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We are not campaigning at all, we are just just mobilising the party-Davies Mwila

PF CEO Davies Mwila arriving in Solwezi to welcome defectors from other parties

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila has said that PF is not campaining but just mobilising the party and called on the other parties to do so.

Speaking when he arrived in Solwezi to receive 2 000 defectors from other parties, Mr Mwila said that he is not holding public meetings and as such they cannot be construed as campaigns.

“Those claiming that we are campaigning should know that we are not campaigning at all. We are just mobilising the party. We are going round and you have never heard of us holding public meetings from my office, we have been holding indoor meetings. It means that we are there to mobilise the party; that is my Job, I am paid for that. So all those who want to mobilise their party and I am talking about the UPND and the rest, let them go also and mobilise their parties. They are free. This is a democratic country. Us we are not playing as a party, we are very serious,” said Mr Mwila

ABOUT 2,992 members of the opposition political parties in North Western Province have ditched their former parties and joined the ruling Patriotic Front -PF- in Solwezi district.

Notable among those that have defected to the ruling PF are 5 Village Headmen, FDD provincial secretary Kaila Sachiyeka, UPND Mushindamo district chairlady Betty Lupito, Mushindamo district youth chairperson Precious Masaba, Solwezi constituency secretary Misheck Lukama among others.

And out of the 2,992 new PF members, 1,940 are from the UPND, 797 from FDD and 255 from MMD.

Village Headman Kajoba who spoke on behalf of other village headmen described his stay in the opposition UPND as a share waste of time.

He said UPND has nothing to offer to the people of Zambia and that is why he and his fellow headmen have decided to ditch their former party.

And former FDD provincial secretary Kabaila Sachiyeka described his former party as a party without a vision.

The former UPND Solwezi constituency secretary Misheck Lukama and Mushindamo youth chairperson Precious Masaba said they do not want to remain behind by clinging to the opposition for years.

They mentioned the undemocratic tendency in their former party as some of the reason they have decided to join the ruling party.

Defectors from other parties

Meanwhile, PF provincial chairperson Jackson Kungu said turnaround of the people in the province to support and work with the party in power is because of the good leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and feedback on the implementation of various developmental programmes and projects being witnessed in the province.

He said the people in the province have committed to work closely with the party and its leadership in order to continue fostering development in the region.

And receiving the defectors, PF Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila said the PF is the party of choice and that is why people are joining every day. He said the democracy that the party has exhibited from inception at all levels is attracting masses into the boat.

He announced that the defection of the over 2900 members from the opposition is a clear indication that the ruling party has penetrated the province which the opposition UPND boast of being their stronghold.

And Hon Mwila said President Edgar Chagwa Lungu will continue taking development to all parts of the country without segregations.

“We are receiving the defectors because we want more members in the mighty Patriotic Front. Remember that Politics is about numbers and 2021 is around the corner and because of the numbers we are attracting to ourselves i can assure you that even in 2021 general elections, PF will carry the day.

“We are in government because we have 7 provinces in our hands and i want to say that you can not givern this country with one province or two provinces! You can only lead this country when you have the majority in the 10 provinces. And i should mention here that North Western being part of our 10 provinces, government has resolved to massively develop this entire region. We made a promise in 2016 when President Edgar Chagwa Lungu came here and committed his government that he is going to finish the Chingola- Solwezi road. We have stuck to this promise as we will soon finish the now Chingola- Solwezi dual carriageway,” said the Secretary General.

Defectors from other parties

He reiterated that the Head of State has made a commitment to develop every corner of this country regardless of tribe, ethnicity and political inclination.

He mentioned North Western province as a region has received attention in terms of development under his leadership.

“You have seen here in Solwezi, after we have finished with the dual carriageway, we are going to work on the Township roads inside the district. I can tell you that the PF’s 2016 slogan still stands; sonta apo wabomba. And once we deliver, 2021 will just be about ukusonta apo twabomba. You will remember that most of the districts here in North Western did not have power, they were not connected to the national grid. Now through the leadership of His Excellency, President Edgar Lungu, the majority of the districts here are now connected.”

The PF Chief Executive Officer -CEO- implored old members to embrace the new members by recruiting more members stating that politics is about numbers hence the need to continue recruiting members.

