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Kalaba calls for protection of Zambian businesses as he explains his links with Prophet Bushiri

Headlines Kalaba calls for protection of Zambian businesses as he explains his links...

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
Former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has called for a deliberate policy that will protect Zambian owned businesses against dominance from foreign entities.

And Mr Kalaba says it is not true that he was influenced into quitting his ministerial position by controversial Prophet Shepard Bushiri.
Featuring on a special Hot Seat radio programme on Hot FM on Thursday, Mr Kalaba said the dominance of foreign owned businesses on the Zambian market is threatening the growth of the Zambian economy.

Mr Kalaba said there is need to introduce some form of protectionalism which will encourage the growth of the Zambian economy.

He cited countries such as Ethiopia and South Korea as some that have registered impressive economic growth rates by applying protectionalism.

Mr Kalaba also stated that the Zambian economy will only create significant wealth if the country introduces massive industrialisation.

“We need to industrialise, you only create wealth by producing something. Zambia is endowed with so much. We have three quarters of the SADC water. For me, we have enough potential as a country. We just have to say this can’t continue,” Mr Kalaba said.

He questioned, “Why are we having so many Shoprite stores all over? I am not against Shoprite, I am not against Pep Stores, I am not against Pick N Pay or anything like that but I am dragging my feet because it is those issues that are taking away from our youths. What we are doing now is that we are creating jobs for outsiders because even when the money is made, it is being externalised.”

Mr Kalaba added, “How can you grow your economy? And you are then crying woof when you see a puppy because your economy is only growing at 4 percent. We can do more for the economy to grow, you go to Ethiopia where the African Union is seated. In Ethiopia, protectionalism has helped that economy. Even if you are a foreigner in Ethiopia and you impregnate an Ethiopian woman, you won’t leave that country until you pay US$70,000 to maintain that woman. Yet people still flock to Ethiopia and the economy is growing at 11 percent. Even the Tigers economies are growing because the SME’s are protected and the middle class is strengthened.

“In Kanyama, you will find foreigners, I have got nothing wrong with the Chinese even when I was Foreign Affairs Minister I kept saying that the Chinese are our all weather friends but we don’t want them in the compounds to start doing block making or selling chickens,” Mr Kalaba said.

“Why are we becoming puppets in our own country? We can’t continue giving preferential treatment to foreigners at the expense of Zambians,” he charged.

Harry Kalaba and Prophet Bushiri
Harry Kalaba and Prophet Bushiri

Meanwhile, Mr Kalaba has advised Zambian politicians to stop dragging the name of controversial Prophet Shepard Bushiri into Zambian politics.

Mr Kalaba said is not true that he was influenced into quitting his ministerial position by Prophet Bushiri as alleged by some of his political rivals.

He said he has huge respect for Prophet Bushiri and that it would be unfair to drag his name into Zambian politics.

“Prophet Bushiri is a spiritual man and like every other religious leader, for me I respect Men of God and he has got a special grace and anointing which the Lord has bestowed upon him and it is not for me to take away anything from that man,” he said.

Mr Kalaba stated, “Prophet Bushiri has never talked to me about my political persuasions, Prophet Bushiri has never told me anything about me becoming President. Prophet Bushiri visited my home after we won elections and he told me that the PF was going to win re-election, he visited my home because maybe of my interactions with the Body of Christ.”

“So it is not true and when we are doing politics, we should not involve the Men of the Cloth because those are not Men you want to involve in your politics, sometimes ishamo tulipepekafye fwebene (sometimes we just invite curses upon our lives) and please let’s leave him out of this,” he stated.

“I didn’t have to be told to join the PF in 2001 by Prophet Bushiri and to run for Member of Parliament in 2011, please that is playing down my intelligence. I also have a personal relationship with my creator and remember I have a very personal relationship, for me its God and my country.”

The Kalabas pose for a photo with Prophet Bushiri at their residence in Lusaka
The Kalabas pose for a photo with Prophet Bushiri at their residence in Lusaka


  1. Man of integrity = Kalaba and yes his businesses need protection .Now let the false accusations start flying in and the hungry PF crows encircle the carcass .

    • He doesn’t have the aptitude to be any more than a mere minister.

      He needs his head examined.

