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Lubinda warns Chines Investors; don’t come Zambia to sell chickens, Salaula and take small businesses

Justice Minister Given Lubinda

CHINESE investors should not come to Zambia to sell chickens, salaula and take over other small businesses meant for Zambians, says Justice Minister Given Lubinda.

And Mr Lubinda said Government was aware of some Chinese who had continued to stay in Zambia even after their residence permits have expired which compromised the bilateral relations between the two nations.

He was speaking when the Chinese ambassador to Zambia, Mr Li Jie paid a courtesy call on him at the ministry.

“Investors should come to provide jobs and build the economy beyond what the Zambian people can do, and not come to Zambia to sell chickens and roast maize,” Mr Lubinda said.

He said the two countries had enjoyed great bilateral relations spanning decades, but that there was need for the people to engage at personal level other than just as states.

And Mr Lubinda said his office had received numerous complaints over the quality of products imported from China.

“There is need to maintain quality economic existence in terms of goods and services between our two countries by encouraging genuine products to enhance the cooperation,” Mr Lubinda said.

And the Chinese ambassador hailed the bilateral relations between the two nations, which he said had extended to all sectors of the economy including infrastructure development through its numerous companies engaged in construction.

Mr Li assured the Justice Minister of continued cooperation and support from China on various development programmes across all sectors.

The minister also pledged to continue consultations with the Chinese government on the ongoing legal reforms process.


