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Cholera victims might have been consuming contaminated water-President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu with cabinet ministers share a light moment with a patient at Heroes Stadium Cholera Treatment Centre in Lusaka (Picture by Wezzy Simbeye/ Ministry of Health)

President Edgar Lungu has noted that most of the people that are suffering from the cholera disease might have been consuming contaminated water coupled with poor management of waste disposal hence, the need to sensitise people on good hygiene practices.

Speaking when he visited cholera patients at heroes stadium in Lusaka today, the Head of State indicated that government is in control of the situation and he is optimistic that measures put in place will help contain the disease.

President Lungu  noted that one of the immediate measures is to provide people with safe and clean drinking water and to sensitise communities on proper waste management.

The President stated that government will ensure that people are provided with safe drinking water regardless of where they are located as part of long term measures of preventing cholera outbreaks.

The President  said that there was need to find lasting measures to fight the Cholera epidemic that has hit the country.


President Lungu also stated that the various trading places that have been closed will be opened systematically while, making sure that traders conform to the requirements and hygiene standards.

He added that there is need to dedicate a day in every month to clean the surroundings as a measure to prevent future outbreaks of not only cholera but other waterborne diseases.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (left) visits the Cholera Centre at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka on Tuesday,January 9,2018. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2018
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (left) visits the Cholera Centre at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka on Tuesday,January 9,2018. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2018
President Edgar Lungu confers with Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya whilst Minister Local Government Vincent Mwale listens during the tour of Heroes Stadium Cholera centre
President Edgar Lungu confers with Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya whilst Minister Local Government Vincent Mwale listens during the tour of Heroes Stadium Cholera centre
President Edgar Lungu and with his entourage leave Heroes Stadium Cholera centre shortly after touring
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    • Lombe (MA)
      Your Minister of Health has been denying this from the beginning. Water in Lusaka is contaminated that's the fact
    • Dr Chaos Theory
      A study has showing that most orphans have lost one parent of both... Meanwhile the president has confirmed that cholera is caused by consuming contaminated water and food.
    • tione
      while the corrupt buy 'wheelbarrows' for USD42m, the 'rooster' fly around the world at taxpayers expense, there is NO MONEY to provide clean water to the majority of the citizens!
    • Obatala
      We have said repeatedly, that this is a president who doesn't know anything. He is just to shallow. It is frightening
    • analyser
      YES Lungu while you have been travelling around Zambians and sipping wine and Jemason have been consuming faeces. HOW DESPICABLE. Kaizar and Mumbi where also imbibing wine of the plane at the expense of the Zambians. Now we are getting you to go and show solidarity and that you care. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You guys are just gross! Why are people laughing seemingly impressed I can't understand. I would chase Lungu from the bedside.
    • Can HH give us Press Freedom?
      That means we are in big trouble. The water supply system is contaminated. We can only rely on Shoprite water
    • general Kanene
      The analysis is good for the ears. And good work to ECL for the follow-ups. The question is how does he want to provide people with safe and clean drinking water now, is he planning to distribute bottled water or station water trucks or plan to immediately build the infrastructure needed in those impacted areas? If he plans to provide distributed water, for how long?
    • Sena
      I do not understand if this government thinks well. What they are suppose to do is to set up movable toilets which the council should be collecting every early morning from home to home.
    • FuManchu
      Residents must with immediate effect ignore the bills for water and refuse to pay! Until and when the water has been certified safe for human use by a reputable authority!
    • Banda Lungu Forkwell
      "The President said that there was need to find lasting measures to fight the Cholera epidemic that has hit the country". It is shocking that the whole country is nearly under lock-down because of Cholera. And since assuming office, the Lungu Admnistration has time and time received signals of real and expected anticipation of cholera outbreak. He has done nothing except to act as a serial flyer to inauguration ceremonies. His hardly in office understanding policy measures. Edgar Chakolwa is perhaps the most incompetent, cluess-less shame to have rigged himself into a job he hardly understands, scarcely cares for, and abuses along with an and in cohort with shadowy characters. Zambians deserve better and not being steered by a failed lawyer.
