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Traditional Leaders urged to support government on universal health agenda

Rural News Traditional Leaders urged to support government on universal health agenda

Katete District Commissioner (DC) Joseph Makukula has urged traditional leaders in the district to support government’s agenda towards universal health coverage by ensuring that they teach their subjects on good health practices.

Mr Makukula said as government was accelerating towards universal health coverage it was important that all players were on board as government could not achieve this alone.

Speaking during the World Health Day commemorations held under the theme; Universal Health Coverage: everyone, everywhere, Mr Makukula said one of these cardinal players were traditional leaders who understood better the needs of their subjects.

“Government does not want to leave anyone behind as it accelerates towards universal coverage, we need to participate as a team. It’s not just the minister of health to ensure that we achieve this, but we want you as head men and traditional leaders to come on board to teach your subjects on good health practices so that we protect their lives,” he said.

Mr Makukula said it was also important the public participated towards this agenda by investing in periodical health check-ups and living an active lifestyle to avoid non-communicable diseases.

Meanwhile Chief Mbang’ombe of the Chewa people of Katete District who was represented by Induna Sainet Tembo said accelerating towards universal health coverage should start with an individual’s resolve to be responsible for their own health.

Chief Mbang’ombe said individual decision of better health practices were key in supporting government’s agenda towards universal health coverage.

He said it was important that people weighed their lifestyle decisions as they had an impact on the wellbeing of an individual.


  1. Be careful imwe ma cadres ya PF and please don’t get excited with those chemicals (viruses) you are encouraging Zambian parents to give to their young. Every country in the world today especially the western world will do anything to come to our mother land to extract minerals and other rare earth metals that we possess. The trouble is we get so excited with things we don’t even understand. These foreigners don’t mean well for our country

  2. We still have a small enough population to enable government to cover everyone without all this racket and commotion. If we get disciplined, stop pilfering and diverting resources we can do fantastic things for that country. Look deep down yourselves and for once stop advancing your behinds before your minds. Then we will move forward and not backward! Awe mwe!!!

  3. This is another way of more Money in their Pockets.Right now we are taxed at 125% they introduce the universal insurance to tax us and put more Money in their Pockets.PF can not be trusted

  4. GRZ should show there true stand regarding the scourge in witchcraft beliefs ….either the believe in the witchcraft or they do not belive in this very regressive belife ….if they do not be live in witchcraft the chiefs should be sanitised to help end the evil practice…..old people and other innocent people are being accused of killing people and being displaced while some people are being killed to remove body parts for use by witchdocters …

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