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Foreign contractors disobeying Presidential directive to employ local contractors


Special Assistant to the President for Project Implementation and Monitoring Andrew Chellah has expressed concern over the resistance shown by some foreign contractors over the 20% subcontracting policy.

Mr. Chellah said it is unfortunate that foreign contractors are not following the directive issued by President Edgar Lungu to subcontract 20% of their total works to local contractors.

Speaking shortly after inspecting ongoing construction works at the Ndola International Airport and the Kafulafuta Water Dam project in Mpongwe, Mr. Chellah noted that the 20% subcontracting policy is aimed at empowering locals and transfer of skills to local contractors.

Mr. Chellah added that Zambians are custodians of major construction projects being undertaken in most parts of the country and deserve a share through the subcontracting policy.

He further stressed that it is the President’s desire to see Zambians empowered and skills transferred through the 20% subcontracting policy.

Meanwhile, National Council for Construction Executive Director Mathews Ngulube said the 20% subcontracting policy is a means of increasing capacity in local contractors.

He said simple works such as bush clearing, foundation and concrete work could be done by local contractors who can also be given complicated work as a means of knowledge transfer.


  1. MM731
    Why talking and not acting on the ills you have noticed? So after talking then what? God do your job fella
    • IndigoTyrol
      The government in Zambia is there to serve the interests of the Chinese and other foreigners. If you think Lungu has your interest at heart, you are indeed a big F00L.
    • JourneyMan
      Why are you telling us what we already know. No one respects our government. You can't respect a man you have bribed. Lungu andvfriends are compromised. They owe these guys. There is nothing they can say or do to make them comply. interesting how when we point these things out, ceryaun people label us all sorts of names. Mark my words, Lungu will do nothing about this
    • Robertokambolev
      Unfortunate? Oh dear, you shouldn't use this word when citizens expect you to act. A foreign contractor disobeying a seating president's directive can only point to a lack of good leadership on the part of the government or someone within the government secretly benefiting.
      Just talking or complaining doesn't solve anything. All talk and no action, is Lungu's way of leading. The Chinese don't follow the rules of the country, because they know that there will be no serious consequences to their actions.. You have to be hard on them. Fine them or something, if you want them to know that you're serious. Only in Zambia do foreign companies ignore the government and nothing happens to them. Now you can understand why some foreign companies even choose not to pay their fair share of taxes. That's Lungu's incompetent administration. What a shame.
    • Jay Jay
      Here is someone in the Special Assistant to the President for Project Implementation and Monitoring complaining...surely what does that imply? These people have failed us ....its the taxpayer who will pay back billions of dollars for these overpriced works. These are the people who negotiate contracts. Meanwhile the Lazy thing is in Ankara and has chartered a Gulfstream Jet reg. plate P4-BFY from Bestfly ltd.
    • Jay Jay
      Only a fooool would believe Chellah is genuine here ...you wonder why the other guy resigned over the wheel barrow comment ...how is it that a Swazi company is being awarded GRZ contracts like road building and office blocks where GRZ has full control.
    • Thorn in the Flesh
      TRAINING FIRST, KNOWLEDGE FIRST, SKILL FIRST BEFORE NCC CERTIFICATION, BEFORE 20% SUBCONTRACTING POLICY BENEFIT. ================================================= Young double jay. You sound just like Chellah. What are you complaining about? If you jay(squared), chellah and the rest of the complainants don't understand the due process it better you go back to school again. If ECL has declared a 20% subcontracting policy, do you want him personally to teach people how to go about it? If the 20% subcontracting policy is meant for skills and the so called knowledge transfer, do you want to start training these makeshift contractors on the job; I say you must have gotten it all wrong. If you are a contractor, you should be certified by NCC to have the know-how of the Job. You can't be...
    • Jay Jay
