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HH’s Reacting to Alleged Threats From President Lungu

Videos and Audios HH's Reacting to Alleged Threats From President Lungu


    • Ba that one stop lying naimwe we all listen to the news. Eyashani iyo? maybe ba upnd tabomfwa kuli news. Talk about policies how you’re going to make Zambia great again not the wrongs others are doing. Personally I don’t know any of your policies concerning anything. All I know is that you’re a crying party all the time. Today you’re crying to trump, tomorrow you’re to IMF, the other day you’re in London crying that lungu wants to kill you, the other day you’re south Africa crying. Is crying one of your policies or what. No solution to anything just crying everyday. I can never join this party in my life time or in the life to come.

    • Brilliant speech by President HH.

      Chakolwa Lungu must be getting worried by these facts which are all over the media houses accross the world.

      Lungu must go. Zambian arise and defend your selves against these PF thugs bleeding our resources dry and killing our relatives.

      Defending our selves we shall using what ever is within our reach if the police has failed dismally to defend us.

      Its both our constitutional and birth right to defend our selves against harm from any evil destructive force be it microbial or human.

      Zambians defend yourselves against PF.

      I see no change in this Fellaz’ mannerism. He is so naive and trivial.
      He will lose elections until it dawns. So boring.

    • They love to detain others as if they’re strong enough for jail. How many days can Lungu last in Chimbokaila prison?

      Actually best thing to do for PF00Lish Govt is to renovate prisons & courts coz they’ll be their new homes & offices.

    • It’s not personal hh. You called for violence, you contrary to God’s teaching of if a nigga slaps to your left, go right ahead and give it up for your right’s smashing as well. You hh called for tit for tat like your mama taught you when you were younger. You called for panga for panga. You hh yearn for war in Zambia. You crave for it with passion. Your thirst and quest for a civil war in Zambia cannot go unanswered and unchallenged. And so the Head of State is keen to keeping you in check. It’s not ’bout fits but policies and destructionists ought to be beaten into shape by institutional standards.

  1. But if u want to rule for 100 years, u need hh who can lose to ecl? If your calling for hh to leave the stage, u want one to whom ecl can lose? What about the 100 years pf in power then? Not logica reasoning, is it?

  2. Because of lies by the media now even when they say the truth people will not believe it. Even voices are planted to wrong people as if they made such speeches.

  3. Progressive issues include Democratic tendancys,why should a sitting president propergate change in an opposition party when facts and figures say its neck on neck at the polls.We need a fora where the president can be asked questions on things that are happening around the country but its a pity he is always talking to biased audiences at airports.
    Zambians let us wake up hold people accountable.

    • Bozo: ECL is not answerable to the rest of the country for what he does; he’s answerable to the PF only. There is no govt consultative forum but there is a PF consultative forum where they meet only their members to explain and justify their corruption.

    • Victor by general election.
      It will be wishfull thinking to draw conclusions on by election with a voter turn out of 28% and electrol mulpractices favoring the party in goverment.
      What were the percentage difference in 2016 …51% to 49% .
      Victor to respect an opponent is also a good thing . ..
      PF win in by election can be cosmetics i may be wrong but think about it.

      . . … . . . . . . . . . .. …. . . .. . . . . . . . . . …………….

  4. HH is right on spot!! Thanks for HH courage otherwise PF would have it easier to manipulate Zambians and continue their agenda of corruption and not developing the country. Zambia is certainly very unfortunate to have such a government.

    • HH is not as foolish as you, your mother and grandmother combined. He is faaar too sensible to be compared to a chimp like you and your siblings!

  5. The coming general assembly in the UPND has HH scared. You the wise Zambian enterprise should see this and realize. After the defeats the UPND is being handed, HH is feeling the heat from his subordinates. to stay relevant he shall target everyone’s easiest target. The president!

  6. How blind are UPND cadres and leaders? Ask HH how the are losing elections everywhere. UPND cadres voted for Mrs Langa in Chisamba. HH is afraid he might not be leader of the UPND for long.

  7. HH is quick to react and convene meetings with his cohorts to blame others when he is slightly poked. He is afraid of his own shadow looking over his shoulder every time he is walking. And the only way to attract attention is to convene useless meetings where his cohorts give him fake smiles because there is nothing they can do to help him and themselves to accept the reality. Come on guys wake up before you become irretrievably depressed!

  8. Maweeee…….HH is indeed a loser!!!Doesnt this man get tired having endless and useless press conferences talking nosense in Lusaka?THIS GUY IS A BORE!!!Am surely only his die hard tribalists camped in UPND understand Kainde!!SURELY HOW CAN ZAMBIANS VOTE FOR HH WHO ONLY TALKS ABOUT MR LUNGU EVERYDAY INSTEAD OF TELLING VOTERS UPND’S POLICIES AND HOW HE CAN DO THINGS BETTER THAN PF?Kainde just bought a degree from UNZA because he learned person cannot be so dull like him!!IT IS BECOMING CLEAR BY DAY THAT HH IS MILES AWAY FROM STATE HOUSE!!!!
    Anyway continue destroying your political career Mr Kainde as we enjoy too much whenever your UPND lose elections!!

  9. Lungu you are the causer of all the problems & confusions, who doesn’t know your plans? I can tell you God can not be mocked. Your time is near.Touch not the anointed 1.

  10. Hh’s brain is not properly configured let alone wired. He is a flip floper. One part of him wants to behave and get himself along to be governed, the other part is his very nature, a rude psycho filled with envy, jealousy and inborn violence. The guy is an evil plotter and a dangerous misleader. He takes pleasure in violence and quickly sources a camera to blame it on the other side. It is this second side of Hh that has seen him lose elections. His true identity is violence. He is been doing this since the infamous mapatizya formula.

  11. Seems we shall never get the reason why we should vote for HH apart from ‘me also.’ Unfortunately for Zambia, that seems to be by and large the motivation for the opposition parties. All they have or started with is “I can also.” Then they start looking for what they can do for the country. In the end they end up with some general propositions which at the root are really no different with incumbent president agenda or they begin to lay claim to some ‘special -hood’ about themselves which all of us with our white heads must bow to- am a successful businessman. Its a pity and amazing how after loosing elections they cry foul. I suspect they have grossly error-ed in their perception of the wisdom and knowledge of the electorate.

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