    • gbouy
      Divert major resources to building better cheap compounds with clean water, sewerage and al, come up with a resettlement plan. Demolish Kanyama and all surrounding compounds. Damn! This could have been achieved within 5 years. Where are your priorities you dimwits kanshi? when did you know cholera breeds well in pit latrines?
    • Mwenya
      NOT ENOUGH MR. LUNGU!!! Merely acknowledging that people contracted cholera by consuming contaminated water plus lack of sanitation facilities is not enough. Lungu must acknowledge that provision of safe drinking water and proper sanitation infrastructure is on of his government's KEY responsibilities and that his failure to delivery in this regard led to the outbreak. He must admit and apologise to the bereaved families and those still suffering from the disease. This should not just end with JOKING with patients, but a clear programme of action such as: 1. Project for construction of NEW water and sanitation infrastructure in all cholera infested areas START DATE ............... PLANNED COMPLETION DATE................. EXPECTED EXPENDITURE..................... 2. Project...
    • e
      now is the time to fire the MD and the PR man for LUSAKA WATER and SEWERAGE for lying thru the skin of their teeth to the Nation that lusaka water was not contaminated. these two men deserve no respect and i expect the local government minister to act, now that my able powerful solid president ECL has stated the fact.
    • Nostradamus
      Look visiting the sick, just because HH & UPND bothered visited without fear... "Me too!" You will get sick pofye!!!
  1. ndobo
    Ati people maybe consuming contaminated water!!! Coming from the president! Really???,, people are drinking dirty water period
    • Nostradamus
      @Ndobo, what does Edgar want people drink kanshi?? He wants people to survive on alcohol? Dispensing from churches and send them to bars, these PF, .... Government need money, go and drink beer, the water is contaminated.
    • mailon
      Ndobo With the entire government machinery at his disposal he sounds like a blogger out there speculating.These are serious matters of State Mr President,asuming you are wrong[given the fact that your minister said the contrary the other day],you are creating another crisis.People will be traumatised to learn that they may be paying for contaminated water.And if you are correct given what your minister said the other day, surely you have exposed your minister to possible criminal prosecution.So when do we get the actual government position.This is a crisis and a serious one,lives are being lost on a daily basis may we hear from your government soonest.
    • Napapa Sana
      Edgar Lungu always on all key issues talks like an ordinary guy from the street. It is really amazing!!!!!!
    • Jay Jay
      Shallow or deep the water table is contaminated with all those pit latrines and soakaways dotted all over the place!!
    • Ndanje Khakis
      There was a problem with the desperation problem at the Kafue pump station in Kitwe in the 1990s and this caused water to mix with faecal matter. Likely enough it was during the ZCCM days as soon as people started developing diarrhoea symptoms an investigation was launched. The source was discovered and water supply was switched off. We worked around the clock to replace the defective parts. Otherwise many lives could have been lost.
      MY VIEW Divert major resources to building better cheap compounds with clean water, sewerage and al, come up with a resettlement plan. Demolish Kanyama and all surrounding compounds.
  2. NSCS
    Guys guys please, I think we should always argue in context. Some people argue for the sake of arguing. Pit latrines and roadside sellers have been the order of the day. Now people understand the dangers, it had to take cholera unfortunately to kill a few people and put others in the hospital for a Zambian to understand cleanliness. Lungu is in the driving seat despite some corrupt leaders under his wing of whom we implore to suck and he ain’t doing it. I personally in the past been very critical of the president, I think he has come round full circle and doing his job. Am only hoping we do not see overprices cars and contracts again.
  3. MMD Chief Bootlicker
    Well we heard it first from one Edith Nawakwi. What does the Minister who disputed this has to say now? interesting times. Bottom line is these popularism policies by PF that have legitimized street vending and unhygienic conduct has just come back home to roost. This has been accumulation of PF dirty for the last 7 years they have been in power. You cannot sacrifice the health of a nation the alter of Kaponya Votes or street vendors votes and hope to get away with it. Lawlessness started with Kaponyas and tricked down to all the unplanned structures with pit latrines everyone and no oversight. PF need to own up and fix this.
    Excellent diagnosis Mr President and correct treatment.. Providing clean, safer and wholesome drinking water to communities... Improved sanitary conditions.. Enhanced health promotion..
    • Spaka like lilo
      Yes excellent diagnosis indeed , did you also know hunger can cause starvation ??? Daaahhhhhh...