      Thorn in the Flesh - There you go again confusing yourself...you are forgetting that Chellah's boss is Lazy Lungu as for him declaring 20% works on EXIM Bank contracts is laughable as its always been that way even under MMD...you know what? Chinese are smart individuals when they see that the country they are working in is corrupt and lawless they also bend the rules and when the go to US or Europe they abide by the rules as they know the system is strict. They know Lazy Lungu is in their pocket and there is nothing he can do. The same thing will happen when the Turks construction companies come over as that's why the lazy thing has gone to Ankara for.
    • Shameless
      This is tiring to say the least how many times do we say this is not a matter of pleading and issuing directives ... there was an article about some minister asking the chinese to ensure knowledge transfer, the other time it was government complaining that Zambians were not getting 20% of contracts bla bla ! Surely Ba PF for how long will u be sounding like your are in opposition? That is why u always think and talk campaigns and 2021..... Muli mbuli imwe!
    • Thorn in the flesh
      SO ANYWAY ========== Ignore double j, he is just a political joke. You Mr. Chellah and relevant line ministries, should expeditiously put up a system preferably an e-system to interface foreign investors and local contractors. See, you made me a sad man by suggesting that investors that somehow foreign investors will have an overhead of identifying and "skill impart" credible and competent local investors to make use of a 20% s/contracting policy themselves. It's not an affirmative action kind'a affairs. Let the policy benefit competent local contractors. Let me see that system roll. Yes, the president declared but a system, investor/local contractor platform, ought be in place.
  2. Voice of reason
    54 years after independence...all we can do is bush clearing and concrete mixing using wheelbarrows!! Something is fundamentally wrong.
    • Jay Jay
      Really laughable...Special Assistant is complaining to you instead of his boss who issued the directive...its likened to those subordinates who were complaining to their chiefs who had sold to the colonizers about encroaching on the land. This is what happens when you sell out!!
  3. Kwalanga Kasawelo
    Please bwana Chela, policy is nothing and you know this. Please enact statute and make it a lawful requirement to be adhered to. What are you guys scared of? Where are you taking this country?
    • Jay Jay
      Kwalanga Kasawelo - think about this you are an Global Multi-disciplined construction firm and you have been asked (or contracted) to award 20% of the works to Zambians ...what would you award 20% of works on a KKIA when this is a specialists contract? They will just delay you as they are probably handpicked by the ruling party cadres...the best way round this is utilization 70% of material locally. I have said time and time on here the EXIM Bank contracts are expensive and a zero value, no innovation, no cost management principles, no skills transfer to the industry.
    • Jay Jay
      Yes, let's all close our eyes, clasp our hands together and pray to White Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Dontcare
    I miss Michael Chilufya Sata! He could have been very frank with them contractors on this one
    • Jay Jay
      Lazy Lungu has no time for taking responsibility ...he just loves the pecks of the job. Old man Sata is too blame for surrounding himself with drunkards and cadres like Lazy Lungu...he knew the limits of Lazy Lungu that's why he left him in charge and not a smart man as he thought he was coming back from hospital not knowing it was a one way ticket with cargo return flight.
  5. The Chosen One
    Presidential directive? my foot!! Some of these directives are not back by law. It shouldn't just be mere words. If you people were really serious, this issue must be concretised during the awarding process of such contracts. Why not compel these foreign contractors to submit a bid with a smaller local contract? Merely regurgitating the same song we have heard since Chiluba days, it's time for your Chellah to take my proposal seriously.
    • Jay Jay
      The Chosen One - how can you issue a directive on something that is already in the contract? Unless you were so eager to sign that you didn't read the contract...if the contract is breached simply threaten legal action or stop payments to the main contractor...they take you guys for fools as that Special Assistant is powerless as there is lawlessness and his boss is weak that's why he has run away from his responsibilities. Imagine a special assistant in Sata's govt saying this in 2012 he would be dressed down in public by Sata...
