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Zambia’s Nuclear Science programme will spur industrial development-


Lusaka Province Minister, Mr. Japhen Mwakalombe
Lusaka Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe says Zambia’s Nuclear Science and Technology programme will spur industrial development.

Mr. Mwakalombe says the programme will result in the establishment of the Centre for Nuclear Science and Technology and the development of the Nuclear Power Plant in Zambia.

He says the Nuclear Energy programme is envisaged to address the power deficit that Zambia experienced in 2016.

Mr. Mwakalombe was speaking at the Nuclear Energy and Technology dissemination meeting at the Lusaka Provincial Administration offices.

He called for more sensitization and awareness programme to clear the misunderstanding that the public have on nuclear energy.

Mr. Mwakalombe has since urged the members of the public to support the Interim Secretariat on Nuclear Science and Technology in their awareness programme.

And Interim Secretariat on Nuclear Science and Technology Scientific Officer Bright Mweetwa said the benefits of the nuclear energy to the nation are enormous.

Mr. Mweetwa said phase one of the project will see the construction of the Nuclear Center for Science and Technology and this is expected to be done in a period of five years.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Director, Press and Media Development Isaac Chipampe said the proposed site for the project is in Chongwe district – Lusaka Province.

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  1. Cuponda
    Budget, Environmental Impact Assessment, Risk management and containment? Please do provide some more detail on this important initiative before we get all too critical. Seems to be coming out of the blues!
    • NSCS
      Very correct and nobble point. Make no mistake, we support you and the projects that you come up with. Al we ask for are procedures. Budgets, staff involved, training, capacity generation, maintenance procedures, the dangers of nuclear plants. It is the whole shinanigan we need. Talk to us, inform us, we are behind you, work with us, we shall critic some elements that would steer to to look into and resolve before moving forward. We are not infants. Rather is is very annoying actually.
  2. Jay Jay
    Just look at that dull thing in the picture Japhen Mwakalombe...he an not keep a city clean, control street vendors and he is talking about Nuclear science programs...really laughable...sit yourself down!!
  3. Zambian
    No please. Let's first exhaust our hydropower potential before we can consider going nuclear. The consequences of a nuclear power plant disaster are too ghastly to contemplate. Let's be reasonable and proactive. If we are battling with simple issues of cleanliness, how prepared are we with nuclear accidents. Stop playing with fire Bwana Japhen.
  4. Chiti Nseluka
    The most reasonable route to take is that of being 'a nation among nations'. You people entrusted with running the affairs of this great country should stop procrastinating. Build the nuclear plant yesterday. The country's leadership has been talking since 2016 when an MOU was signed with Russia. In 2018, what is being said is the same was said then. Look ladies and gentlemen, let us work. Stop spending any resources on repeating speeches year after year. Get resolute and start working. Just don't let that guy who has swallowed Breton Woods economics bait and hook to lead you into over-dependency. Let us apply ourselves as Zambians and seek help only when it is truly needed. Move with haste. Your speed, if it should be called speed, is too slugging.the
  5. alick sinyangwe
    What measures have you put in place on how to handle the radio active isotopes like uranium which is quiet hazardious to both animals and other living organisms in the ecosystem
  7. Col SG Musonda (Ret)
    This is a long overdue project. Let us move on. Ardently keen in Nuclear Energy and establishment of Nuclear Power Plants in Zambia.
  8. Seàn Hughes
    Why does Zambia need nuclear power? There are far cleaner alternatives like solar. Lungu should be talking with Elon Musk but I'm guessing he would not be able to embezzle funds with that option

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