Defectors from other parties
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    • Mama
      Arrggg! I'll do it myself: cam·paign VERB work in an organized and active way toward a particular goal, typically a political or social one: E.g."people who campaigned against child labor".
    • LT Blockade
      Just ignore these ignoramuses and their supporters! They will soon turn against each other when China starts withholding the cheese rations currently sustaining them! They are a people devoid of values and etiquette! A people without values are like a tree without roots, easily tossed to and fro by every wind of culture. When the Tswanas who are well grounded in their allegiance to their country are chasing away the Chinese, Zambia which has no values is blown away by the Chinese! UPND and PF have failed this country! We need a third movement to restore sanity to this country! Enough is enough of this nonsense!
      We hope you don’t intimidate the opposition when they do the same. Police and ECZ in Zambia are a shame. You PF get away with this yet others are not allowed.
    • Thorn in the flesh
      IF YOU CARE MORE, CALL IT PARTY MOBILISATION CAMPAIGN OR PARTY GROWING CAMPAIGN. CAMPAIGNS ARE DIFFERENT YOU ILLITERATE. SO MWILA AND HIS COHORTS ARE ACTUALLY ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL BUT NOT THE ELECTION CAMPAIGN THAT IS WHY THE ECZ DISTANCED ITSELF FROM THESE SORTS OF CAMPAIGNS. ======================= The dumbest question from this blogger and denial from Mwila or simply indeed wrong or incomplete headline from LT - they are well known for dramatic headlines. But the dumb party UPNDie should not copy this activity but they should do it at their appropriate time. They should instead ask in checks and balances where the Partriots are getting the money for these somewhat LEGAL campaigns. YOURS, STORY DEMYSTIFIER Thorn.
  1. upnd cadre
    Upndeez, bukeni bwacha let's go kumabala. Mwacelwa abanenu balelima ama new members imwe mule caya iminkonono ati north western stronghold yesu.
    • John Mulele
      @Blockade, which Twanas? More than 50 % of construction works in Botwana are done by Chinese companies. Eg. Road rehab between Kasane and Nata, the new customs and immigration offices at Kazungula in Botswana. Get your facts right.
  2. upnd cadre
    By rhe way ali kwisa ntwanikane uyu ati ati..yaba ishima lyaya, ati h.h? Atalala sana, Mukobeko yali mucito ububi? Pantu these days when he speaks he mentions Mukobeko to make himselflook like Mandela kikikiki...awe bosses fyalipusana efyo bamilongele mu cifungo. Mandela yali ni freedom fight imwe ba h.h yali bitterness no bupuba.
  3. Cecession the Only Answer to Zambia
    Fellow Zambians, time to work up has come. This is your country, an inheritance for you from God and why should you allow foreigners, Malawians, Congolese, Tanzanians and Mozambiquans to take advantage of your country and thereby making harsh laws which cannot allow you to enjoy peace and unity as native Zambians ? There are a lot of non Zambians in this country, Edgar Lungu being one of them and there is abundant evidence that the man hails from Malawi. The question is why because there are some many of them who are currently serving in government. How did they obtain Zambian National Registration Cards and what mandate have they got to work in government ?
    • Thorn in the flesh
      RED CARD TO THIS POST. I DETECT A CLEAR CASE OF XENOPHOBIC INCITEMENT. THESE ARE THOUGHTS OF A LAZY BUM UPNDIE RETARD GONE ALL THE MORE CRAZY. ======================== Reading comments like this makes my heart shudder in incessant agony. It's like a smell of blood from the UPNDie chilling desires for havoc. What kind of government can these folks institute. From tribalism to xenophobic stunts. Lungu is Zambian, read your constitution well. An easterner is deemed Malawian, a Luapulee is called Zairean, a north-westerner is categorized Angolan. What's with some UPNDie Tongas with tribalism and now Xenophobic rants now? #UPNDie must not rule over us.
  4. Kim
    Since its mobilisation let UPND and NDC also mobilise without so called police permits. Have some sense of shame as even kids know that you are too biased and unfair. This is what leads to revolting
  5. Mzambia wa Zamani
    When are you gonna mobilise every month to keep Lusaka always clean like Kigali? Oh,i see its just self serving stuff that needs all out effort from you .
  6. Truth
    Well done ba North Western ! Up and down can not be cheating u evey now and then when they have nothing to offer. politics is about working with the govt of the day. U are always cheated that u will be given animals by the so called rich man. How many of his relatives in his province has he empowered ? The man running govt now has proved that he has a heart For the Province. Chingola Solwezi road almost done, the whole province is now connected to national grid, town ship roads being done and a university in Kabompo about to start. Why should u continue listening to promisory lies by an individual who just want to amass more wealth ?
  7. peddle
    Zambians money at work carrying cadres from on province to another while roads are full of potholes, meali meal expensive and money hard to find than ever before.eish!!!!!!!
    • Thorn in the flesh
      Can you prove that they are deeping those greedy hands in Government coffers or is it just another clear case of " THE BOY WHO SHOUTED LION". Fellaz who don't want to see things going well for others. If you have proof kindly indict the Patriots. Mwila should be seen to be working on PF programs not government. At the very least, that is the rationale. Oh! I forgot, ain't that the usual UPNDie baseless accusing finger. Looks like Mwila's party is more organised and structured than Katuka's.
  8. Living Legend
    How did 3000 defectors manage to fit in that hall which is meant for 500 people maximum? Add the visiting PF establishment that was there to deliver the defectors to the party, it doesn't add up. Why do we believe falsehoods?
  9. simuzosha Simuzosha
    From worth 2 Million Kwacha to worth 400 Million US Dollar worth within a short space of 3 years, sonta efyo waiba, ukwibile calo canse. Kwena mwe bapota ba PF muli mbulwa amano. No wonder Jesus told the Jews in His time that '' you have got eyes but you do not see and ears but you do not hear''. Blind people leading their fellow blind counterparts end up falling into a pit. From worth 2m Zambian Kwacha to worth 400m US Dollars within 3 years, what does that entail to a well cooked mind not fikolokolo thinking ? Hey !!
  10. Simuzosha Simuzosha
    From worth 2 Million Kwacha to worth 400 Million US Dollar within a short space of 3 years, sonta efyo waiba, ukwibile calo conse. Kwena mwe basapota ba PF muli mbulwa amano. No wonder Jesus told the Jews in His time that ” you have got eyes but you do not see and ears but you do not hear”. Blind people leading their fellow blind counterparts end up falling into a pit. From worth 2m Zambian Kwacha to worth 400m US Dollars within 3 years, what does that entail to a well cooked mind not fikolokolo thinking ?
  11. Thorn in the flesh
  12. china
    Davies trying to please his master and putting up a show. I see thorn if fresh is happy and other cadres. Little do you know the people were probably bribed to be there and they showed up in numbers of course trying to get something in return. Lungu lamented last time how he was being lied to, let him show up there unexpected and he will get a rude awakening, these bootlickers will lie to you like they did to RB

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