      He is not what he thinks himself to be.

      He will end up in obscurity trust me.



    • His ambitions aside, i only concur with his statement on the danger of liberal policies that Zambia has recklessly embraced. Sadly we’re the most liberal economy in the world today. Seemingly we don’t care the adverse effect to the economy. You leave your mouth wide open, all flies and maggots will fest in unabated. What has been happening since we over-zealously opened up the country to neo-liberal policies at the instinct of economic hit-men, Zambia has lost her fortunate wittingly surrendering to systemic abject poverty. We are in a Generational crisis that requires political and societal will for redemption.

    • Whoever is lying to kalaba should have mercy on him. Kalaba just like Kambwili and the loser general can never win at presidential level. Mkanzi velako Chifundo kumzake imwe bantu shuwa. What impact on the zambian landscape has this kalaba done. Honestly speaking I knew this guy when I heard him defending lungus unnecessary foreign trips.

    • It is very unfortunate that most of our politicians only see problems in a party when they themselves leave that party. Kalaba & Kambwili no difference. Hon. Kalaba you were foreign affairs minister you went out to bring these so called investors today you say it is wrong!!! When you invited them why didn’t you give guidelines of their business conduct. Today you want to blame it all on PF – it’s really a shame. Hope you won’t start apologizing like Kambwili for what you did when you were a minister that has partly led our country to where we are to day. And you guys aspire to be presidents, like seriously?!?! Zambians are wise and can read between the lines, they can’t be fooled all the times. My advice, just keep the money you have for you and the family don’t waste it on politics.

    • It is very unfortunate that most of our politicians only see problems in a party when they themselves leave that party. Kalaba & Kambwili no difference. Hon. Kalaba you were foreign affairs minister you went out to bring these so called investors today you say it is wrong!!! When you invited them why didn’t you give guidelines of their business conduct. Today you want to blame it all on PF – it’s really a shame. Hope you won’t start apologizing like Kambwili for what you did when you were a minister that has partly led our country to where we are to day. And you guys aspire to be presidents, like seriously?!?! Zambians are wise and can read between the lines, they can’t be f00’led all the times. My advice, just keep the money you have for you and the family don’t waste it on politics.

    • Kalaba was a senior minister for a good period and he did not see anything wrong with the way Zambia was engaging investors. He is now saying protectionalism has helped other countries economies. Didn’t he see this when he was moving around with the president? Why didn’t he advise cabinet over this?

    • HK is right, right now it is fair to say Zambians do not own Zambia…zambia belongs to everyone in the world…..just look at how you are being over run by Indians and Chinese……at least Chinese build , but Indians are nothing but racist parasites sucking the blood of Zambia everyday…….as if this was not bad you have a PF GRZ that gives Zambians a raw deal ……look at how lungu corruptly brought the Lebanese into the RATSA arrangement instead of taking UNZA and Zambian bussiness leaders like Lawrence skutwa of madsion insurance to lead a Zambian consortium , the corrupt theif lungu brings Lebanese ?? What tech do they bring ??

    • This is another on worth passing without a comment because there is more than meets they eye and it’s very clear. Only advice is that Kalaba will help his case by staying mute until he decides his political future otherwise he will tip over the wrong way.

    • @Senior Citizen although I agree with you, these are issues we always talk about but no action! In Botswana, you can’t open a company without a local! In Angola, you can not own any piece of land unless you are a citizen! In Zambia the last leader told us “20% of every contract would go to Zambians. They went to Chinese or Indian Zambians. We need to include indigenous Zambians who are mostly marginalized!

    • He is right about the Chinese though. They really are “mukomboni” selling everything. Nothing against them as they are fellow humans but a Zambian would never have that freedom in their country.

      I wonder how many more trips ECL would have made with Kalaba at the foreign ministry helm.
      There is however one thing that is clear here. HK can never be president. Why? I don’t know but he doesn’t just look like one period. We have a lot of dull politicians like Masebo and NSM who usually miscalculate the political scene. But hey,what can I say? Good luck HK but don’t go the scandalous CK way. Lets see how you will carry piteous yourself politically.

  2. its time pullout of COMESA or renegotiate its deal with the trade organization,The bible says blessed is the Hand that gives,and not that receives.so what type of biblical principles do our self claimed christian for lungu and a christian nation is zambia.KALABA 2021.

