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HH accuses President Lungu of wanting to get rich through privatization

Headlines HH accuses President Lungu of wanting to get rich through privatization

HH at the media briefing flanked by Mike Mulongoti and Charles Milupi
HH at the media briefing flanked by Mike Mulongoti and Charles Milupi

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has accused President Edgar Lungu of focusing on privatizing all key state assets in order to amass personal wealth.

Mr Hichilema claimed that President Lungu has now started the process of privatizing parts of Luangwa and Kafue National Parks.

He said the move comes after the PF government sold off Chimbokaila Prison in Lusaka.

Mr Hichilema was speaking in Lusaka on Sunday afternoon during a news conference with opposition alliance patients.

The UPND leader called for unity of purpose in the fight against the PF corruption and several other misdeeds in the country.

“Today, they have gone to sell prisons where I was Chimbokaila has been sold. They have sold NRDC your own college,” Mr Hichilema said.

He added, “Today ba Koswe are negotiating to sell part of the National Parks. They started with Luangwa National Park but they have now added Kafue National Park because they feel they don’t have enough time to conclude the sale so they are doing it all at once”

Mr Hichilema said Zambians must protect the country from corrupt PF individuals who are now ready to auction it for 30 pieces of silver as they have done to NRDC and many other government properties.

“Today, Lungu has failed to go to the AU summit because the topic or theme is “anti-corruption” and because he is too corrupt he cannot go there”.Mr Hichilema claimed.

“Where will you run to? The police, the door is closed, ECZ, the door is closed, the judiciary, the door is closed, where will you run to? We need to protect everybody when they are being oppressed,” he said.

“Violence by the PF does not affect the UPND,ADD and People’s Party alone but everybody in the country, including marketeers and street vendors is affected, Mr Hichilema stated.

He added, “The PF is using the money stolen from Mukula trees. ZAFFICO is simply a smoke screen, check the bank account of ZAFFICO where are those millions? ‘Bakoswe Mumpoto’.” Mr Hichilema asked.

“As a country we must, without fail, join hands and stop the PF violence which is being heavily funded through corruption, funds such as those plundered through the immoral and corrupt manner of purchasing 42 fire engines at a cost of 42 million US dollars among others.”

“They are using money stolen from Ambulances, and Fire tenders to fund thugs and today you are seeing violence.” Today, Pilato is in exile, PF was refusing that there was no one in exile,Pilato has run away for his life. Why should a musician raising corruption concerns run away from his country?”.

“Today they have now gone for Chishimba Kambwili ,you have seen the abuse of human rights “.

He said, “our clarion call to the nation is that we must all rise above self interest, above political divide, and above tribe to stop the PF’s continued corruption and human rights abuses.”

Mr Hichilema called on more PF members to come and be part of the big family of the UPND.

And People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti has challenged President Edgar Lungu to tell the nation his true nationality.

Mr. Mulongoti wondered why Edgar Lungu is quiet about the question of his wealth and his true nationality.

He said President Lungu claim that he is a Zambian raises a lot of questions because he has never told us which village he comes from.

“Edgar claims he was born in Ndola at Ndola General Hospital, but in the 1950s, that hospital was only for whites, so how possible is that? Amos Chanda also said he was born in Kitwe, we dont know whether Edgar is a Zambian or not…and it is important that he clarifies,” Mr Mulongoti said.

Speaking at the same press conference, ADD President Charles Milupi says President Lungu and his government have killed the nation through excessive borrowing and reckless spending.

He says institutions that are supposed to protect the country have collapsed and there is nothing to talk about.

“Citizens cannot enjoy their rights as they are attacked for simply belonging to a political party. Why are we allowing the minority to attack us, to injure us….?” Mr Milupi asked.

“Either we respond in a way that they understand or we get out of politics….We go for elections, elections are mismanaged by ECZ and they are stolen. “If institutions are not ready to protect us , we need to find a way of protecting ourselves…if ECZ has failed, we have to find a way of doing things,” he said.

Part of the Audience at HH's press briefing
Part of the Audience at HH’s press briefing

Part of the Audience at HH's press briefing
Part of the Audience at HH’s press briefing

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    • It is worrying that we supposedly exposed people with access to internet who do not know that Edgar Lungu is superintending over the most corrupt govt ever. Mukula Trees, Ambulances, Fire Tenders, Dual carriage road and yet people are dying of Cholera just 4 kms away from State House in Kanyama. Shameful!

    • He added, “Today ba Koswe are negotiating to sell part of the National Parks. They started with Luangwa National Park but they have now added Kafue National Park because they feel they don’t have enough time to conclude the sale so they are doing it all at once”……HH nailed it here

    • HH has brain issues. I think they did something to him at mukokbeko. He is slowly becoming retarded. Maybe quickly to be honest

    • It is always the case when you overstay in the opposition camp chasing for much dreamed about power but in vanity and over the years you run out of a winning and convincing political rhetoric. See now, you are spewing loads of useless manure. What is there for Chagwa to privatize when you already took out Livingstone Hotels (Sun Hotels), Lima Bank, Roan Antelope with your Binani partners and Zambia Dairy Produce Board? The family of Hon Cameroon Pwele (MHSRIP) like all those of fallen miners cursed into their graves without pension must be raging with this insult from the chief plunder himself. Hichilema you are not different from Kenneth Lay the heartbeat of Enron scandal. In military regimes or functional systems such as the US, you know where should been.