    • Mbili Yakale
      Spaka, under the current circumstances you have to choose between the two devils, cholera and hunger. Cholera will kill you within 12 hours if unattended to. Hunger will spare you for some days and you just might survive with help coming along. So which one would you prefer, given no other choice?
  5. Abena Ng'umbo-Luapula boy
    Mr President, Zambia's governance systems are depleted under your leadership, you can't have kaizer zulu and cohorts of corruption advising you. Corruption is a wrong vice, and your ministers do not think. surely we should begin administering vaccines over hygienic issues? does chilufya even understand the chronic consequences of these vaccines against cholera? he can't be suggesting such solutions when the solution is cleanliness and hygiene. It is very simple, identify and control critical points of contamination.
  6. ERB
    no more holidays ,what day of cleaning if you want substitute it with your day of national prayers.when are we going to work.
  7. Ghost
    Cholera victims might have been consuming contaminated water- Did he just say might have???SMH This is so disappointing from our President, are you telling me your ministers, better yet people on the ground have failed to establish the real cause and have failed to give you a full report, in details?? unlike making you seem clueless
  8. Umuswema
    These measures he is talking are almost 20years too late .Past and present governments didn't seem mind that when you expand the housing sector , you also need to expand and maintain your supply in services of water ,electricity sewerage facilities etc . We know he hasn't got a clue of what he is talking about 9 out ten times .Come next rain season , he will be talking about preventing cholera .
  9. Umuswema
    These measures he is talking are almost 20years too late .Past and present governments didn’t seem to mind that when you expand the housing sector , you also need to expand and maintain your supply in services of water ,electricity sewerage facilities etc . We know he hasn’t got a clue of what he is talking about 9 out of ten times .Come next rain season , he will be talking about preventing cholera instead of talking about measures he has put in place which will result a drop in cholera numbers to zero
    " it is clear that most of the cholera is coming from the filthy Lusaka shanty compounds that have no clean running water, no flushable toilets nor a literate population that fully understand hygiene and practices it. Shanties are full of pit latrines that are contaminating shallow wells and boreholes sunk nearby."
  11. Malinso
    Calamities do happen imwe ba UPND even in the US we have seen Mr Trump visit the victims. Most of you have been asking the President to address the nation, over what? What's important now is to resolve this emergency epidemic then sit down draw long term measures to avoid reoccurences. This problem is everyone's problem both those mandated to provide services, consumers and vendors at large. If we tackle it from that perspective we will certainly emerge victorious but most importantly the Local Government, the sleeping Mayor and the Service Providers. How do explain it, in the midst of this crisis Lusaka Water is restricting water supply during day time, God someone needs to be serious. Indian traders must also be made accountable, their trading environments is so pathetic yet they...
  12. ANYOKO
    • Mega
      Kambwili is part and parcel of the problem. When Sata opposed the removal of vendors from the streets where were the voices of reason? All of them put their principals aside and opted to be quiet for fear of losing their jobs. Kambwili is just a useless fool and it amazes me to see how some people get attracted to his party. Ati president for Zambia, my foot.
  13. Bamwine
    May have or have been consuming contaminated water all along? This is just a tip of the ice beg. Sir, this knee jerk reaction to important national issues is what is leading people to think that you are either clueless or you are protecting some corrupt elements in PF. A President receives intelligent information and its absurd to think or imagine that after so many deaths we still don't know why cholera has spread so fast? Its either the water was not properly treated or some goon stole money for chlorine, otherwise how do you explain this? Those who have been to DRC were their are not toilets can attest that not even a single case of cholera has been reported there. Our image as a nation has been tarnished and the back stops at your door step. Please reign in national interest, enough...
  14. Munga
    We are getting close to the problem. It is contaminated water , Poor Waste Management and eating food contaminated with fecal matter. Now that we know this what are the Action Plans? Central govt has to work with Municipalities to achieve the desired goals. U don't need soldiers in providing clean water and food solutions.
  15. Luapula Premier
    @Dr Chaos Yr brain is really chaotic as the brains of most bloggers on this site. Do yu need State House or anyone to teach you about the causes or source of cholera?
    • Dr Chaos Theory
      You have missed the point. Everyone know that cholera is caused by consuming contaminated water or food. No value is added by stating the obvious.
