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ZRA dispels allegations that ZRA will tax bank account holders with TPIN

Headlines ZRA dispels allegations that ZRA will tax bank account holders with TPIN

ZRA Headquarters
ZRA Headquarters

The Zambia Revenue Authority has assured the public that the requirement by all bank account holders to submit their Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TPINs) will not in any way lead to deductions in their bank accounts.

Under the Income Tax Act Chapter 323 of the Laws of Zambia, Section 45B, it is a legal requirement that every Bank Account Holder should have a Tax Payer Identification Number (TPIN).

Government last year, made it mandatory for financial institutions registered under the Banking and Financial Services Act to require all bank account holders to obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number from ZRA.

A TPIN is a unique identification number that is useful to enable anyone deal with ZRA.
The assurance comes in light of some sections of the public expressing concern over the requirement.

“ZRA would like to assure every Zambian that no amount of money will be deducted from their account on the basis of having a TPIN,” ZRA Spokesman Topsy Sikalinda has said.

“Allegations that ZRA is arbitrarily taxing bank accounts are false and must be dispelled with contempt it deserves. ZRA is an organization that has high levels of professionalism guided by fundamental values that include Integrity, Equity, Fairness, and Courtesy among others,” he said.


  1. “A TPIN is a unique identification number that is useful to enable anyone deal with ZRA.”

    The problem here as always is lack of sensitization and educating the public….even anyone reading the article about wouldn’t know what TPIN is for. I have registered for it as well…if ZRA is pushing for an ID no. it can only be for one thing tax as that’s their job.
    ZRA you need to do a better job at educating the masses.

    • Jay Jay, u are right. What is needed is thorough media sensitization unless ZRA is also mean due to cost saving measures that are making people to suffer in private institutions. Please ZRA use any platform available to sensitize the general public on the need for a TPIN. These clauses which Topsy is quoting now are they SIs recently signed or they have been existing? Go flat out even in the compound in vernacular. Sometimes the levels of education could be a hindrance in compounds therefore, come in to help with understanding.

    • Nubian Princess – there is wide spread rumour mongering because someone is too lazy to do their job or the just do not know how to do it. Tell the people how they will benefit from such an exercise when ZRA database is up to date…add some tax incentives…not just making hollow assurances!!

    • What do you mean educating the masses, the fact is that ZRA has never resisted being used by politicians to destroy the politicians’ political enemies. Who would be daft enough to trust them. Their statement is full of lies. First, they have no values, secondly, just wait until the politicians run out of money, they will fling you into court with a tax bill based on your bank balance. Then you have to find a lawyer and between the two of them they will wring you dry.

    • Exactly CHIFULO CHIKULU, sensitization is what lacking by ZRA. Change is very inevitable and if you haven’t explained to people as to why certain things should be put in place they will always wonder especially that from inception, a Tax collector has never been liked by anybody. So ZRA, please spread the news to people and up your game.

      ALSO, WHY NOW?

    • People in Zambia use personal accounts for business transactions because its just too expensive to have a business account, in England you can have a business account with all benefits with minimum monthly charge of a mere £10.
      Only in Zambia does the bank act like its doing you a favour putting money in their account yet its the other way round.

  2. This is to allow the ZRA monitor all the transactions done by individual banks and allow the banks collect the correct revenue from the banks on the charges that the banks get from customers……..as simple as that. This will help grow the GDP.

  3. This is the right thing to do. Actually having a TPIN should be mandatory. People talk of accountability but are quick to shoot dome progressive ideas. Know what folks if we have to develop this country we must put up serious measures that we must live up to.


    • @JAY JAY
      Sir, What is wrong with being a briefcase business man. Most successful businesses started from there. They are called start-ups. What is wrong is for ZRA to begin to invade into citizens’ private space. A citizen is entitled to a certain level of privacy. If they wish they can ask people to make tax declarations at the end of each year. They can then seek a Court order if they are not satisfied with a person’s declaration. Financial privacy is very important. And this TPIN business is the first step by the state in breaking the privacy of personal financial affairs.

  5. Naimwe ba ZRA it is a well known fact that you are taxing VAT on any service a bank provides to the customer. I saw this at Barclays where all taxes are listed on all services. So now it is easier for you to tax every person on the basis of having a bank account…. which I think is okay but don’t over do it.

  6. Its like you wife asking for the PIN number of your debit card and saying I just need it but I wont use your card.

  7. Rumors will destroy us. We’re spending too much time on concocting false story to do anything productive. I see some people are 24hrs on LT so you wonder when they do their work.

  8. I have talked to one of the agents of zra who said government want to get 3% of any money left for savings. And ZRA SAID account holders were not properly identified without TPIN. DOES ZRA have to know me in order for me to have an account? Can’t I open an account without ZRA knowing? Why should ZRA have to order banks to close my account if I do not get a TPIN ? The claim of integrity and other noble terms does not wash ZRA cleaner. This is an economic environment where creating new jobs is harder than imposing new taxes on the minority already suffocated with taxes. So sad.

  9. HH is a disaster! After being in “politics” for a long time he seems to be still an Under Five with no experience. He is a leader of a tribal grouping.

    • @SHARON:
      Shut up about HH. Are you obsessed with him. We are discussing the important issue of compulsory TPIN numbers for one to hold a bank account. Not all of us are politicians. Some of us do not care who is in State House as long as they let us live our lives. Go and shout all you want about HH at PF rallies.

  10. This is why we said why not use NEC number if every account holder is known by their bank through NRC? This is a duplication of work! Unless you are saying ZRA does not recognise NRC! I thought NRC was an official document that proves that one is a Zambian!

  11. Kingsley Chanda is just another thief trying to make Zambian lives tough with his overzealous tax collections which are just being spent on paying country debts… Mama give us a signal.. We are tired of being robbed by this monster government

  12. If Increasing the tax payer base by creating more jobs is pursued with the focus they are showing in pursuing and squeezing the few tax payers…..zambia would be far.

  13. 85% of Zambians don’t have bank accounts and payments are cash so really its just 15% of the population that are under the microscope

  14. As usual, ZRA is economical with the TRUTH.

    Having TPIN “tied” to particular account holder is welcomed development as it will with help ZRA to combat, not just Income/Corporate Tax evasion, but also acquire evidence in money laundering, Import Duty evasion and illegal externationalization of foreign exchange.

    What is wrong, is the ZRA “clock & dagger” and, more likely than not, arbitrary implementation of such procedures to be used against perceived “enemies” of the “patrons’.

  15. “ZRA would like to assure every Zambian that no amount of money will be deducted from their account on the basis of having a TPIN,” ZRA Spokesman Topsy Sikalinda has said.


  16. ZRA is an organization that has high levels of professionalism guided by fundamental values that include Integrity, Equity, Fairness, and Courtesy among others,” he said.


  17. This TPIN ISSUE is making Government unpopular because the majority of people are annoyed with this TPIN mandatory requirement for every citizen with a bank account.
    Government must rerverse this TPIN thing . ZRA is not collecting as it should from the mines but would like skin poor citizens alive.
    Boma iyanganepo.

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