    • Just a reminder to those of you who are spinning Privitisation on HH. HH has never been in government therefore DID NOT sell the mines etc…Sorry this rhetoric about HH having made his wealth through privatisation is not going to work anymore. Jonathan Lungu and his government just need to respond to the corruption allegations that have been labeled against them. Fire engines, ambulances, Mukula, roads contracts etc

    • 1. You need to have your HEAD checked if you are commenting in favour of KOSWE selling key assets like ZNBC, RATSA, ZCCM-IH, NRDC, Chimbokaila, Kafue & Luangwa National Parks, 100 year old MUKULA Trees, Zambia Police (to tu ma Chinese) etc.

      2. Mulongoti is 1st cousin to KOSWE’s 1st wife (mother to Tasila). When he tells you KOSWE MUMPOTO is Malawian, he needs to be given an ear.

      3. Because Koswe can’t borrow anymore (after IMF deal failed), next solution is to sell key assets to self-enrich themselves. 2021 is too far.

    • You claim to be in control of the government system including information from the former zambia privatisation agency, yet you keep shooting aimlessly about HH’s involvement in privatisation.

    • Hakainde is one man who only takes a pump-action shortgun to a hostage rescue and fires wildly..why cant you focus on one issue!!

    • Talking like someone who knows a thing or two about getting rich through privatization, right?


      The topic is about “how Lungu is trying to get rich through privatization.” Yet his ratings meanders off into other but usual [email protected] grievances he has told us about a million times before and which he thinks makes him relavant. If the President went to the A.U. summit, he would be the first to complain about that too. The President stays home to attend to other pressing problems, that’s bad and Lungu should be ashamed of himself. So which is which imwe ba pompwe mu Opposition?

      And when are you going to get…

    • Continue:

      …over your OVER-USED and TIRED accusations of violence by PF? Quite frankly, both PF and UPND are equally violent Parties. Both your UPND and PF have perpetuated or tolerated VIOLENCE in the past and now. Incidences of violence on both sides abound to simply point a finger at one side. HH, if you don’t like violence, be the example of a non-violent Political leader and Party like other Political figures have truthfully done it before. Not simply talking and complaining about it while at the same time and same briefing others are talking about “replying in kind” and “reteriation” and you sit there and say nothing. Didn’t the MUNKOMBWE INCIDENCE teach you anything? Or this is just the kind of leader you are? If so, then do not complain when people return the favor…

    • Continue:

      …If you claim to be a leader who wish to one day run this Country as President, you need to be sensitive to such things all the time and not only when it suits you and your Political ambitions. Because doing so makes you look like a CHEAP HYPOCRITE willing to sell their soul in order to gain the world (the Presidency.) But for what use if you don’t have principles and Godly values?

      Peace out!

    • As Bembas say : “UWAKALEMA TALEKA”.

      KOSWE stole K36,000 from a client. Sure, sure, you think he can stop after becoming in charge of $-Billions in road contracts, BOZ treasury, loans, national assets, Chinese crooks, etc?

    • Obotala having access to internet does not mean you accept whatever is written and said. The story about privatisation is the story which even HH believes in. He was the consultant in the Chiluba govt. What is bad about privatisation under Lungu. Visit Mulungushi house and get the facts about NRDC deal and do not just spend time on the internet to be fed on lies. Lungu and team have done an excellent job to contain the cholera spread. Visit WHO website to track the history on Zambia and how it handled by previous governments. In the early 1990 it took more than 2 years to end the spread. Of course what ECL and team need is to tackle the old run down water and sanitation facilities in Lusaka. Some compounds have never had life even under your so called best presidents. There lots of lies…

    • Zambians you are indeed intereting people. HH is raising real issues affecting the nation and all you want to do is falsely accuse him of benefitting from the privatization when you don’t even have the details.Why can’t the Zambia Privatization Agency display the documents to show how much HH benefited from the sale?Do we know how much was raised from the whole process privatization and how the money was utilized?


    • No substance at all in their statements, the likes of Mulungoti who are failed politicians dare judge others? Human Hyena (HH) yes an opposition is meant to make a ruling govt work and not to deliberately keep silent on real issues just so you can see the govt score own goals! Petty politics without pin pointing areas and there are many where the govt has failed- this kind of behaviour from Zambia’s ego-centric politicians shows that we are stuck in a paradigm of dealing with the same behaviour from the same politicians that are just out for themselves and do not put the welfare of our people .

    • “HH accuses President Lungu of wanting to get rich through privatization”

  1. HH knows well how privatisation makes people rich and he knows very well about violence and how to attack innocent people who don’t belong to his areas.

    • Also, will somebody remind HH that Easterners are not his trouble cousins and to refer to ECL as KOSWE by him is not funny. He needs to understand his limits.

    • Abilima i have a lot of friends from the east and they always say they is difference between a mbemba and koswe, and how does their delicacy become an offensive.

  2. Allegations, allegations. Please bring evidence to the public and stop politicking. Mr. Privatisation, AKA HH, are you confessing that you also stole and became rich because of privatisation of our mines were Chiluba hired you as a consultant?

