Labour Minister urged to find ways to speed up Minimum Wage Review

CSAWUZ General Secretary Joy Beene
CSAWUZ General Secretary Joy Beene
CSAWUZ General Secretary Joy Beene
CSAWUZ General Secretary Joy Beene

Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ) General Secretary Joy Beene has reiterated the need for the Minister of Labour ,Joyce Simukoko to explore ways on how best her ministry can quicken the process of reviewing the minimum wage.

Mr. Beene believes that once the minimum wage is set it will help address many problems facing Zambians.

He has told q-news that while he appreciates that the process of reviewing the minimum wage has started the, minister of labour should expedite the process because it has been long overdue.

Mr. Beene adds that the minimum wage should be treated as a matter of urgency owing to fact that the prices of most basic commodities on the local market have gone up and the underprivileged are the most affected by this trend.

And Mr. Beene has noted that by directing the minister of labour to review the minimum wage, president lungu has shown how much he cares for the underprivileged stressing that the onus has remained with the minister of labour to quicken the process.

He further states that president Lungu’s directive on the need to review the minimum wage has also brought to the attention of the minister of labour on the need to address the plight of the poor people and those who are not unionized.


  1. This is a poorly reported article as the minimum wage is not stated.Nor what needs to be done.
    What’s the minimum wage?
    I pay the maid 800 and the garden ” boy” 700 KwachaI feel guilty and occasionally help them when they have funerals and births et and they eat what we eat. At week ends I sometimes give the. K 20 etc.
    MY wife tells me that some neighbour does not provide meals at all as he says they should fend for themselves from the K500 he pays them.
    THE point I’m making is that the law should be CHANGED : MINIMUM WAGE EMPLOYEES SHOULD BE PROVIDED WITH MEANS.

  2. No sooner is the minimum wage raised we are going to see massive lay offs from all sectors which will inturn result in increased unemployment as well as increase in crime and casualisation. The zambian economy at this point is too weak to sustain a wage increment. Let the economic indicators pick up since the austerity measures have been announced before you increase minimum wage.

  3. I think there should be 2 minimum wages, one for Zambians who are employers and another higher minimum wage for foreign investors because no doubt they can afford to pay a higher minimum wage.

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