  16. Can HH give us Press Freedom?
    You go to a patient and crowd him. Why? So you can laugh at him? Leave the wards to the professionals
    • Mbili Yakale
      Such visits by high profile persons such as the president have the psychology of being loved and cared for. This triggers a state of mind that helps the body to respond well to treatment.
  17. Upnd cadre
    Agenda set by President Lungu again. Well what would upndees talk about if The President did not help them? Sometimes The President even puts forward topics to enable upndees have something to exercise what remains of their brains which my southern koswe has not brainwashed.
    • Imute wa Kalilo
      @ 23 Upnd cadre You are right to say that this is an "Agenda set by President Lungu.." Any wonder there is no cholera in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Congo DRC, Angola, to name but a few of the our neighboring countries. You are right, this cholera is a president Lungu agenda. His ineptitude is what has engendered the epidemic.
  18. Lindiwe
    I visited the copperbelt recently and learnt that garbage collection in Chingola has seized because the garbage truck broke down last year. Are the councils serious about health and sanitation?Its about time educated people run the councils.The copper belt is not what is used to be under ZCCM. In Ndola ,I'm not sure what colour that water is but too disgusting to drink.Which arm of government is in charge of water and sewerage? People do not even complain because they have gotten so used to poor service.So sad!! This Cholera is like a light showing us where our leaders are inefficient.Public health specialists in Zambia do you exist?
  19. Njangwamuloty
    Boza uleke iwe ciJameson Cholera Lungu, uli na demenza senile! Ni madoti a PF alengesa Cholera mu Zambia.
  20. webman
    What an earth shuttering discovery! why didn’t anyone think of it all this time? Ladies and gentlemen we have a genius of a president on our hands!
    • general Kanene
      Of Course @webman, you are forgetting he brought in the brightest brains from Israel..... It took Israelis 4 days to discover that, yet it took 53 years for Zambians NOT to know that....he..he....he..ki..ki
  21. Gen Kanene
    Mulonga Water MD should also come out and explain why people of Nchanga south are made to consume BLACK water and pay for it as well as the hospital bills.
  22. ba blood
    We told you,its easiest to correct the cause than too much concentration on the after effect,Lusaka Water and Sewerage Co is the 80% of the actual cause -why 1-The Kafue bulky water supply renovation project being under taken resulting in erratic supply of treated water to majority of Lusaka,instead of putting up a new parallel water line/infrastructure without disturbing the old line so that at-least maintain supply before switch over, 2- while this nonsense was happening we tolerated A swam of street Venders on our CBD roads without minimum sanitation standards like toilets, refuse bins and gave PF cadres to over see the situation . NOW we are eating our humble pie mr PRESIDENT.
    • Monze
      Lusaka city council should be dissolved along with water company directors fired. Chaos has been allowed to reign in Lusaka for a long term. It has come to bite them. If situation is not improved, in future govt will be forced to relocate part of the city. Already another city centre is needed to reduce congestion at city centre. You cannot drive there. It could take you one hour to two hours to get out. These are man hours lost.
  23. Monze
    Providing safe drinking water could have been no one priority. A city cannot exist on boreholes. Where on Earth is such a city. New residential areas are opened without water and sewage pipes supply lines. If sewage fails atleast deliver water in pipes with various central distribution centres. Lusaka city council has been sleeping for years. Cleaning every month should have been implemented long time ago. Malls have brought a discrepancy becuase elite buy food from malls and markets have been left without any order.
  24. Shebele Manda
    Do you know that the 12 th president of USA died of cholera while he was in office as president of the country
  25. musenga
    People instead of laughing at us Zambians u can make a difference to our lives in you try to help not only financially but also prayers are very vital in such difficult situations
    • Spaka like lilo
      God will not deliver you from the filth, moral decay and corruption under the corrupt theif lungu.....
  26. Spaka like lilo
    But lungu is very clever ......excellent observation Mr lungu.......errrr same as the ruhmers you told us you heard about precious metals being a by product of copper extraction , when you were on the CB.......you are a revelation Mr lungu , who would have thought about that ???? .