  3. Hehe ,just as i expected i didn’t even have to wait for HH to be accused of hypocrisy on privatization.Should we now overlook integrity in govt bcuz HH has his own past ghosts?

  4. Sad part is you’re not telling people how you intend to create jobs. ..because you know this next to impossible. .so you start creating stories. …contradicting yourself. The government reestablishes the IDC you critise that government has got no business to be in business, it’s rumored that some park is being leased you find something negative to say about it. People are not interested in such antics

    • I urge HH not to reveal his secret plans on how he’s going to fix things lest Chimbwis no plan hijack the ideas and use them to hoodwink our people to vote for them again. Let failures be exposed for what they truly are, failures!

    • But what if HH dies or does not become President, you want his so called good “ideas” go to grave with him? How selfish and unpatriotic is that?!

      If HH has good ideas and they are implemented, they are not only going to benefit PF (as though People in PF are not Zambians too) but the Country as a whole. Including people in Chikankata, wamvela iwe @George…

    • @George reader just two things on your comment 1) Only witches don’t reveal the secret of their concoctions, scientists share their discoveries. 2) Patriots don’t hide how other people can become successful, only evil people do that and like Yamba Yamba has said go to the grave with these secrets. In short you’re not ready to develop Zambia until you become president…that’s a devil’s design.

    • I forgot one thing, is the reason why Upnd members who’re civil servants are frustrating every move the government tries to make? It’s Lungu you’re punishing but the ordinary Zambian that same one you’re purporting to fight for. You wonder why Africa is lagging behind when you have such mentality.

  5. Hmmm HH on privatisation! The man was involved in privatisation under Chiluba and he knows what he is saying. He has the experience and so let us listen to him carefully. But give us the full story of NRDC and the rest.

  6. HH has never been in government, Chiluba Kafupi was the President. Unless you compare HH to what Mosho has done to the post then there will be something to talk about, privatisation was done by valentine Chitalu and others including many Zambian CEOs on the mines. We are missing the point by avoiding to see theft being done in real-time; 42 million dollar trucks. Selling NRDC prime land in exchange for MOU to build another college in the bush. Amazing stuff on our sh!thole nation.

    • …hh was the main evaluator of these companies.While Valentine headed ZPA, it was hh who the government depended on to advise on the value of these companies.

    • Yeah, but HH sold to himself the same assets he was tasked to valuate. What makes you think he did not undervalue these assets in order to make a killing for himself?

      The thing he actually boasted about already. In Countries with strong anti-corruption laws and investigative security wings such as the FBI, this mambala of yours wouldn’t have gotten away with such naked corruption and crime….you can not be tasked to value assets, not even a house as a realtor, and turn around and buy the same asset/s for yourself….it is a BIG CONFLICT OF INTEREST and a NO NO in business and Law.

      Here in the U.S, he would have been nailed and ranting from prison by now. Be glad he lives in Zambia where he can even boast about things like that.

    • Report by to the ACC then instead of pontaring from your bums , he must be investigated immediately and arrested asap if proven

    • @ two !mbeciles (Zambian Morron and Yambayamba)

      Instead of crapping as usual, ask your Mutati why he opened bank account in Channel Islands and from where come millions of GBP he deposited in same account?

      By the way, do you two crappers know how many “IPPA” with Indian companies has Mutati signed during his tenure as Minister for Commerce, Trade and Industry?

    • @ 7.2 Yambayamba – From your article what you are insinuating is that HH single handedly bulldozed the privatization programme and wind-hooked the whole govt machinery, then he must be a very intelligent man who deserves to be given a chance to run the affairs of this nation. If HH benefited so much as being alleged as a consultant , then how much more did the people in govt benefit because they controlled government machinery. Heaping the entire blame on one individual for the privatization mess is very unfair. If HH stole, then Chiluba and his entire govt were the worst thieves!

  7. HH you are bitter to the bone. Your politics are boring. Bring out evidence of your so called corruption otherwise leave the President alone he is innocent. Milupi and Mulongoti are political excess baggage to this country, they are liabilities. ECL is very mature he can not respond to your email claims. You are a cry baby indeed.

  8. Interesting, get a binoculars because he is coming. You of all people knows how it works, he has already defeated you twice, now imaging how worse it will be if you are right and not just crying foul as usual.

  9. Twapapata we know as Zambians that for someone to get rich you must get involved in privatization if something just like hh got rich from privatization of the mines is now worried that we have another rich man. Don’t worry no one is privating anything you are dreaming of. Mulongoti keep zee you were taught a lesson by of by not giving you a job after you compagined for them. Milupi we worked with you in mufulira and we know how tribal you are.

  10. If what we are hearing about NRDC is true mwandi kaya where we are going in this country! What will remain of this country in 2021?

  11. Most of you are just crucifying the messenger even if what HH says is of benefit to taxpayers.Jesus didn’t condemn the thief crucified with him,he rather looked at his repentance.