    • Jay Jay
      The Chosen One – how can you issue a directive on something that is already in the contract? Unless you were so eager to sign that you didn’t read the contract…if the contract is breached simply threaten legal action or stop payments to the main contractor…they take you guys for fooools as that Special Assistant is powerless as there is lawlessness and his boss is weak that’s why he has run away from his responsibilities. Imagine a special assistant in Sata’s govt saying this in 2012 he would be dressed down in public by Sata…
    • Jay Jay
      EXIM Bank contracts themselves are corrupt and need to be reviewed, this why you have these Chinese firms building flats for ministers...they need to be reviewed but there is no political will as they are all benefiting from the rot as KBF stated including civil servants.
  6. Spaka like lilo
    20 % is even too small .....should be atleast 40 %. How else will Zambians learn to work ?. And that 20% is for manual labour. This is where we need nationalists like CK not these self enriching nobs..... Even lungu corruptly awarded the RATSA contract to partner with Austrians to lebanses of lamise, instead of empowering Zambian bussiness leaders , universities and engineers to partner in this traffic management project. This is very questionable and PF can not talk about empowering when lungu is corruptly doing the opposite ..
    • Jay Jay
      Its all a facade to pull a wool our dull cadres eyes, you can not ask for more than 20% when you know the terms of EXIM Bank loan contracts...they benefit the lending country more than you BUT we are blinded by the perpetual begging to see than these contracts are of no value to us.
  7. Mzambia wa Zamani
    Doesn't matter whether the're Zambian we just shouldn't reward mediocrity,poor execution and substandard works.
  8. Kalok
    Study the German system: there is school for everything, regardless of how simple it is. That schooling is instructive and imparts real skills. In our country there is even jumping the queue to buy papers without fear of what might happen in consequence of botched works. So let’s not just speak of directives or law. Let’s examine ourselves critically, and also learn for real why the directives are being ignored. What if the fact of ignoringis life saving?? I want a good infrastructure, not an infrastructure that just provides jobs to locals regardless of how badly it turns out.
  9. Concerned Zambian
    If it is not in the signed contract there's nothing we can do.I hope the directive was not verbal
  10. Sharon
    @1.8, I believe Chella is genuine and I am not a fuu! That makes you one for making a blanket statement.
  11. Son of teh Soil
    Local contractors should not be assigned to carry out token mundane works on projects, but they should be engaged in meaningful packages of work. A responsible government should ensure less monies are externalised and retain most of the monies to turn the economy and create wealth! The clowns in government are happy with giving their own people crumbs from the table as long as they get a kickback!
  12. ANYOKO
  13. Kalos2020
    Literally, the so-called President Lungu is complaining to Zambians that foreigners do not care about his rants and ignore him like he was never there. What a shame! The contractors know his weaknesses and have him on a short leash. There's literally nothing he can do or say that will make a difference. Chiwelewele, no one listens ku chiwelewele. Eba Lungu abo. If it was not in the contract, what would Lungu do about it? Breach the contract? Lungu is done. Can you believe this is all can do? The guy is empty. Literally empty. Lungu can chikopo. He can fail a grade 5 test. We need to introduce IQ tests for Presidential candidates. Lungu must be in the 70s. IQ scores: Over 140 - Genius or near genius. 120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence. 110 - 119 - Superior intelligence. 90 - 109...
  14. Kalos2020
    110 - 119 - Superior intelligence. 90 - 109 - Normal or average intelligence. 80 - 89 - Dullness. 70 - 79 - Borderline deficiency.
    • Thorn in the flesh
      Calm the hell down and comment like a bloody human. The mumble jumble above sounds like kid-talk entangled in a web of political naivety. Kindly pull yourself together and begin thinking and yapping like a person. Remove hate and jealousy, I assure you that you will begin to sound mature and sensible. Stop hurting.
  15. Bufi Tuutu
    Since when did a presidential directive become law? You should first convert the directive into law then take action against those contravening the law! Chapwa...

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