Government acted in the interest of the people of Zambia-Siliya

Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP
Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP
Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP
Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP

Chief Government Spokesperson and Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services says government is not intolerant by expelling an envoy for engaging in partisan politics but merely wants to deter foreign nationals to interfere in internal matters of the country.

Ms. Siliya said government acted in the interest of the people of Zambia by expelling the Cuban Ambassador to Zambia who abrogated the diplomatic eticate by engaging himself in partisan politics.

In an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, The Minister said it is undiplomatic for an envoy to interfere in internal matters of the country stating that as much as the country allows plural politics it does not allow non-Zambians to interfere.

“It is not allowed for a diplomat in a foreign country especially one who has just arrived to engage in partisan politics. It is not in the interest of the PF government alone, it is in the interest of Zambians, us as a country that want self-determination which is the basis of independence that we want to manage our country. We will have our plural politics, we don’t have to always agree but that, is an activity we have to do ourselves,” Ms. Siliya said.

She said the Zambia government will soon have another Ambassador from Cuba to replace the expelled envoy whom government does not agree with for engaging in partisan politics.

Ms. Siliya further stated that the Zambian government and Cuba still have good relations despite the incident hence, the decision by the former to send another envoy to Zambia.

“This matter has been agreed that this ambassador is recalled and we expect a new one very soon, so our relations with Cuba continues. It is this particular ambassador we took great exception to, to announce that he can support another political part in Zambia while, he is here accredited to the government of Zambia and by extension to the people of Zambia in spite of the political affiliation,” the Minister explained.

She said Zambia is not intolerant as it is not incensed with the opposition noting that countries that do not allow the opposition to exists are the ones that are intolerant.

The Cuban Ambassador to Zambia was expelled by the government of Zambia for engaging in partisan politics by supporting the newly launched Socialists Party which is being led by Former Defunct Post Newspaper Managing Editor Fred Mmembe.


  1. Good job The PF Government is Committed to sustaining the country’s independence free of imperialists.

    • No you didn’t act for the good of the people. You acted to protect yourselves and that’s a terrible precedence. No diplomacy on your part. You are simply biting the finger that feeds you.

    • Cuba is Zambia’s all weather friend. What Zambia’s dimwitted kateka did to the envoy was simply stup!d. But then we all know that.

    • When diplomats used to come to your PF meetings and wishing you well you saw it as OK. The impeachment has really hit you hard… suddenly Mama Inonge is the most powerful woman…

      What about the PF MP’s you used to tell to resign and ago if they don’t like PF?

      And it seems you president has lost his tongue to talk????

      and by the way… many Zambians have a village and parents to show… you don’t just appeal at Mukuba Secondary with no known primary school

      Its getting HOT in the kitchen

    • When diplomats used to come to your PF meetings and wishing you well you saw it as OK. The impeachment has really hit you hard… suddenly Mama Inonge is the most powerful woman…

      What about the PF MP’s you used to tell to resign and ago if they don’t like PF?

      And it seems you president has lost his tongue to talk????

      and by the way… many Zambians have a village and parents to show… you don’t just appeal at Mukuba Secondary with no known primary school

      Its getting HOT in the kitchen.

      To early to panic….. MMD is already saying they are fielding a presidential candidate in 2021

    • @Nubian Princess – do you ever think things through before you post your comments? Are you on medication? Surely how can you use the words “sustaining” “independence” and “imperialists” all in one sentence you are forever posting oxymoron statements on LT. Do you really think China is in Zambia buying off strategic institutions and chunks of land because they like they way Zambian women look when they have fake Brazilian weaves and fake lushes.
      Wake up!!

    • Firstly, Mark Mubalama (a Congolese) interfered in the country’s affairs by having a fling with you Dora, you are our national treasure. Secondly, at the launch of PF which you and other MMD opportunist have hijacked the US top diplomat was present and that was ok then. Thirdly, Dora why can’t you just be a normal girl that some of us went to university with by just sobering up i.e. stop opportunism and cheating elderly people by giving them offals and all that. You also throw away principle for a ministerial position in PF after exposing yourself (breasts) and washing dirt linen in Chipata in the run up to 2011. You could be a very valuable technocrat in Zambia, I really think you could still do very well. Finally, Lungu and all these politicians are no good for you. You jumped in too…

    • But truly, inputti-issula-taibukubwekeshapo.
      Why this woman aleiposamo mulyashi not involved her? how many spokespersons out in PF?
      Malanji said something else…
      Mumbi Phiri was recalled from Kenya, over issues of drinking. Not interest of Kenyans.
      The Cuban Ambassador has nothing to do with Zambians.

    • You should wait for the expulsion of Musi Maimane and you won’t find any room for rest as the whole upnd will be crying foul.

    • @Jay Jay uluwalubuli naiwe. Nubian Princess princes is quite coherent on this occasion you say that she uses “sustaining” “independence” and “imperialists” in the same sentence. She actually uses “sustaining” “independence” and “ free of imperialists”, and I think she is right the fact that she does not allude to Dora but PF. The only wrong thing in the article above is Dora. everything else is fine. Yay jay are you on medication?

    • Every week someone is deported, blocked, expelled or chased away by intolerant PF. Wait till one day Zambian officials, musicians are blocked or deported from other countries. US ambassador used to attend PF conventions when they were in opposition. Today it’s taboo for Cuban ambassador to attend a socialist function.

      If a Humanism party is formed in another country, it would be prudent for KK to attend its launch.

    • Since when did this useless government start putting interest of the people first? Oh, you mean robbing from them like 1m $ firetrucks, taxing them like you’re ticks depending on their blood. Just shut it Dora Sillier!