  12. And u call that opposition sure?
    U call a press conference to give the public a string of accusations without even a single drop of evidence.
    All those empty tins can’t name a single company,a single amount or even how the president is involved.
    We are not your tribesmen and therefore can reason clearly and independently.
    U are childish HH.U have been insulting our public institutions at every opportunity and at the same time demanding favors from them.
    Why did u run to the judiciary if indeed u believe u can’t get justice?
    If indeed ECZ has no credibility then why take part in the next election?
    ECZ conducted elections for councilors and MPs as well and your party lost even the lowest levels.

    • I equally get disappointed every time this man speaks. Where is the plan for UPND IF elected in office. As much as late Sata used to condemn RB’s MMD, he provided his alternatives at every given opportunity. No wander even at BBC when the interviewer told him that he is no different to PF the man had nothing to say. GBM just talks about how he can cook beans with his K100s and you just collect social media ‘gossip’ and repeat it for your supporters! So sad for a so called party in waiting.



  14. Yaba this underfive kanshi ninshi mwebantu? I cannot figure out what he is talking about, when I read this story at first I thought that there was something wrong with my brain which had been so brilliant. Then I realised there was nothing wrong with me, everything wrong was with the speaker underfive 2h as he cannot express himself up to now he cannot articulate issues, especially of economic nature. And he is worse at political issues. Is it Chimbokaila and Mukobeko finally taking their toll? Or adding to his natural disaster? Yaba I hope that God can consign him to history sooner than later.

  15. In the 1970s the World was entertained to a Ugandan CLOWN called Idi Amin. This time around the global village produced another entertainer that has emerged from a well-developed USA known as Donald Trump. In Kenya and Zambia, Railla Odinga and Hakainde Hichilema are respectively evolving into another set of political Clowns to generate solemn laughs in Africa. Interestingly, Maimane’s political fortunes are being plugged in Western Cape and nationally as the ANC renews to its natural birth-right to lead South Africa to prosperity.

    • @ mwansa kabinga
      keep TRUMP out of your low life, he is never a clown as your father is. trump is correcting the many unfair things that dont benefit americans and the world which that weaklying Obama did. God knows who to give leadership to, imagine what would have been of the world if that witch Hillary had won. trump is the man.

      iwe mwansa akulya fye flesi fisi ku luapula naku chembe. problem with most zambians they listen to much to dung from s..thole CNN. THE OWNER OF CNN WANTED HILLARY TO WIN COZ HE INVESTED HEAVILY IN HER CAMPAIGN.

  16. As for mr Mil.up.i, he is only with 2h as a tribal alliance not a political alliance, do you really expect such a tribalist to align with anybody else? A technical degree for Mil.u.pi did not remove the tribalism inherent in him, he does not even try to hide it he hates you the moment he hears your “wrong” name, you see his face drop visibly.

  17. Somebody is telling you that our national assets are being sold left right and centre. You start calling him names? Instead of looking into the issue and make necessary noises in the interest of the country’s future, you do the usual. Name calling! His future is secured, is yours?

  18. Whether Your richness is through hard work (But you will be at peace) or through dubious means or corruption read these words in Job 1: 21 and Ecclesiastes 5:15 Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return to my grave. So why do you trouble yourself. God is going to Judge the righteous and the wrong doers accordingly

  19. #22 Kaz, dont worry about my future it is solid. I will not need any crumbs from underfive now or in future.

    Coming to mi.lupi on a scale of 1 – 10 of tribal leaders, mi.lupi would be at 9, 2h at 5. He is the baddest influence on 2h, I bet he cannot even stand The bemba monkey GBM, show me a picture where milupi appears with GBM or stands near him. Read between the lines.
    The interesting thing about underfive is that he seems to forget what he said about a particular subject and says the contrary. Some of us keep records, we will use them when the time comes. Remember Mmembe in the run up to 2016? He and his Post were so contradictory compared to what the Post stood for since 1990. We simply pointed out his folli.es and s.tupiod.ity and so all who aligned with him lost a record 5…

    • You can not use records against anyone…no one can top the corruption of lungu…..lungu is miles ahead in the corruption league tables and is among the most corrupt leaders in Africa

    • @Spaka: You amaze me!!! What is so hard about exposing those corruption cases to Zambians and the world, kanshi???????????????

    • Citizen cholera….

      Just lungu reviving reports and updates as you claim he does about GRZ wanting to spend $42 million on fire truck that in reality cost less than $20 million , and the man sanctions the deal is a start…..what more do you want to see that lungu is corrupt to the core….

    • My understanding of how government works is tenders are sanctioned by PSs. If it is beyond his scope, it is referred to ZPPA as what happened to the fire trucks. So tell us spaka the 1.d.i.ot, how did the president sanction the deal?????

    • You told us he gets reports from all ministries , don’t try to lie that lungu did not know about $42 million being spent and if he did not know about such a sum being spent he is not got for the job….

  20. CONTD
    Remember Mmembe in the run up to 2016? He and his Post were so contradictory compared to what the Post stood for since 1990. We simply pointed out his folli.es and s.tupiod.ity and so all who aligned with him lost a record 5 times. Truth and Lies tends to have a good indelible record, than mere accusations.

  21. PF cadres and their leaders have always accused HH about privatisation yet he was not in government; PF is in government, why are they continuing to privatise the remaining assets? I have told you that PF leaders are hypocrites; let us hold them accountable; HH, keep revealing PF’s corruption;

    • True let UPND reveal that’s why they are in politics. If PF is really privatising let’s all unite.

