Home Entertainment Zambian artiste , Swish , releases “Blank CD”

Zambian artiste , Swish , releases “Blank CD”


Zambian artist, Swish releases his first music video for 2018 titled “Blank CD” off his debut album “Slideshow”.

This song talks about an artist’s struggle in a world where support is difficult to come by and very few are willing to foster the craft.



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  1. Jay Jay
    Why do you bother with this music ...it all sounds the same and out of tune, a real pain to listen to. They should listen to Ugandan, Tanzanian songs
    • Paliba Mutenta Likonko
      I havent bothered to listen because Iam expecting what Jay Jay is saying. Can our musicians be more creative and original please? No carbon copying and no plagiarism. The country is waiting for something unusual-not the same crap over and over and over and over.
  2. munone
    This guy is really good - no insults just pure message. We need to promote such local musicians. Good luck youngman.
  3. Nine Chale
    Donation, donation... I'll give you what you want if you give me what I need. Ah, yamveka mushe yeve iyi mwe. The lyrics are positive, beat is tight and the boy is talented, what more can we ask for? A1 plus ratings from me. And I'm not very easy to please when it comes to music.

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