  3. Protectionism doesn’t always work. Last time then Agric minister Given Lubinda banned the importation of cooking oil. Within 2 weeks the price doubled!! It only stabilised 2 months later when imports were allowed.

    • You do not understand the concept of protectionism. What Given did was implement PF stup!dity. Sometimes it is better to keep silent than expose one’s ignorance publicly

    • @Obatala I can bet my last kwacha that if Harry Kalaba had said what he’s saying as a minister you’re going to call him the same names you’re calling Zambian citizen. Anything attacking PF is honey to you. What Kalaba is saying is not completely wrong but this is what we should have done at privatization….we refused to sell ZCCM to a Zambian firm called Kafue Consortium…..so what Kalaba is saying is like closing the barn after the horses have fled. But it’s not too late we can still do something. We have Zmart competing with Shoprite, but just because the owners are not black Zambians we still complain….what we need is learn from these Zambians of Indian origin instead of complaining.

    • That’s the attitude, Mr. Khakis. Don’t fear the foreigners, we must learn, copy, improve, compete and be better than them. That’s how we beat them. Let them bring their machinery so we study it and open our own factories tomorrow!!!

    • How can you copy compete with them foringers when your leaders are in bed with them taking bribes at your expense ??
      Look at how lungu brought lamise into RATSA ? Why did he not task UNZA and Zambian bussiness leaders to group with the Austrians ??? What technology do the lebs bring ?? Nothing only bribes….

      Look at at how lungu lied about opening mulungushi textiles yet we are importing hundreds of millions of dollars of GRZ uniforms including a recent ZAF $62 million uniforms order….

    • @Spaka: When I want t improve my life, I don’t use hate-tinted views like the way everything depends Lungu or hh with you. In the past 6 months, I have been studying an interesting industry that is growing in Zambia. The industry of Maize Snacks. I recently visited a factory on Mukwa Road and it has simple machinery I can afford and it’s raw materials are mealie meal and flavours!! The Indians and Lebanese are making millions of dollars from this basic industry and I can copy and improve the product and compete with them. If I think of Lungu all the time, will I improve my economy as an individual????

    • @#Spaka don’t tell us that foreigners have just come today, or have they? I remember in 2005 dozens of Zambians were killed at the Chinese owned Bigrim explosives manufacturers. The then president promised us that these Chinese were going to be severely dealt with(the accident was as a result of bad and unsafe practices). This president visited the scene of accident, went into a private meeting with the CEO of the company and that was the end of that issue. Yet this president is hailed as the greatest anti corruption crusader of a president Zambia has ever known.

    • Ndanji

      I have told you before…..you are probably in a 5% of the population who has privallege and education with some backup …..80 % of Zambians lack even basics….that is why you are not a leader you do not think of the other underprivileged 80 %…..so speak for your self….

    • @Spaka Do you know why I may be in your 5%? It’s because I never jealous or full of complaints. During the KK days we experienced shortages of essentials but this same stuff which were manufactured in Ndola and Lusaka were in abundance in Zaire. How? Because a Zambian is complex being. Who took those essential goods into Zaire? If it’s foreigners who made it possible for this to happen?

  4. Bushiri has been banned in Botswana. But that’s not my business, mine is how do you protect the Zambian business? No Zambian has been stopped from having a business so we have to ask ourselves what kind of protection does he need? I am not disputing what my young village mate is saying but we’ve to be specific of what type of protection the Zambian wants. For those in diaspora who have not visited Zambia it will be either easy or difficult to understand why and how a Zambian can be protected. Zambia is a market economy so the Zambian must be competitive….but how? Why are his products very expensive e.g. cement was going at 2 times the current price until Dangote came on the scene. What can the Zambian do to make his products look as attractive as that of the foreigner? These are…

  5. Point there Hon Kalaba but I think we need to emphasize empowering SMEs by way of accessibility to low interest loans and giving our local companies first priority when awarding tenders. We also need to draw a line on.what businesses foreigners can engage in just like Hon Kalaba has said. Why should Lebanese and Chinese take over businesses for Zambians such as making of blocks?