      In the meantime… HH finds himself in a predicament. I cannot stand a person who got into the bolt with people who privatised us and destroyed so many lives to be leading the cause.

      Some of you are saying HH was never in government when privatisation happened, which is true… BUT do not be fooled…

      If I asked you for your help to ki11 someone and you gladly help me to eliminate someone, who is the ki11er here?

      Do not be fooled… HH was part of the killing even if he was never in government… he slaughte.red lives with the slaught.eres.

      Am not saying PF is hollier than though… let us stop them by all means if they are doing what HH and others did to us in the past.

    • True let UPND reveal that’s why they are in politics. If PF is really privatising let’s all unite.

      In the meantime… HH finds himself in a predicament. I cannot stand a person who got into the bolt with people who privatised us and destroyed so many lives to be leading the cause.

      Some of you are saying HH was never in government when privatisation happened, which is true… BUT do not be fooled…

      If I asked you for your help to ki11 someone and you gladly help me to eliminate someone, who is the ki11er here?

      Do not be fooled… HH was part of the killing even if he was never in government… he slaughte.red lives with the slaught.eres.

      Am not saying PF is hollier than though… let us stop them by all means if they are doing what HH and others did to us in the past.

    • True let UPND reveal that’s why they are in politics. If PF is really privatising let’s all unite.

      In the meantime… HH finds himself in a predicament. I cannot stand a person who got into the bolt with people who privatised us and destroyed so many lives to be leading the cause.

      Some of you are saying HH was never in government when privatisation happened, which is true… BUT do not be fooled…

      If I asked you for your help to ki11 someone and you gladly help me to eliminate someone, who is the ki11er here?

      Do not be fooled… HH was part of the killing even if he was never in government… he slaughte.red lives with the slaught.eres.

      Am not saying PF is hollier than though… let us stop them by all means if they are doing what HH and others did to us in the past.

  22. Do you need a colonial era crumbling Agricultural College sitting on prime land in the City Centre , , , ,In terms of best land management practices, NO NO! . The Agric land can be put to BEST USE in terms of land use ,,,,,,,, the College will suffer a natural consequence and give way to zoning and use that offers the “Best Use” This is State land and government can re-plan/ zone their land as advised by their Town Planners.

    Lungu is spot on to move the Sh.T.Hole college to the periphery of the urban area. A brand new modern NRDC in Mumbwa …will be a plus. viva Lungu

    • Viva lungu for selling a prime location of GRZ land to Chinese ??? You are a corrupt theif as well ……nothing that will be of any benefit to poor Zambians will come out of this corrupt sale….

    • …And Palabana Agric University??? Another in Mumbwa??? Modern university or sh!thole colonial institution??? Habitcoin is spot on. VIVA CHAGWA AND PF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. PF and lungu only have the national parks left. Those are one of the only things left they can get a big commission……

    From early last year there was bait being put out to lungu by corrupt Indians and Chinese intrested in splitting our parks into small sputh african style game ranchers and buying them……the corruption that is PF could not resist the temptation to earn big commissions by splitting the national game parks….

    Shame on you lungu…..


    • Yes look at these thick Africans , some one pointing to you that everything is being sold …..ati chill ….hehehehehe

    • …From where I am, Spaka you are the daft, misinformed and colonized African. No wonder you prefer to be a second class citizen in a foreign land. What do you contribute to this nation???

    • Citizen cholera…

      From my investments I have in Zambia a am sure I can pay you and 50 of your family a monthly salary…..infact from my investments I have in Zambia I only work when I feel like from where I am…..and chose to live in a country where I do not have to see suffering of my people daily while you PF rats are enriching your selves……millions of our people are without clean drinking water. That I can not stand….

    • Bl#&dy coward!!! Properties?? Asians are opening factories and industries, that is investments. They are showing us the right direction not owning houses and flats ati investments. Who doesn’t have a flat or house??? Why are the Britons living in their country and not other countries??? You are just a poor excuse of an African: daft, colonized and scared to face the realities in your country and choose escapism (second class citizen in a foreign land instead of being on site developing your own!!!!!!!!!)

    • @ Zambian Sh!thole

      You 5tupid arshole, you are second class citizen in your own country which has been taken by Mr. Lee from F*ck ling province

  25. It has been said that in the CIA corruption tables of world leaders , lungu is in the top 10. I do not which position he is but it is a known fact he is in the top ten…..

    • …ok, but spaka uli chinangwa!!! Who was exposed in the Paradise Papers for hiding money in tax havens??? Now you make up s.t.#p.id, brainless, childish stories of CIA corruption tables. Just like your leader hh, you are all full of sh#t!!! TOTAL 1.D.I.O.TS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Iwe citizen cholera ….

      Paradise papers are not illigal if so report HH to the ACC for being named there……as for CIA corrupt leaders table just like the CIA has a fact resource of every country in the world , they also have a table of corruption for all leaders in the world….but ofcouse such world issues are beyond you PF rats who only know borrowing and corruption….

    • @#Spaka please don’t show such ignorance. This platform is shared by many educated individuals so don’t create falsehoods. Lungu doesn’t even appear among the richest presidents in Africa. If you want people to trust you please always be factual. This is not 1964 when information was not easy to access.