    • Silent Observer – its sickening that they make reference Cuba as an imperialist…they do not know what the liberation struggle was all about and why Cuba was assisting us Africans. This is why we need to be building libraries in Zambia instead of overpriced roads and I mean Public libraries..there is not a single Public library in Lusaka..its shameful no wonder dull leaders like Dora can spew nonsense.

    • Madam Hypocrite, if you hate the imperialists so much please rush back home and hang out with us in Zambia.

    • @Silent Observer ilicipuba? We all know Cuba is socialist but in the middle of all this controversy is M’mmbe. Is M’membe a socialist by deeds and by his way of life and livelihood? M’membe is now wearing a socialist gown to hoodwink people like you.

    • Meanwhile you are begging for imperialists’ money. There is no sovereignty or freedom without economical freedom. You have now invited new imperialists in the name of Chinese. You have no land, no running water, no electricity, no food, no freedom of association, no jobs, no medicine in hospitals and the list goes on….and yet you talk of freedom from imperialist !!! Today the Cuban who offered you Doctors cheaply and trained your Doctors is an imperialist!! The Chinese have taken your land, minerals, trees, infiltrated your security wings…and you talk about freedom and sovereignty!!!!

    • They sent away International Journalist to protect us as they are saying…meanwhile when it comes to procuring Firetrucks at a whooping $1million dollars each and a Mercedes Ambulance for $288K each they see nothing wrong all these units are overpriced by 4 times..they see nothing wrong.

  2. I wonder why gov’t is even taking all this trouble to explain or justify it’s moves. Small children wont understand these things.

    As if Putin, May or Trump would ever be under pressure to justify why they expel foreign envoys? Africans will sell their own mothers and children to protect foreign intruders. No wonder they say we have ourselves to blame for slavery and colonialism.

  3. Only in Zambia can a Minister wear a blonde weave/wig (whatever you call the thing) and think its stylish…really unpleasant repulsive sight.

  4. So it was only done to deter other would be diplomats who follow suit and not being intolerant? Why are we receiving different versions or reasons as to why he was expelled? What exact words did this diplomat use because after watching that video, this guy could not even speak English. What did he say? Could it be compared to what Storella said at the PF convention in 2011? That’s the question. If this is a non issue why haven’t you put it to rest or have you heard something from the Cubans and its giving you sleepless nights?

  5. Before I make a comment, Ba LT and I quote ” the smart bloggers of the Zambian enterprise” what is diplomatic ETICATE?

  6. The wise man once wrote: “the wicked flee though no one pursues them” – Proverbs 28:1. This is a case in point. When your conscience is guilty, you are afraid of your own shadow and see conspiracy where there is non.

  7. Which people are you talking about madam…the only people you are talking about are the Paranoid Freaks members…help your self go home.

  8. Na chi wig chama strippers. Eishii office woman sure. Ne fimala fya ma tatule…

    Any way, u have a point but chi blonde yeve, if you were going for a concert of some kind of party, yep it’s fine. But mu office… uuuu just explains some thing else.

  9. Dora is at liberty to dress anyway she likes and present herself anyway she chooses, but as government spokesperson she must dress and look the part. Tooting artificial “blonde” hair and a top that shows “skin” does not cut a professional image. She is speaking for Zambia and should dress in a manner befitting of a government official. He must not look like she just came out of Chez Nthemba! But then, even the appointing authority has little care for image!

  10. Is it only me who feels like taking a shower after looking at the picture of this woman. Has just left the gym rushing to hold a press briefing? She looks a bit greasy! Well, ichufu cha ngulube chitemwa umwine.

  11. Please Minister Sumaili, can you teach your fellow minister the proper dress code. I recall Zambia recently barred Zodwa for such kind of poor dress code

  12. Dora no need to explain. We’re a sovereign state. Countries expel ambassadors and Zambia is not the first to do so. Opposition will criticize anything and frustrate government.

    • Transgender h00ker with three extra-large sh!tholes has endorsed “blonde” worshiper of convicted rapist

  13. Spot on Dora, just leave these bootlikers who think by pleasing anything different from their color is a sin. Let UPND clowns go and misbehave in US and get the shock of their lifetime. Are they not privy to the famous “America First?” Cuba will has already replaced that Ambassador and the ours in Cuba is well and intact so what’s your problem imwe tu UPND kanshi?

    • !mbecile, first learn to speak official language of your country and then get your effing pea-size brain out of your extra-large sh!thole before commenting

    • IN this day and age when computers are in abundance and Google is like free air they still misspell words??

  14. Silyia, can you please explain why the government is not taking steps to act in the people interest and STOP INSTITUTIONALIZED CORRUPTION by prosecuting its own members?

    When the thieves within government will return people money as ordered by ConCourt?

    When will government return STOLEN people money spent on 42 red painted wheelbarrows?
    Is it because the government is CORRUPT or is it INCOMPETENCE?

  15. Some comments are so misinformed. People should learn to comment on issues they have knowledge and facts on. This is the problem of attending backyard universities just to be called a graduates. Go to proper universities and be processed. There is no shortcut to education. Ignorance is very dangerous.

  16. IMPEACHMENT…..Lets seeeeeeeee…….the PF MPs must be saying the MMD will vote against because they are the ones who made Mr. Lungu to win…….and i think they want Dora to be fired now for insulting Mr. sata……kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…..oh and they are not leaving the PF……….

  17. Opposition political parties are there to offer checks and balances but in reality they are our enemies thats y u chased that depromat coz of being with our enemies

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