something a little intelligent, albeit he couldn’t gather the courage and commit himself to condemning the rampant corruption his kith and kin are perpetrating that has led to this issue. Hopefully we will be entering the new year with bootlickers like B R Mumba, Kudos, Katondo boys, MMD Bootlicker a thick blindfold from their faces and see through the devastating corruption and incompetence PF is displaying in broad daylight for all to see. I have noticed they have all said something a little critical of some of the minions in their party.
      As for this lame defence from thus defence PS, any progressive person can see through his hollow excuse. They are trying to shift the blame to the brave and innocent cadres, trying to muzzle them into quietness. Why…

    • Coz he’s protecting his daughter. Blood is thicker than water. Bt same blood leads to our downfall fast. Just send her back whr she came from. The man can’t even think straight coz of corrupt family members




  2. Hon Kampyongo, could you answer why you’re exporting round logs against the law. No log or even a can’t (squared log) can be exported from Zambia. Why are you exporting these confiscated logs when you should stockpile them like you do for elephant tusks? The vehicles escorting those logs were not for ZAFFICO why? Continue defending the indefensible. You’re just postponing the inevitable. The writing is on the wall

    • ZAFFICO is now under Ministry of Defense eh? Or is it now a Defense Industry?

      What rank has Counsel Sichone [Former and fired Lands Commissioner & Permanent Secretary] been given; Brig General or Maj. General?

  3. How the statement has a UPND twist when all the recordings are from people that are calling on Lungu to intervene because they love him so much and want to enjoy together?

  4. But why can’t we process the same Mukula within the country and make various products out of it. Why export in its raw form? We won’t buy such an explanation because just yesterday, Kapata Jean said Mukula would be auctioned locally. She didn’t say the product would be exported. Credit to the PF cadres for once who did a noble thing, they need to be commended not condemned

    • Kambwili knows these guys very well, look at the Mukula circus, $42.0 Million Fire Tenders drain, $14.8 Million Ambulances hemorrhage , Appointment of Senior Command Chinese Police Officers, Funding for the gutted Lusaka City Market, seesaw IMF $1.2 Billion loan saga, OVER PRICED $1.8 Billion Kariba Hydroelectric Dam, OVER-PRICED $1.2 Billion Lusaka-Ndola Dual carriage, the secret purchase of ZNBC by Top-Star, the illegal contract Variations for the KK International Airport, awee the list is extremely endless bane

  5. I told you that is what the theives will say……then was were state house officials escorting the logs ?? Why were the public not updated on the export in process , was it a state secreate ?

    • I thought Hon. Kapata explained. After talking a lot of rubbish, what do get?? Absolutely nothing!! All your corruption allegations are f.a.rts and rubbish…what a shame…an opposition thay f.a.rts all day…kwekwekwekwe….

  6. And Jean Kapata just told us yesterday that all confiscated mukula Will be auctioned, was the auction supposed to be done in China? You have really embarrassed some of us who supported you in the last elections. Failed project

  7. Country men and women, I think it is time to commence impeachment proceedings against ECL. We cannot afford this circus anymore. The chap is not serious about national Affairs and the country’s development agenda. ALungu pull your act together….or else some people will come after the criminals around you.

  8. Why does he have a white body guard behind him?

    Totally contrary to what Jean said: all Mukuka logs to be auctioned. Why is Zaffico exporting them under the cover of night?
    What an interesting story. Your Excellency Mr President Sir some of our people don’t mean well for our party.

    • I get the feeling One ECL is going to bring out his big stick and whip some people.
      Watch this space. the Zaffico man was trembling on TV.

    • May it now sink in your thick skull that you are just a social media supporter and what nice things you post about your party is nothing but hogwash.The top brass in your corrupt party but doesn’t care about what the nation says or thinks. Happy new year!

    • Red Square at least I support and we win.
      Your social media Kaponya president fails to win despite your pathetic online support. United Ponio Nio

  9. How much has China paid for those logs? Why didn’t the officers at the scene say anything? Why are you issuing two different statements – the minister said logs would be auctioned now the PS says they have been sold. Something fishy is going on.

  10. This is unbelievable! ZAFFICO is exporting timber? I thought ZAFFICO should process timber. Exporting on for who? Now is Jean Kapata going to be fired for lying that there will auction all confiscated Mukwa timber?

  11. That is what happened….the theives in state house were rushing to export the contraband without procedures or without informing relevant authorities and some gallant citizens informed those youths and exposed their evil schemes..

    • This was all meant to steal money by underdeclearing how much was raised….the theives from statehouse including kapoyongo were going to share the money and not even say how much was sold for…..