    • @ Ndanje Khakis

      If “This platform is shared by many educated individuals”, what the f*ck you and your fellow 1mbec!le Zambian Sh!thole are doing here?

    • @Spaka I’m now doubting your memory capacity, one minute you say the CIA has something on someone the next you say that not all. ….appear on certain list. If the CIA have something on someone, you are alone have this information and nobody else is quiet unique. Try other methods to get to State House not telling tavern stories which are not only fiction but strange too.

    • Ndanji

      It is you saying lungu can not be one of the most corrupt because he does not appear on a Forbes list of the rich ??

      Even the Pablo Escobar , the one time richest drug load did not appear on any forbes list..


    • Yes everyone from eastern province is accused of being Malawian. Zambia is surrounded by 8 artificial nations you xenophobic people who don’t even know who made your borders!

    • Muntu king I wonder why every president we’ve had become foreigners once they enter State House. KK though with Malawian parenthood, was born in Zambia at Chinsali. During the independence struggle nobody said anything about him being a Malawian. Next enter FTJ, they used him to fight KK and his Unip but after the victory he suddenly became a Congolese. Levy Mwanawasa was not spared with some people claiming his father was a Yayo from Malawi who came to settle in Chief Chiwala chiefdom. Rupiah was from Zimbabwe. Sata was a Mwachiusa from Tanzania. Now Lungu has got people who “know” him better. I am sure if Madame Inonge succeeded Edgar, she would automatically become either Namibian or Angolan. Very shameful.

  27. People don’t understand what HH is saying. Now that Lungu can no longer borrow externally he is selling State Assets to enrich himself and his Koswes. The Koswe Mumpoto President is doing this using State Power. HH never was in State House and could not have sold the Mines. The MMD govt of the day sold the Mines. Financially advising on Privatisation is not the same thing as selling the Mines. U can only sell what u own. An Estate Agent selling houses is only a broker and does so on behalf of the House owners or sellers.

    • @ Chibwe
      Its you blind followers of HH who are confused and misled. MMD entrusted the privatisation of ALL our major assets in Ichilema and he was the advisor and executor of the program. Instead of thinking for the so many innocent Zambians at the time, HH so an opprtunity to loot, steal from the people and send most of them to the early graves. Did you know that before he privatised our industries, there was no street vending?
      These are few but many facts that HH will have to live with in his entire life and if you asked me, his deeds hate the Copperbelt people so much that he will never get votes from there. He killed the once vibrant life that was on the Copperbelt and there is nothing that will change this fact.

    • He will enjoy his richers and continue in his very successful businesses while you and your Children and the rest of Zambians will be owing $17 billion and own nothing as everything would have been sold off……

    • Enjoying riches while you fail to achieve your biggest goal in life??? I would say he’s the biggest political failure Zambia knows and will die a bitter man….

    • Citizen cholera…

      Yes enjoy his richest while millions of Zambians will remain drinking dirty water and shi.ting in holes…

  28. The bait was big commissions to lungu and his gang to sell our national parks…….the Indians , Chinese and Lebanese mafia first started dangling those baits to lungus gang at state house early last year…….more than 3 months ago I told you on LT ….bythen the commission’s to be made by the gang was calculated……we ask lungu and pf if you are failing to run national parks and are ready to sell on pretence of saving money , how are you going to run a national airline ???

  29. Yaba, uyu kainde, mungulu olo bupuba fye????? How do you make a whole press conference to alarm the nation on unsubstantiated matters like this??? Then you expect people to give you votes when they realize you were just throwing tantrums for losing so many times??? Uyu muntu asila, this is the original chimbwi no plan!!!!!

  30. People should debate factual issues here not emotions, insults and name calling.
    Bringing Rumours is just time wasting. Politicians want to use weak minds to tilt rumours into issues. Let us guard our minds from political manipulation.

  31. The privatization thief HH thinks everyone does what he did with FTJ Chiluba-WANYA YOU WILL NEVER RULE ZAMBIA!!
    Govnt has explained very well that chimbokaila and NRDC are being relocated out of town where there is much land.is that wrong?new college and prison will be built by AVIC to replace old NRDC and Chimbokaila,so we support Govnt on this one!!
    Those useless and endless press conferences will never take you to plot one Kainde.PLUS NO SANE PF MEMBER CAN JOIN A TONGA PARTY UPND.WE WOULD RATHER JOIN NDC IF WE HATE PF!!
    Come 2021 ni PF nafuti nafuti!!

  32. And calling your fellow human beings Ba koswe is the last thing expected from someone aspiring to be president. I am sure those attendees of the press briefing were cheering on hearing this god of theirs insult people like like that.

  33. The earlier people who support UPND realised that they dont have a leader who can champion what they believe in, the better for them. So in this article, what is HH talking about? The man contradicts himself to the point where one wonders whether his brain functions or not. Read the article critically, you will notice contradictions in every point raised.
    For example, HH is on record of saying PF Government has over borrowed and thats why bla, bla, bla, isnt happening. When the same PF Government uses innovative ways of raising money locally, the same man condemns it, whats wrong in privatizing institutions in the best interest of running them better? Is it because he mishandled the privatisation of the mines and thinks everyone is like him? He says Pilato is in exile, whats wrong for…

    • I fear 2021 ikabako because HH will run amok when he loses again not necessarily to Lungu but to another person.