  27. HH Oval head
    .....The president didn't say people are consuming contaminated water. Too much speaking tonga may lead you to misunderstand some simple English. Here is what ecl said. President Edgar Lungu has noted that most of the people that are suffering from the cholera disease might have been consuming contaminated water coupled with poor management of waste disposal hence, the need to . It can't read anywhere were he is confirming anything.
    • Spaka like lilo
      ".....might have been..." What a clueless corrupt theif that your lungu....he still does not know what everyone else knows.....
    • Spaka like lilo
      The cholera epicenter is were people are drinking from contaminated wells .....and this is the legacy of corrupt theif occupying state house....after spending and plunging us in a $17 billion debt people still drinking contaminated water in the capital....
  28. Mzambia wa Zamani
    If a German visits Zambia and sees the terrible conditions in Kamwala,Misisi ,kanyama ,Chibolya ,Chawama they'll definitely know there's something wrong with us hence the cholera.You don't get to 3,4,5 or 7 nasty compounds without some bad repeated culture .
  29. Rodrick
    Fellow country men and Women, the President must be commended for taking such a bold decision which I know from deep down his heart it must been a painful decision and not an easy one regardless of political affiliation by initiating a clean up campaign of Lusaka which has spread across the entire country like fire in our best interest. This is not the time to politic but to come together and unit in fighting this significant risk which threatens our lives. The President has ordered the creation of space for drainage and demolish all structures built on drainages in order improve sanitation in the city for the benefit of all of us. My appeal is that in order to sustain cleanliness in compounds and township, the government should consider abolishing dump site fees for households. Most...
  30. nshilimubemba
    That is one of the best of the solutions to tackle cholera , also waste management is better looked at accurately without time wasting , councils should work had on daily bases to avoid this calamity happening again better solve this problem once and for all. People also need to be sensitised to avoid digging their own wells which seems to be popular these days .
  31. Kaya
    What is that child doing at horoes stadium? We were told by the minster of health that heroes stadium will only be admitting adults.
  32. Ala Nachula
    The following report might interest you: Recent cholera outbreaks in South Africa In 2004, 1773 cases were reported in Mpumalanga’s Nkomazi region, which borders Mozambique. 29 people died. During 2004, 738 people were diagnosed with cholera in the Eastern Cape, four of which died. And 260 more cases occurred in the North West. Two people died. South Africa suffered a cholera outbreak in 2003 when 3 901 cases were reported in Mpumalanga, the Eastern Cape and Kwazulu-Natal. 45 deaths occured. By 2003 the 2000/2001 epidemic subsided and 3901 cases, and 45 deaths were reported for the year. In August 2000, South Africa experienced the start of one of the worst cholera epidemics nationwide in recent history. By July 2001, 106 389 people had been infected and 232 had died. The wrath of...
    • zambiaisours
  33. Upnd cadre
    Here is The President talking, doing his work, leading his team and leading by example. In contrast wait for the next statement by southern koswe, predictably appaling. So appaling that you are left to wonder if his offer to assist in the fight against cholera is not a ploy to destabilise the battle which is already being won. If I were MoH I would ask him to take his "help" to his village.
    • Spaka like lilo
      The PF rats applauding lungu for wearing gum boots.......lungu has just spent billion of our money yet right in the capital we have whole communities without clean drinking water......that not isolated cases but whole communities drinking dirty water.....pathetic indictment of a corrupt theif
  34. Dude
    Most of the time wonder why we yap without reasoning.Fyonse kuchita oppose.Nonsense will not take you anywhere.WHAT IS WONG WITH WHAT EL IS SAYING?
    • Spaka like lilo
      Lungu is just embarrassed to admit that after spending billions we still have whole communities in the capital without clean water drinking contaminated feacel water Ati might have been ???? Yes lungu whole communities of people are without clean drinking water in Lusaka.....just from 42/42 GRZ lost close to $24 million that you know about...
  35. Macgyver
    There are 56 countries in Africa and only 27 experience cholera year in year out, and is common in countries run by corrupt leaders, Zambia is one of them. Risk factors for the disease include poor sanitation, not enough clean drinking water, and poverty. All the country's money is in the hands of a few corrupt politicians.The Government should protect its people by providing enough clean drinking water than relying on oral rehydration therapies which are corruptly sourced. It's a shame to see a picture of a City mayor sleeping in his office and the President is doing nothing about it and it is because of such people in power that Cholera in Zambia has now become an annual event.