    • You are 100% right. But on block making, foreigners are not in that business by chance. When one buys 100 blocks from locals, expect 20 blocks to break and be damaged. When you buy from a Somalian, maximum 2 will break probably by being mishandled. This all comes down to attitude. So how can Zambians compete with Somalians before govt. comes in???

    • Good points but why should I prefer to buy a concrete block from a Chinese instead of buying from a fellow Zambian? That’s where the trick lies. A Zambian is selling his block at 6 kwacha compared to 4 kwacha by the Chinese. As a consumer I also need protection from exploitation. We must do everything to ensure a Zambian becomes competitive.

    • @Ndanje: It’s not just the price. Quality also plays a part. Ask your builder next time you are building why he prefers Somalian blocks as opposed to Zambian.

  6. A Filipino after losing his job with ZCCM decided to go into a wholesale business in Kitwe. He set his shop next to an already existing shop owned by a Zambian. He put his prices at lower levels than the Zambian and his PR was far better than that of his neighbours. That’s how Goodlocks became not only prosperous but also famous across town. This is not a fairy tale, it’s a reality.

    • You have a GRZ that has left Zambians to the mercy of these foreigners …..who number many tens of millions in their countries where dog eats dog….zambians ate a young , small population that need constant neutering and training and mentoring…..you don’t just open the gates and say get on with it , we have created an enabling environment….zambians stand no chance if left alone against most of these people..

    • But ba Spaka, the influx of foreigners is not something that has dropped from above at once. Foreigners are flourishing because of the good environment and the fact that Zambians need a lot to learn about running a business. Look at Gounasse of the emerald mining. The guy used to hire professional geologists and other mining experts for advice. What does a Zambian do? He hires a witch doctor to show him where the gemstone is. He pays the witch doctor but doesn’t find the emerald. Next he vents his anger on Gounasse calling him an exploitative foreigner. KK tried but we shot him down.

    • Ndanji

      Tell me why a Zambian stands zero chance of opening an emerald mine in Senegal …..and employing 100s of heavily armed Zambians ????

    • #Spaka have you tried to go to Senegal and if so can you tell us what happened to you? West Africans are ready to sleep in the roughest areas even the Congo forests if there’s money to be made. You Zambians don’t want to leave your comfort zones. These Senegalese would sleep in small huts in Lufwanyama villages while Zambians would come back to town throwing money anyhow. Even washing vehicles with beer…where are they? And you blame a foreigner?

    • Ndanji

      So if Zambians are that way ……what does GRZ do ?? Site back end let the country be over run and taken over ???

      That’s like a parent in house giving up on his children …..you don’t give up , you keep trying

    • @#Spaka that’s being irresponsible. How do you expect the government to after every Jim and Jack physically? Remember don’t ask what your country can do but what you can do for your country. You get money and you expect government to tell you how to use it?

    • Zambia is today 100 to 200 years ago where western developed countries were…..and they did not get where they are today with out protectionism , training and nurturing the workforce……food for thought….

  7. But why doesnt Zambians make blocks for example? Who stops them. 5 years ago I used to buy 6″ blocks in Chongwe @ K5 per block made by Zambian business men. To day I buy the same block @ K6 from the so called foreigners. The Zambian block maker has disappeared. If they were still in business their blocks could have gone to K10. The question is why the difference? Zambian business persons want more than 100% profit. Look at how suddenly the price of Chlorine more than doubled at the outbreak of cholera. A foreigner will sale chitenge at almost half that sold by Zambians. There is a Zambian business who sells catering equipment more than the rest of the players in the business yet they nuy from the same source on South Africa and pay the same taxes. Yes we need to grow the SMES. But we…

    • Most foringers like indians , somalis and chinese have cartels and their own banking and lending systems where they get help from each other and exclude locals… …..

      Wake up

    • Why don’t you form cartels also? It’s because you’re selfish. Don’t forget you have taken a job in UK while there are locals there who don’t have jobs.

    • In Nigeria and India village head men encourage buy and support local industries as a matter of tradition……as do most countries

  8. Cont from 5…What can the Zambian do to make his products look as attractive as that of the foreigner? These are questions that must be addressed. Also remember that the consumer is also very important and must not be short changed just for the sake of protecting a lot businessman. Remember where Shoprite stands, there stood ZCBC or Zambia Consumer Buyers Cooperative fully Zambian owned.