  34. contd
    Is it because he mishandled the privatisation of the mines and thinks everyone is like him? He says Pilato is in exile, whats wrong for someone to seek better opportunities elsewhere if he believes so? Isn’t it the same HH who defended the banking his loot to off shore accounts because according to him, he made more money that way?
    I think this man is a serious loser and its sad that there are people who actually blindly follow him, the man does not even qualify to lead a club, he is a disaster!

  35. Even though HH unduly benefited from the privatisation (common knowledge) of Zambian national assets (mines and some hotels etc), some non- performing national assets are better privatised to improve their efficiency and bring in the much needed Govt revenue. There are many examples about this. Heathrow airport was privatised a long time by the British Govt, some maximum prisons such as Sintumule in South Africa have been privatised to improve efficiency, security as well as provide better correctional services. HH is on record to have complained about the conditions in Chimbokaila and Mukobeko prisons. If he genuine as an opposition leader that Zambia needs better correctional services then he should be happy that the Govt. is trying to do the right thing and not these populist rants…

  36. … Our National parks can be more efficient if placed in the hands of capable private business and not these Pseudo Zambian businessmen like HH who avoid paying tax by taking his money outside of the country to avoid paying tax but still expects the Govt of the day to provide quality facilities and services, such as correctional services, hospitals etc. We understand where HH is coming from, taking cuts and undervaluing national assets to benefit himself and his nucleus family was the order of the day. If HH aspires to be head of state one day, he needs to be more mature and calculate what he opposes and what he doesn’t otherwise his under-five tag will firmly follow him to his old age.

  37. NEVERS MUMBA was invited to this press briefing is HH aware why his friend did not attend? i want to help him with information this pastor in last past few weeks is pushing for an appointment to meet President Lungu whom he want to help him with MMD Presidency case which is in Supreme Court and if ECL help him NEVERS MUMBA will in turn dump the alliance with UPND and work with PF. He is so desperate to to be appointed as running mate in 2021.

    • Please shed more light. This week Nevers has been advertising on Radio Icengelo his visit to Victory Ministries in Kitwe so I’ve been wondering if he’s finally going back to the pulpit?

  38. ”Hichilema was speaking in Lusaka on Sunday afternoon during a news conference with opposition alliance patients.”

  39. This gang of so called opposition has reached the full stop in thinking because they are being found on the wrong side each time they make a move. No wonder this head of the group has failed to impress the masses to vote for him. When they say the police, the ECZ have been compromised and want to come up with another plan, could they be thinking of that BRILLIANT PLAN which is never made public? The brilliant plan where people start running here and there because of one man’s desire for State House?

  40. please sure few tricks with ECL how it is done. He might give you a commission to add to all the millions you made through privatization when most Zambians were still in slumber. That is the reason why you are future president in 2021.Once given an opportunity exploit to the full and let the noise makers continue making noise as long as your $ account is being credited 24/7.I wish I had a similar opportunity your excellency HH and ECL.

  41. I love this “..they have sold Chimbokaila where I was…” It’s nice that he’s got deep memories of the place…it’s got sentimental values.

  42. Get a thief to catch a thief. someone has been telling us this man got rich through privatisation, today he can easly confirm it .

  43. HH privatised nothing. He was asked to value assets and that’s what he did. The government of the time then decided to sell below the value they were given. HH was not in government but people just blindly try to accuse him of stuff he never did to make him look bad. If he was involved in that kind of thing wouldn’t PF have accused him of it? You don’t hear a peep about it from PF because they have nothing to pin on him. I just don’t understand people who are willing to justify a corrupt government that is carrying you to ruin. Visibly so too.

    • @ Chuck Norris,You should have been born yesterday to know anything about HH…That house in Kabulonga where he used to stay was for Lima Bank but sold it to himself at zero cost after he sold Lima Bank…Intercontinental Hotel Livingstone he sold it to the lowest bidder Sun Hotels International and later was given some shares together with Chief Mukuni so examples are many and this is the reason he gets mad when he’s asked the role he played as consultant in the privatisation of state companies.. HH is a white collar crook who he will die a miserable unhappy person despite of the riches he has until he repents the sins of greedy…

    • How did your god hh end up owning majority shareholding in ex-national hotels assets and how did he end up giving himself without any payment the ex lima bank house in Kabulonga…. St.up.id corrupt I.di.ot!

  44. The Supreme Leader HH of the UPND knows that he cannot win an election in Zambia hence the insults to President Lungu’s government…Only UPND sycophants who worship this shameless Privatisation crook who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers can trust and put hope in this Supreme leader…The fact that he’s been sponsoring Pilato using insults and demeaning other people, the Supreme Leader HH will lose even the small disgruntled elements is hoping for. The Supreme Leader HH of the UPND is a bitter soul and will never enjoy his privatisation riches until he repents his sins of greedy…

  45. What the PF rats above supporting this looting will not say is their theiving leaders in state house lead by lungu also know the game parks they want to sell remain one of the only areas left in Zambia unexpolred for minerals….there will be heavy mining where any minerals are found….in fact lower zambezi were copper was found is first on the list to go…

    • One good thing about the so called rats is that they don’t fail to criticise their PF when it talks nonsense. Just how they attack Davis Mwila each time he makes unreasonable statements. But you,I’ve never seen you criticise anything Upnd. That’s what makes you unique.