  12. All the cats are out of bag (lions, tigers, leopards, lynxx’s, chetah’s, tabby cats and so on). The whole thing stinks badly. The way the logs have been moved, the way the law has been flouted, the lack of documentation, the funky story about the wood being bought at auction then actually being confiscated. This Just reeks of graft and corruption, I suspect that some people wanted to grant themselves an early 2018 x-mas present. THis is like a man being caught with his trousers around his ankles and with a condom on with the neighbors wife with her legs spread eagled and her knickers off. The the guy says that he was just administer an anti fungal cream using an applicator condom.

  13. In life it is always better to be transparent about everything especially when dealing with matters of public interest which are sensitive.The government should have informed the nation by making it clear that the trucks that would be passing from point A to B would be carrying mukula logs for a named purpose

    • That is why the AG exists.You can’t announce every move. The minister at one point will inform parliament of the total impounded against the money realised through treasury. Then the AG will verify. What kind of government would ypu people run??? That’s why institutions are there!!

  14. PF you are embarrassing yourselves. There seem to be no UPND members in all pictures.
    You mean you want to lose all people supporting you?
    Please change.

  15. This is disguising you koswes. Why do you want to bring UPND in something that is purely internal. Those were well know PF/NDP cadres. This smearing by a civil servant will backfire.

  16. Zoona this is koswe mumpoto.
    They have cleared up all the nations reserves,borrowed till the nation is not in a position to borrow anymore[though the great leader says he will continue borrowing and those complaining should shut up],now they have reached mukula,what insatiable greed.

  17. Now Koswe is saying it is the Cow, yet those youths are challenging Kampyongo who is PF like them, so how does this i***** Mwale twist the story? Common thieves do not always coordinate their brains because they are in a hurry to steal thinking they can fool all the people.

  18. Just like those trucks suspected of carrying marked ballot boxes, we have an opposition that is scared of its own shadow and have stuffed their conscious with fake news and rubbish to an extent they can’t perform in parliament except bring about false allegations against the government. Mazoka must be turning in his grave. Zambia deserves better opposition.

  19. Mukula logs – current

    Mukula logs – past

    GRZ – Procurement of [expired] medicine

    GRZ – Procurement of ambulances [US$56k ambulances done for US$288k] – Please GRZ don’t pull our genitals about training of medical personnel to use ECG, EEG, Shock pads, I think we are too old for that one.

    GRZ – Procurement of US$250k fire trucks for US$1 M

    GRZ – Roads being done for US$1.2M/ Km instead of US$350k/ Km

    GRZ / Nat roads – Contracts for the toll gates

    GRZ – Travel gate [Presidential travel to the opening of anything and to every traditional ceremony in the southern hemisphere]

    GRZ – handover of US$30m and 2 planes to Ethiopian airways [Have we no pride? have we no shame?]

    GRZ – MOE deals

    GRZ – MOE Hiring of cadres that were still at college

    GRZ/ MOE / DEC /…

    • You PF fellows are damned brazen [incapable of shame]. You take office and authority and abuse it like it has never been abused before. You threaten everyone and anyone that dares ask or question your actions. You send your thugs after people and have the ZP force turn a blind eye and be conveniently late for anything that could shame you. The courts are so corrupt that you don’t just have them by the testicles and ovaries, you have them by the sperm cells and ova. No bigger rubber stamp exists than that copper plated ho-house we call parliament. The speaker should just be called the the quiet fool. THe MPs have their noses so deep up your arses that they breathe through your nose.

  20. You PF fellows are damned brazen [incapable of shame]. You take office and authority and abuse it like it has never been abused before. You threaten everyone and anyone that dares ask or question your actions. You send your thugs after people and have the ZP force turn a blind eye and be conveniently late for anything that could shame you. The courts are so corrupt that you don’t just have them by the t3sticles and [email protected], you have them by the sperm cells and [email protected] No bigger rubber stamp exists than that copper plated ho-house we call parliament. The speaker should just be called the the super dunce. The MPs have their noses so deep up your @rses that they breathe through your nose.

  21. The Auctioning of the Mukula trees was supposed to be open for the masses to participate or observe in a transparent manner. When, where and what time did China bid for the confiscated trees? Who were the other bidders and what was China’s bid price at the stroke of the hammer? How was the sell going to be accounted for? Mingalato chabe.

  22. LT reported that Jean kapata said all confiscated mukula will be auctioned, when did they auction this contraband? Ba koswe bayamba kungena na muma bombasa manje.

  23. Zambia’s Wasted Years are still ahead of us. Awe Shuwa. Let 2021 come fast! Zambia will be depleted by these Pathetic Failures.

  24. UPND is a nuisance. They have no talking points but hallucinations. That is why no one from their demonic party will EVER be a president in Zambia. It is about time someone prepared to become a chief in Namwala and then we will be spared from these witch-hunting witches.