  36. Upnd cadre
    This President looks more human than his dialogue partner. Now surely you can't deny that fact even if your full time job in upndees is to oppose. Just compare with the picture of someone yesterday, the guy just looks out of place with fellow humans.
    • Spaka like lilo
      These are the same koswe rats who associate lungu wearing $5,000 suits with development and good governance....
    • Spaka like lilo
      Ati the humble leader......a corrupt theif who is trying to say " might have been drinking contaminated water ..." We have tens of thousands of people in the capital city without clean drinking water .....even from chawama where this corrupt theif was MP same thing....
  37. china
    Spaka tell these cadres now is not the time to be commending someone especially when you still have a crisis. It is not helping and it's just making the situation worse, there more work to be done and a plan put in place to combat the disease rather than the general cleaning and visits. As it is now we have zero plans, policies and strategies to combat the disease. Cholera is a culminating series of bad decisions, corruption and lack of action on the part of government to prevent such issues. Lungu admits that the water is contaminated but never did anything to fix the issues until when some lives have been lost.
    • Spaka like lilo
      Indeed China , they see lungu in gum boots and they are ready to dance dunnuna reverse......as if lungu wearing boots will fix the dirty water people are drinking....
  38. KK Airport Cabinet
    Zambians have become so filthy with the I don’t care attitude; i have warned you for years about street vending; but my warnings have fallen on deaf ears; now people are dying more; now that Lungu is blaming contaminated water and unhygienic environment; they will back street vendors with the hope of cleaning once a month; i thought they mentioned cleaning once a month; what happened? For as long as street vending continues, cholera is here to stay;
  39. Politics of the belly godfather.
    I appreciate the fact that the president has admitted that he provides people contaminated water. He has also learnt that people drink drink from wells yet he promised them clean water during campaign and he shall promise them once again in 2021.
  40. Just asking
    Can somebody explain why PF does not put name of our wise President for the Nobel Price for medicine after his landmark discovery that "...Cholera victims might have been consuming contaminated water..."? Is it greatest discovery of 21st Century which will change prevention of "waterborne epidemics" for generations?
  41. Alternative Facts Fake News Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Cholera Shame
    That's when he realises the "need to find lasting measures to fight the Cholera epidemic that has hit the country". An entire president! You should be burying your head in shame… all 3 of you in front centre stage should resign for failing to do your job that would have prevented this from happening. All it requires is for you to give back just a quarter of what you have embezzled so the water problem could go away. How does he feel that he is busy embezzling national resources when people are dying from preventable diseases like Cholera? Look at those kids who are victims, how does that make feel you? And I don’t understand why they are not even wearing gloves to prevent the spreading of the disease through handshake.
  42. Muzeye
    Zambians, we really talk too much. We politicise disease and death, insult our leaders, parents, elders and friends and do nothing. Noooooooo, we need to sober up and love our Country.
  43. Ndanje Khakis
    For the benefit of the blogger who wanted to know the president USA who died of cholera...his name was Zacky Taylor . At first it was assumed that he was poisoned but later confirmed it was actually Mr cholera who had assassinated him.
  44. pink toe
    When I plan to build, the first thing that comes to my mind is the source of water that I shall be consuming. their after establishing that I consider the location of the house and its septic tank positioning. At least it ought to be located not less than 30 meters away. What is prevailing in most locations (not to mention by name) is that the bore holes are just a meter from the neighbor's waste tank and one expects to have clean water- no ways. We cannot blame the PF for such but the individuals who may belong indeed to any of the political parties.
  45. PC
    I was walking along Chisokone Market. I found a newly done drainage (concrete ) in excellent condition. Guess what it was full off. Plastics, bottles and other types of garbage. To resolve this issue, we as citizens should own up and do our part. The Govt also should own up their failings and do their part. We are two sides of the same coin and we all must pull our weight to resolve this. I am glad the President is acknowledging so of the issues. Our country need action now more that ever. The govt, Individuals, private organisations should all add positive contributions. It is definitely withing our ability to change the situation. And finally, do not underestimate the contribution of awareness. This disease is fueled by the taking in of contaminated substances. Pause before you consume...

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