    • Why should I comment on any party that has no effect on Zambians ? It is pf that are responsible for the lives of Zambians….that is who I attack if found wanting..

  46. Not surprised the resident PF rats above dared not venture to comment on the different headline on LT…

    ” AU summit opens, focuses on corruption fight ”

    hehehehehe that’s why lungu did not go , wrong theme….

  47. Hohoho caught napping. So even him got rich through dubious privatisation of companies. Who does not know that. For real he should know better how he did it.
    He also stole companies and sold them to get rich and people know it all.

  48. It takes a thief to catch a thief. hh is worried that if ever he comes to power, he will not find anything to privatize for his own benefit. He is also another koswe.

  49. hh used the loopholes which are there to enrich himself during privatization. He has never answered that question satisfactorily just like the upnd should be lead by a tonga. There are so many loopholes in our laws. hh benefited in the privatization of the mines and properties. How did he come to own the Lima Bank house in Kabulonga and Sun Hotel. He is worried his friends will sell/steal everything before he comes into state house and he will only find a shell. That is why he wants to be president like yesterday.

  50. #30.2 Ridi Kulyashi, it is not the college but the land which your friend is talking about. Your friend is telling you that what was a suitable location for NRDC in 1969 is not suitable today with all the urban development of Lusaka since that time. The state has so much land across the country to relocate NRDC, eg Namwala, Monze, Chibombo, Mumbwa, Katete, Kawambwa etc. Makeni, and even New Kasama where under lives were once farms did you knowthat? What is wrong with some people kanshi? Just refusing to think, and you want to rule Zambia, talukeniko!

  51. I am getting sick and tired of HH’s senseless rantings. Please give us a break. Next time you call for a press briefing, discuss issues. People would like to know what UPND will do for them in the unlikely event that the party forms next government. These unwarranted attacks against ECL and the PF government will not take you anywhere because Zambians are not foolish. You and Kambwili are the same, always holding meaningless press briefings at which you reveal nothing new. The sooner you realised you a bore the better for all of us.

  52. For how long can Lungu continue to bury his head in the sand like an Ostrich hoping that the Corruption problem will somehow disappear on its own? Lungu better wake up and smell the Coffee. The AU has declared 2018 as the Year of Fighting and eradicating Corruption on the Continent. Lungu has no choice but to join the War against Corruption in Zambia. To do this Lungu will have to fire some of his most Corrupt Officials and Cabinet Ministers in his Corrupt govt. There is no War without casualties.The writing is on the Wall!

  53. As our HH is ranting inaudibles, his colleague Raila Odinga is about to inaugurate himself president of Kenya 3 months after losing the election. …check with bbc for more details.

  54. HH’s only getting rich way is through privitasion as he did himself! Stole from poor Zambia, through fake privatization that led yo iovetishing of millions of Zambians, most of died from depression because of economic, social psychological problems! No wonder he will never be president, the spirits of people who died unfairly, due to fake privitization are denying him success!

  55. His number one error at this press conference is appearing with Charles milupi on one side and mulongoti on the other. Two political nonentities, whose presence should symbolize just how badly things are going for your politics. But being under 5, he has no clue the disdain that the general public have of these two rodents. But in HH’s small mind, he is the leader of an opposition movement that is enjoying public support. Dream on. So if milupi and mulongoti on each side make two balls, the one at the centre is a big what……?????

  56. Hon Kampamba Mulenga has categorically denied the accusation by underfive about selling game parks, AND she sounds more much more credible. So where did hh get that nonsense and parade himself before the media like a fool. Hh cannot abandon his weakness of shooting himself in the foot at critical times, what a waste of human life!!

  57. Hon Ka.mpa.mba M.ule.nga has categorically denied the accusation by underfive about selling game parks, AND she sounds more much more credible. So where did h.h get that non.sen.se and parade himself before the media like a fool. H.h cannot abandon his weakness of shooting himself in the foot at critical times, what a waste of human life!!

  58. H.o.n Ka.mpam..ba Mule…nga has categorically denied the accusation by und.erfi..ve about selling ga.me parks, AND s..he sounds more much more credible. So where did h..h get that nons..ense and parade himself before the media like a f.oo.l. H.h cannot abandon his weakness of sh.ooting him.self in the foo.t at critical times, what a was..te of hum..an life!!

  59. Mr Hichilema was speaking in Lusaka on Sunday afternoon during a news conference with opposition alliance patients. yaba LT has made my DAY OPPOSITION ALLIANCE PATIENTS??????

  60. “Mr Hichilema was speaking in Lusaka on Sunday afternoon during a news conference with opposition alliance patients.”…

  61. HH is not genuine ,he is the one who started selling our country to the foreigners now he knows how i felt the time he sold the mines …..and stop crying ,i think you are tired bring fresh blood to lead the party

  62. I see him comrade Raila Odinga has just sworn himself as president of the Republic of Kenya. AG says that Odinga has committed treason. Mukobeko is empty maybe they can make use of it

Comments are closed.

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