  25. The chinese cannot start coming to zambia for manfactory mukula feature or whatever , they can only buy bill of lading .cause mukula to Chinese is an art , original mukula is from india chinese started importing and using it more than 400 years ago ,zambia so called mukula is just samilar to the original one .and open a mukula factory is not a easy job machine is easy to find spare part you can buy from China but the worker is hard too find imanage this 400 years history of processing mukula in china does it mean you can find anyone from local |then.start teaching him .so if government ban mukula forever chinese timber dealer will find some other timber to replace the earth is huge discovery new stuff is not a hard job for chinese .China is the second biggest economy country chinese…

  26. The opposition party opposes everything including sense! They see sense as nonsense because they see things through the eyes of tribes!

    • Victor trump needs to deport you maybe you go and see firsthand for yourself the deep corruption the country is in. Just yesterday Chinese were given senior positions in police force. It’s becoming too much

  27. Yaba this is bad, we were just hearing about mukula tree from watchdog and Zambian eagle and we thought it was lies, now with stories like this those two sites are going to be more credible.

  28. This thug Mwale as PS at defence is lying, and is part of racketeering in this lunatic’s government. He has no integrity and is part of the thugs and thieves raping Zambia as part of the gang disguised as a political party called PF.

  29. This is serious Rat infestation! They bite and soothe the pain with their lies. And the painful thing is that the Cats are asleep!

  30. Pf Pf Pf sure…..I cant continue supporting you for the sake of it. This one is heart breaking. Where is the presdo when all this is happening. Can Mr Lungu pliz wake up and do some seriours shake up in his den of thieves. Im about to give up on you sir.


  32. A government should know that citizens are the stakeholder and should be key factors in some decision making.The Law is porous and it looks like there is no one in control. Anyone can do anything without punishment.Inform the people about your plans before people find out what is happening.Where is the not for profit organizations and lobby groups in Zambia? Can they stop this circus? It is not the issue of plot one but the natural resources of our beloved country.Is it sangwapo in Zambia

  33. When you confiscate something, it means there is crime involved. How do you export evidence of a criminal activity? Kapoko got a loan against a house he bought from criminal activities and he is in court. Now how come people who had this Mukula timbers are not in court? Ba koswe!

  34. how come u never told anyone that you have started exporting the illigal mukula tree.Bakabola mupoto.even us PF members we are very annoyed with this govt.atase bane.Zambian should benefit not ifyabupa ifi.be transparent bane.Indeed 2021 we are losing as PF.ba Lungu will be jailed.It’s too much.how can u procure those fimbala fire tenders.Nowonder u even gutted city market in the name of fire tenders.Too bad for u ministers mulekakwa.we won’t support u period

  35. Awe iwe Kampyongo you need to be more mature in the way you react to political pressure. It’s very childish. Be more level headed like Lubinda. Akantu aka nono watumbula nameso kwati balakutamfya incito.

  36. 1. Contraband that was confiscated was to be used as evidence in court cases. No court cases have been heard. Explain how the contraband has been released
    2. The Minister claims that the goods were to be auctioned. No auction was announced, none was held and the items seem to be already sold and good to go explain that?
    3. The good were under a military, statehouse OPSD, and police escort on their way out of the country. That means they were cleared for export. Who cleared their export? Explain that?
    4. In case you claim that they were on their way to a Zaffico ware house, why did the drivers have $US22,000 for travelling money? Is a local transit so expensive? Explain that?
    5. The men escorting the wood tried to hide themselves by removing their number plates and all identification…

  37. 5. The men escorting the wood tried to hide themselves by removing their number plates and all identification tags from the vehicle [ford ranger]. If they were so innocent, why did they do that? Explain
    6. The PS for [the whole] MoD came in to explain a sub national issue like he was privy to some information that we all are not? When did he become chief govt spokesman/ spokesperson? Explain that?
    7. The Minister of home affairs went ballistic and threatened the PF youth that exposed the racket. He says that they had no right to effect a citizens arrest without telling the perpetrators of the alleged crime first. Do you think that your argument is logical or sensible given that police and state house were involved?

  38. 8. There is no official documentation anywhere that explains or details the the ZAFFICO arrangement. It is all word of mouth. There is no Si and it has never been gazetted to the best of my knowledge, data gathering and recollection? Kindly show us the SI authorising the auction or other disposal of goods through auction?
    Your position, arguments and logical presentation of your version of story’s is spotty and does not support the facts on the ground. You do not have a leg to stand on. What seems most logical is that you executed a plan to market Mukula both impounded and your own and sell this to your clients abroad. You hid your logs among the few impounded logs and used GRZ resources to try a sell both. You were caught and now want to claim lies.