  9. In some situations it is us Zambians who bring ourselves down. Today if I, as a Zambian owns a block-making factory and my next door neighbor is a Chinese who is also into block-making more customers(including Zambians) will be flocking to the Chinese-owned factory than mine.

  10. After the sale of mines Zambians bought the ZCCM subsidiaries such as Mulungushi and Mpelembe. Mulungushi were given a contract to supply drilling consumables at one of the newly bought mines but failed to meet the targets..it was excuse after excuse so the mine owners decided to source the items from South Africa. Who can you blame the foreigner or the Zambian?

    • Please talk about things you understand better. I was an assistant technical manager at one one of the mines. We needed supplies of these materials and Mulungushi couldn’t supply, so your point isn’t valid. Atlas Copco and Sandvik took over. Today even Peruvians like Reliant are adequately competing with these companies. Don’t defend things even when you know they are contaminated just because it’s anti government.

    • @Ndanje: These diasporan knuckleheads may be academically there but they understand very little about the reality on the ground. How can a normal person depend on watchdog as a source of information???

    • @Zambian citizen….by the way why are complaining against foreigners when they themselves are in foreign lands. Very selfish and unreasonable indeed. Even God in Exodus tells the Israelis not to mistreat foreigners for even themselves were once strangers in Egypt.

    • Zambian Diasporas! Nigerians and other West Africans send money back home in quantities sufficient to be quoted in the national budget as another source of Forex. what do our compatriots have to say on this?

    • I am in a foringe land because I cannot stand or condone the injustice, corruption of GRZ and suffering of the majority of zambians…….too much suffering of my people to watch while the few corrupt thieves in GRZ get richer and richer…

    • @David even the Philippines heavily depends on money sent by its citizens abroad. As for ##Spaka please kindly keep your paltry pennies, don’t insult us we already surviving without it.

    • You PF rats surviving by looting and stealing , sucking the blood from poor Zambians….and some of my tax I pay in the UK is given to Zambia in the form of aid for which you PF thieves can not survive without….

  11. It is not wright for a manufacturer to be a wholesaler and a retailer at the same time . the Chinese are all over in compounds busy making utuntemba , selling roasted maize . Zambia my country !!. twasebana . twalyasama ngakapu (cup) nangu babikema ayakaba yayasamafye babikilemo umuti babikemo ubwalwa , babikemo umukaka yasamafye nangu basundilemofye nemisu nifyo fine yalyasama . Zambia wake up

  12. Back to quality of education zambia offers and tuwine bwangu Zambian mentality. Compete bwana compete
    I cant support fellow zambian exploiting me with high prices and poor product
    Same scenario is in South Africa where foreigners offer better prices…so locals buy from them.
    Attitude is key word. We had ZCBC shops in Zambia before foreign owned shops, what happened?

  13. bushiri is the same conman that predictatef ecl losing to u5.

    And thats the same chap mentorinn kalaba.

    Now its making sense who kalaba is and was in PF. A BACK STABBER

  14. While I concur with the logic Mr. Kalaba is bringing out here, I’m not too sure if he did raise the same issues in the confines of Cabinet when he was the Foreign Affairs Minister where it could have a lot of meaningful impact.

  15. I support him. Kalaba sounds much better than the others we already have. He has potential to be president. He is sober and no bad language. Keep it up Sir.

  16. An economy is not a straight light issue and must be looked at from multiple perspectives.

    To attribute the growth of the Ethiopian economy merely to protectionism is amazingly the thinnest way of narrowing issues, probably the most dangerous way of policy thinking.

    Mr Kalaba may be shocked to find that with all other measures and policies in place in Ethiopia, if the Ethiopian government removed protectionism the economy may grow even far much faster that that 11 percent he cited.

    Observing one thing from another country and trying to implement it without noting dependencies can be lethal and retrogressive.