  1. Jay Jay
    How can you warn them when its you who issues work permits and investment permits...you see the folly in his statement!!
    • Mushota
      Pass a law don't just talk Lubinda. They are welcome in Zambia, but ascertain their terms of conditions. Thanks BB2014,2016
    • Nostradamus
      What can happen if Zambians start selling chickens and cigarettes in Chinese streets? Will Chinese government complain?
    • maloza
      Warning, urging, advising is not enough. Last month 30 South African teachers were arrested in China for teaching English on study permits. Why not arrest Chinese selling salaula, ARV chickens on investment permits? Why not arrest Chinese who are taking over markets from our mothers on investment permits? Why not arrest Chinese cutting mukula trees? State House Land cruisers even escort these criminals.
    • Chanchima
      How does a government minister speak like an ordinary citizen? Was he thinking aloud? Goodness, it's pointless saying more?
    • Victor
      I always see folly in Humpty Dumpty statements. This organization is Bob Marley and the Wailers.
    • MB
      @Mushota Kudos for right thinking comments. You are in new fertile land. Maybe Nick is hitting the right spots.
    • Analyser
      Nick hit the G-spot and scored in the 'world cup'. Well done Nick, 'is it coming home after all'?
      Lungu's administration is really mediocre. They talk like they're not the ones in charge. The laws should be there on the books already that define the terms and conditions of foreigners coming into the country as investors. JUST ENFORCE THEM. Tell the Chinese, if we find you selling chickens and roasted maize, contrary to the terms of your Visa, you'll be arrested and thrown out of the country. How can you be politely telling law breakers to stop doing something, and yet you don't mention the consequences of not heeding your warning? Hello? CONSEQUENCES...that's what makes people know you're serious. Arrest the Chinese who have no proper documentation and kick them out... instead of just spouting empty words. Remember China is one of the most strict countries in terms of...
    • FuManchu
      Blow the whistle on Lubinda for being off-side! Is it his ministry to talk commerce and investment? And the minister responsible for commerce is sleeping somewhere as Lubinda trespasses!
  2. JourneyMan
    If results could be achieved simply by talk, PF would have sparkling results. If you look at the number of pronouncements, proclamations, policy statements and even Statutory Instruments they have issued, they must be in the hundreds. But results are zero. Because we have lazy, incompetent, dishonest people at the helm. Any way as they say, "you dug your hole, now sleep in it". We are reaping what we sowed as a country. Until we change our thinking and priorities, we are doomed to this kind of leadership
    • Jay Jay
      The lazy dingbat Edgar would rather go and tour burnt out markets that he caused...if Lazy was a serious man which he isn't he would have instituted a commission of inquiry for those previous fires, then implemented the recommendations but all no..he is too dull for that!!
  3. DJ7
    Lubinda u are exposing government incompetence. Any foreigner person before coming into a country should apply for a work permit. So if a person has been given a work permit to sell chicken or salaula. Let him or her do that. Lubinda u are in government, tell us what kind work permits do those Chinese people have? And u as a minister u should not come to papers and say what you have said. Go to parliament and address that issue there. U seem to suffer from identity crisis man.
  4. Nzelu
    On this I implore Lubinda. Where is the ministry of Labor? Is that not the ministry that is supposed to be handling this? Please don't tell me there is a dull chap at its helm.
    • Eye-of-Horus
      Talk is cheap. What would be good is the government acting on it. Remember PF found themselves ruling our country on the premise that they are action-oriented type of people.
  5. B.Ngosa
    Mr. Lubinda Sir. You yourselves have allowed Chinese relocation and resettlement disguised as investment. All this has happened right in front of your eyes and your fellow leaders. What a shame! Clear lack of wisdom and foresight. Please walk the talk. No wonder Africa will continue to remain at the tail end of global economic development.
  6. Trigo
    Not all Chinese that come to Zambia are investors others are workers to Chinese companies and local companies and on contract but when their contract finishes they want to remain in Zambia and their is nothing wrong with that. What the government needs to do is to have polices and laws to help people in such situations. Especially laws to help people with some of the skills and talent they have to use them in the country and give them a visa of such nature when they qualify for it. Even small business they can ran it now will depend on the needs of the nations. E.g small business that manufacturers electrical and electronic goods in respect to what the country needs. E.g adapters, power boards etc. They can sell chickens as long as they are helping to meet a shortage of chicken in the...
      Trigo, you don't know what you're talking about. The Chinese who come with contracted companies should be issued a non immigrant Visa. And once it expires, they should have to leave the country. If Zambia allows what you're suggesting, all kinds of fake companies will begin to pop up, to be used for bringing more low skill Chinese into the country. Remember China is trying to create space in their country by exporting some of their people. And Africa has been targeted as a great destination because the African politicians have proven to be corrupt, dumb, and stup1d enough not to realize what will happen to Africa in the near future if this trend continues unchecked.
  7. Trigo
    Cont...shortage of chickens in the country. However, when our locals are able to meet that target our laws and polices can be amended to suit needs of the time. Meaning if we were accepting Chinese to have small business to produce and sell chickens at that time when locals meet the target they will no longer qualify however, new areas will have to be viewed and see where foreigners with particulars skills and talent can qualify in and can be given visas for that.
  8. loud and smart
    @Mushota. Excellent point. Take a leaf from Ghana which deported dozens of Chinese for illegal mining activities and maltreating Ghanians.
  9. Super Delegate
    Why do yo keep renewing their trade licenses? Weak Zambian institutions are tp blame because they don't closely monitor the Chinese activities. I guess corruption has become the surname for Zambia. Shame!
  10. Razor
    But that's double standards. On the one hand you don't want them in small businesses but on the other hand you are encouraging them by giving them licences for these businesses because you are saying competition is healthy for a free market economy.
  11. Eye-of-Horus
    Who’s fooling who?? Talk is cheap, sign it into law. People easily forget a simple “warning”, but the law stands.
  12. kubweka
  13. Harold Muna
    After welcoming 'investors' willy-nilly, left-right and centre, the government now pretends they don't know what has been going on and issue the usual useless 'warnings'. In any case, this should be about policy, processes, respect of rules, regulations, procedures and laws. Nothing to do with whether those involved are Chinese or otherwise. Lubinda himself should explain government policy on investors, issue of permits (and for what purpose, including criteria) and how all this pans out in relation to local industries and Zambian entrepreneurs.

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