  39. I put it to you that you should show us
    1. Evidence that each and every log in the whole shipment was impounded and has documentation that identifies when and where it was impounded. That should not be too hard for you fellows?
    2. That ZAFFICO was expressly [in writing] given authority to export the wood in contravention of the Zambia constitution and laws under which all Zambians operate. Tell us by whom, when and why? We need to know who has the authority to render the laws of Zambia as worthless and contermandable? The president can’t so who can? This must be a really f’ing powerful dude or she dude with huge steel balls and molten sperm?

  40. 3. Who sanctioned the deployment of Zambian military and civilian manpower and and equipment to move this seized contraband? when and with whose authority did they act?
    4. Out of curiosity, from which account was the US$22,000 drawn, since it was Zambian government money or ZAFFICO money? Show us the documentation for the transaction to draw the cash? It is GRZ money after all, there must be an audit trail (AG’s office, ACC, OPSD and DEC please follow up on this for next year)?
    5. Can we see the full bill of lading and all the shipping documentation that was to be used in the export of this contraband. I would be interested to see the invoices for this transaction too?

  41. I am no Kieth Mweemba or Jack Mwiimbu. I have blown 5 huge f’ing holes in your statement and defense. You guys are nothing short of shameful. Since the president will never resign himself, he should save face and sack your @sses. You’ve been busted soooooooooooooooooooooo badly.

    I beg for any PF goon or supporter to respond to the statement and data requests above. Tell us a lie. oh please, I promise to shoot big holes in your lie too. Stardy, you may have to go back to fixing and supplying photocopiers if you have not lifted enough money yet.

  42. There is a contradiction. Ms. Jean Kapata says the confiscated Mukula will be auctioned. But PS Defence is saying ZAFICO has been authorised to export the same to China. The Government should always speak with the voice, not like this.

  43. Government auctioning illegally harvested Mukula Tree! unheard of.
    It is illegal, the BEST is to BURN or shred all illegally acquired Mukula logs!
    The love of corruption has corrupted the brains of PF/mmd ministers. All they think is corruption.

  44. we know every movement of mukula tree and same of you ministers u hav even have a Clearing company for mukula tree only ,we know you very well especially from Copperbelt (Ndola) particular.Am a Clearing officer within our boarders.

  45. Sir how do you reconcile the three statements below:
    1. Exporting of logs is banned-Hon Jean kapata
    2.The logs were being taken to safe place-
    3.Govt has allowed confiscated logs to be exported.

    • You don’t understand. Let me explain. First they harvest. Then they claim that the goods have been seized but nobody claims the stuff and it was seized in the bush while standing as trees. Then next they contact the chinese and tell them that they have some seized mukula in the forests still standing as trees and that they are auctioning it. Then they send people to cut down the seized trees as evidence and load them onto trucks. Then they have the police, ZNS and OPSD (this is supposed to protect the president) to escort the recently cut down seized and auctioned goods. While the goods are on the truck and way before valuation for export ZAFFICO has all the paperwork in place for the export (even though that’s not their business). Got it!

    • That’s not right. The wood was first auctioned, then seized, then the export papers were arranged, then the ZNS, OP, State house, and ZP were informed to for a JOC, the Min of Lands issued the ban, then forestry officers went to cut down the evidence in the forest and bring it to their offices. The money for the successful auction was paid, then the trucks arrived at Shimabala then the export documentation was organised. However the wood in the forest was in transit for a ZAFFICO shed before auction before valuation. The contraband was then to be presented in court after leaving for China. Finally the court has decided to have the wood destroyed while in the forest standing because it has committed and offence of being an illegal mukula trader. Got it?

    • Actually, the Mukula tree was in the forest and heard that papers had been drawn up and stamped upside down for its sale to a Chinese. It got so scared that it called Jean Kapata who called statehouse. Statehouse called ZNS to guard the tree but because the trees were so far apart they decided to cut them down and bring them together on a truck. This would truly hide them from the Chinese. The trees were fine till the Zaffico guys mentioned keeping them. Then the trees started shivering so violently that they lost their bark and were auctioned. Stardy Mwale had to be called in to comfort them and offer them political asylum in containers on an Asia bound truck. THis is true, I tell this one is true.!!!!!!

  46. Last try. Jean Kapata arrested the seized wood in the forest, she then proceeded to sell it at auction to a sole bidder in a public secret auction at which all Chinese were in attendance. The JOC then was formed to to decide that mukula trade is illegal. ZNS were selected for their nice uniforms to escort OPSD to visit Zambia police in Shimabala. The wood was to be used at a Braai in Chirundu and then be returned to Zaffico as evidence that it was once in wood that was standing. It was valued on the basis of its relationship to statehouse and export permit was issued with an upside down stamp from that office ku last under the mukula tree that was not cut but is on the truck. Yaba, I give up!!!!

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