    It will be good for Mr Kalaba to read the about the economic progress and development of Malaysia in the late 80s 90s. Instead the opposite of what Kalaba is saying was…

    • Humble, selfless leader, always respecting others. For him to say no to free cheese, what do you think? hes diff from CK.
      Kalaba has respect for personalities including opponents like you. He will never call you “thief” try godfather mr NDC

  17. This is very strange ba Kalaba. The man was busy global trotting inviting so called foreign investors and today he says local companies must be protected

    • He was in cabinet. He could have helped introduce laws that channelled foreign investment Into businesses that Zambians couldn’t runways

  18. Before kalaba can even start talking abot protectionism he should first address the Zambian standards. Whats is our ISO STANDARDS. Everything must be done according to the Zambian iso standard if we are to retain our pride and jobs. Put standards to everything to ensure only a Zambian to benefit from it. See what happened to cooking oil ban. It was a good move with missing guidelines. If for eg a building block should meet certain standards before sold for construction purpose ie material size weight temp shape etc. Not anything with a shspe of a block qualifies for construction.

    • Mate what do you mean by ‘Zambian ISO standards’? There is no such thing as ‘Zambian ISO standards’… ISO stands for ‘International Organization for Standardization’ so you can’t have a Zambian ISO. But I think I know what you are trying to say.

  19. He is absolutely right on protectionism. Real growth for the Zambian economy can only be achieved by authentic home made products and services.

  20. Kalaba left PF when Miles Sampa got reinstated with full blessings of ECL. This has to do with running mate for 2021.
    It is ECL/ Sampa ticket or ECL/Kalaba ticket for 2021 that made Kalaba leave as his has no much influence in whooing voters for PF compared to what that of miles has. Kalaba is just too afraid to tell the truth about his fears. He knows that ECL will pick Miles. So choose what is famous with opposition, corruption as excuse. This is what is behind Kalaba’s exit.

  21. Mr Kalaba is being misled by Prophet Bushiri and that is why he is missing the way. You are not supposed to be lead by a prophet (especially false ones) you are to be led by the spirit of God (Romans 8:14) – the prophet can only confirm what God has already ministered to you, which is usually a rare case. God bless Zambia!

  22. You yap on about Zambians needing to copy and learn from foreigners but facts remain……GRZ needs to be a big player in this ……GRZ needs to constantly mentor, train and encourage ” buy Zambian ” campains…..GRZ just saying we are creating an enabling environment , get on with it is not enough…..you must know these foreigners have cartels and internal banking and lending systems that exclude Zambians……on top of this our GRZ is not manufacturing orientated but tender orientated …..look at that $62 ZAF uniforms import….so many Zambians should be benefiting from by making those in Zambia…

    • If Somalis, Indians and the other foreigners have internal banking systems that work, then we must learn and use the same ourselves. Right now, Spaka, I am in the liquor trade and have been in the groceries trade where many East Africans are doing business. I get a lot of goods on credit and I pay back. The Indians on Freedom way use to give me goods on credit to a point where I would refuse to get excess. The problem that exists is that a lot of Zambians get this credit and bolt. They don’t pay back!!! Hence the foreigners keeping this lending amongst themselves and a few selected Zambians. ATTITUDE!!!!!

    • Citizen….

      I mentioned ndanji above in nother post but by saing you are probably in a 5% of the population with such privalleges is true….80% of the population are not as privalleged as you and i…

      Our primary school cariculum needs an environmental awareness subject where our kids must be tought at a young age to look after the environment and to buy Zambian products as way if developing our country…..this is not teaching xenophopbia but teaching our kids to support zambian and develop zambian…we need such basic education or else zambia is gone…

    • @No, Spaka. Even the many Zambians with the micro grocery stores are exposed to this credit arrangement by the Indians but it is their tendency of bolting that discourages the Indians. When time comes to pay: phone off, “…no, boss, I had a funeral…”, “..my wife was in hospital…”, etc, etc.

  23. Most of those above supporting foringe competition….try go to India , China or Somalia to open a bussiness and see how you will marginalised….you stand no chance and will probably be locked up ..

