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President Lungu at a Rally in Eastern Province



  1. Jay Jay
    There is Lazy Lungu ...on a 3 working visit to Eastern Province...my god these are truly wasted years....what govt work are you doing you dingbat? The economy is in freefall and all the Head of State does is campaign for the next election, he has never held a press conference or public addressed any scandal not even one.
    • Nostradamus
      This is depressing. It's like marrying a mentally disabled person for sake of sympathy. Then later you realize all her mentally friends moved in house, and you pity to vote them out of your house.
    • Sharon
      Lazy bum insolent tribal online chairman of the Mapatizya Formula wing of the Tribal grouping and son of a polygamous tribal Hatribes United Football Club spilling insults at the Head of State! His Childish is as jealous as his little boy.
  2. surpised
    Zambia is full of traitors, very very low literacy levels. Shocking scenes especially during the national anthem singing people raising PF fist and talking and walking about. Country should be above dirty and cheap politics.
    • Jay Jay
      The country has gone to the dogs and is in moral decay...the President's top priority is campaigning even when he has overall majority in Parliament...we elect leaders to come in and campaign for the next election
  3. Sharon
    HH has gone to the dogs with Mutinta and Charmaine and Larry Mweetwa. When they went there they began eating Mabisi with cold dogs! Is it hot dogs?
  4. Truth must be told
    This time round Easterners should demonstrate their loyalty and love for ECL. They should emulate the voting patterns in Southern Province - don't be shy. Send a clear message to HH and GBM that they will not divide the people of Eastern Province.

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