  24. Only f00ls can can take chaps like Kalaba and Kambwili seriously. Why didn’t they say the same things they say today when there were in authority and were appointed and paid to advance such ideas. If they couldn’t do it whilst they were in Government, then they are hypocrites who had hidden agenda which they are now f00lishly exposing.
    Same applies to Ichilema, he is busy labeling everyone in PF Government as corrupt when in actual fact its him who is scandalous. As if he never stole enough from the Privatisation program, now he is even in the business of taking land away from innocent Zambians. If HH fingers are this long whilst in opposition what could probably happen in the unlikely event that he was in charge of National wealthy? Watch out for these bitter and angry hyenas, they…

  25. word bwana kalaba!! word!!! we are selling our very soul: the country, the land!!! Call Trump what you like and i personally call him a lot of things but am with him 1000% when he chants: “AMERICA FIRST”! aba ama leaders besu bena ni foreigners first! Brown envelopes from foreigners are worth far much more than us, the indigenous people, the owners of this, mother Zambia…cry the beloved country!! cry! the young ones will find no Zambia! we need leaders who will chant, sleep, dream, talk, think, DO: “ZAMBIA & ZAMBIANS FIRST”!!!!!!!

  26. We indeed need protectionalism and Kalaba is speaking some sense. Some of us started our private bussiness but we could not grow them because of the rampant corruption and malicious trading standards Nd sexual harassment. Predatory trading must be seriously addressed and tribalist rushing to their relative Judges to help them steal what they cannot afford, ought to be looked into. There are so many outstanding obstacles to fair trading standards in Zambia. The LAZ is a major sticking obstacle as its lawyers steal and damage other people’s bussiness and economic ventures. We need stiffer regulation to stop illicit predatory trading in Zambia. The Judiciary must be ashamed of promoting such illegal trading standards too.

  27. A breath of fresh air and more progressive thinking as opposed to the usual thuggery and self -confessed bootlicking shallow leadership in PF. This is the nationalistic spirit that will grow this country, the spirit that PF has trashed by selling off the national silverware so they can end up subservient in their own motherland. They are contracting more debt when they can creatively resources they have been blessed with to make sustainable development. Lungu and his cabal are only interested in self enrichment at the expense of the masses.

  28. “Prophet Bushiri is a spiritual man and like every other religious leader, for me I respect Men of God a…”

    Please Kalaba dont confuse spirituality and religion these are two different things…your mate Bushiri is a good businessman profiting off docile Afrikans who are too lazy to wake themselves up from their folly and research.

    • Jay, I perceive you are trying to express your own opinion. Don’t dilute HK’s opinion. I got him clear. Simply open a fresh page and give your opinion.

      You don’t correct opinions. They are ones entitlement.

  29. Blocks made by our compatriots crumble like cookies! and usually they fetch more or less the same price. The Solmalis will offer free transport if you buy a certain quantity.
    Our economy has been moribund chiefly because there is no middle class to speak of. The bulk of the formally employed (just above 300k) are heavily taxed and hardly have disposable income to invest in meaningful ventures, let alone savings. Interest rates are so prohibitive so that those that are lucky to get loans from lending institutions will inadvertently pass on this cost to the consumer.
    Bro Kalaba et al ought to first build the middle class before talking about industrialization. They drive the local economy.
    Rather than point to Shoprite, Pick n Pay and Pep as responsible for unfair business our local…

  30. …business people must work on the quality and packaging of their products. The coming of these shops have decidedly been a blessing. We stopped queuing up to buy essentials and bread, which was offered without a wrapper or you had to buy a paperback in addition!

    • Don’t forget how you’re forced to buy something you didn’t want if you wanted say cooking oil. You had to buy that horrible toothpaste called ivory.

  31. I must say Kalaba is becoming interesting. He is speaking the common man’s language. And kudos to most bloggers: For once, you have stayed more with the issue than partisan interests. While I agree with Kalaba on industrialization, Protectionism is something you need to be smart about. China and the so-called 5 Asian tigers were smart. There’s always a trade-off and/or opportunity cost to any economic policy. So if you choose protectionism know that there is a cost. It better be worth it!

  32. Now let me talk about Mr Bushiri. My and other people in the emerald area paid some money to Mr Bushiri on the understanding that he’s going to finance them to buy equipment for their mines. Th a was in 2016 but up to now nothing has happened. My always comes to me for money ” Ba yama ngafweniko nkesabwesha ba prophet nga batutumina…..” If those familiar to what am saying are reading this and are honest, they will vouch for me. Therefore I wonder why men can put their trust in such a man.

  33. I have enjoyed the various points each party have advanced for and against protectionism. The only problem I have with Zambians is that we just end at analysing issues without implementation. I would urge the powers that be to be getting interested in the issues the citizens are debating. They might learn one or two things.

    • @Mwakale.. You are correct, we most often than not just end up at analyzing issues without implementation! The reason is simple, people vested with the authority are not party to these blogs. They are pre occupied to perpetuate their stay in office or issues are way beyond their comprehension.

  34. I would like to argue from a different perspective. Rather than ‘protectionism’ (which I don’t believe would work in a global economy), why not devise laws that ensure revenue and profits generated by these foreign owned businesses are invested back into the country… allow them to externalise only a certain percentage of the profits generated. In addition ensure they pay tax and ensure the tax collected benefits Zambians not enriching politicians. Also ensure they employ local Zambians unless they can prove that they can’t find local skilled manpower. Device laws that any outside company need to partner with local SMEs as a condition for them to bid for contracts.

    Obviously you need strong local manufacturing industry and there should be deliberate policies to allow them to…

    • Continue reading
      Obviously you need strong local manufacturing industry and there should be deliberate policies to allow them to compete, access to low interest loans; lower taxes; ensure some of their taxes is paid back to them if they make a loss in a fiscal year; benefits for a foreign company that partners with indigenous Zambian citizens; etc.

      Also ensure that the politics is favourable to local businesses. As things are, your business can only be successful if you politically align yourself with those in power. And those with differing political views risk their businesses not doing or not awarded lucrative contracts.

      As for Kalaba he was in government as a minister… I think he missed his opportunity to implement these ideas.

    • Very true. But there’s very little patriotism among our people. The personnel employed to carry out this very important assignment will just receive bribes and allow the cash to go out.


    • And people can’t see this. A Zambian was given projects on some road. The company failed to do the job which was eventually given to a Chinese company. The Zambian has chewed the money and his name appears in the Auditor General report. So what do we do when people abuse such chances.

    • Protectionism does not imply throwing Zambians in at the deep end…..RDA is s corrupt entity that was giving road contracts to mechanics any one from PF without even basic knowledge of building……a clever approach would have been to let Zambians with some experience partner 50 /50 with experienced foringe firms….knowlage and skills Transfere is the key…..

    • #Spaka that’s the problem with you. This thing of Zambian contractors failing to do proper jobs is not new. It’s been with us from as far back as 1964. Otherwise we could not have even been talking about it. A political party one belongs to doesn’t matter, it’s the individual who counts. The fellow I refer to doesn’t even do politics. In any case there are controlling officers in government who belong to Upnd so what stops them from awarding business to their party members?

    • Which party is in government ? The buck stops with GRZ , they are responsible for the welfare of Zambia….the problem with you ndanji is you think the only responsibility of government is create an enabling environment……no,

    • #Spaka so HH got the job to sell the mines because he belonged to MMD? Don’t be put, I am only looking for confirmation.

    • Maybe….but from what I know it is only the coming of PF that the Zambian civil service and society has become highly politicised based on tribal lines…..

  36. Slowly but sure, Harry is gonna reveal unconsciously the reason why and how came to resign his minister’s position. I said that with time we shall know the real truth.

  37. Harry Kalaba performed above average in the interview. He has a mature approach to politics than rest. No character assassination like CK, no getting back at opponents like EL, no name calling like HH.

    He has respect for opponents but simply doesn’t want to walk side by side with politicians without conscious. He is fit to knock out all of them. But I think he must play his cards well.

    Don’t exit PF. challenge them peacefully at a convention.

  38. It’s better for minister Kaluba, to dissociate himself with profit Bushiri, because of his controversial messages, before it’s too late.

  39. the call to protect our business from foreign invetsors must be supported because this has impacted us enomously,we can not have chinese selling chickens in our community.Trump has being calling for national leaders to put their countries first.but those are ideas we expected kalaba to propose when he was in government

  40. HK sounds passionate about protecting his country. However, what casts a shadow on his love for Zambia is companionship with the Bushiri, an out-law in Malawi and banned to enter Botswana, he, who takes every penny from the poorest worshippers to buy six year old daughter and wife expensive cars.

    Kalaba may love his creator, but I am not sure Bushiri’s visits are doing him any favour.


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