Miles Sampa has been officially installed as Lusaka Mayor

Vice President Inonge Wina congratulates Miles Sampa shortly after being robbed and vested with Mayoral Chain of office during the Installation ceremony of His worship the Mayor of the City of Lusaka at Nakatindi Grounds

Mr. Sampa took the Oath of Office, which was administered by Lusaka Magistrate David Simusamba at Nakatindi ground within the Civic Centre.

And Vice President Inonge Wina, who witnessed the Installation Ceremony called on Mr. Sampa to come up with income generating activities, that will allow the council to pay its statutory obligations.

The Vice President said Lusaka has the capacity to raise enough money and run its affairs.

Mrs. Wina also urged the Mayor to ensure the demands of the people are meet.

She said Mr. Sampa is hardworking and people in Lusaka will benefit from his experience.

Mrs. Wina said the issue of integrated planning, sanitation and solid waste management should be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, the Vice President has disclosed that Lusaka is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa with the huge challenge of urbanization.

She said there is need for integrated development planning to curtail important issues such as HIV/ AIDS which comes with urbanization.

She explained that Lusaka is one of the initial 13 global cities that is committed to ending HIV/AIDS by the year 2030.

She noted that the City signed the 2014 Paris declaration to fast track the response to ending AIDS by 2030 and achieve the UN-AIDS 90-90-90 global targets by 2020.

And Speaking earlier Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa urged all stakeholders to ensure that Lusaka is transformed into an economic hub.

He said for the council to provide social services it must be run like a business enterprise through the promotion of public-private partnerships.

Mr. Sampa said the council is in the process of decentralization by establishing Mini-Civic Centers in all the seven constituencies, in line with the government agenda.

He said the devolution process will save residents time and money from moving long distances to come to Civic Centre when they can access these services from within their vicinities.

The Mayor said construction of the Mini-Civic Centers will spur the creation of jobs for most unemployed youths in the city.



  1. I fear we are treating this Mayor election with more credit than it deserves.

    certainly the last Mayor didn’t get this much attention.

    96 Days to go Miles! The clock is ticking from the 100 days.




    • Good luck in your new role Mr. Mayor.

      You have had quite a few chances handed to you on silver plates thus far, but you let yourself and others down. As the saying goes…”everyone deserves a second chance”…in your case Miles, this is probably your 9th chance, and possibly your last.

      I therefore hope you take this role seriously and do something positive for the good people of Lusaka.

      Fulfill your campaign promises. Otherwise you will be a failure in …95.5 days.

      Tick Tock!


    • This will go down as one of the worst days in our country’s history. This should be a day of national mourning.


    • Good luck building high rise graves and digging up those who have been dead longer than five years. Anyways, you have time, 90 days is a lot.


  2. The prodigo son miles sampa. You were lost, now you are found. Now you are dressed in a loyal goun. GBM learn a lesson before UPND make you bankrupt!!!!


  3. An enviable ceremony! @Mushota, the late Wilson Kalumba’s installation was shrouded in presidential and general elections in 2016, shortly after UPND petitioned the presidential election. So the hype wasn’t there compared to Miles’ insatallation emanating from a by-election. The national focus is on mayors installation, hence the attention you have refered to.


    • UPND cadres drink bitter herbs for breakfast, bitter herbs for lunch and bitter herbs for supper. They also perform chants to their god Hakainde, the Three Mansion owner of Namwala. They sacrifice to the god of lunacy daily and their confusion comes out in their tribal coded postings! They are embittered by the bitter weed they take from Hatribes lands.


  4. What he promised to deliver:
    i. Establish a 24/7 toll free call centre; ii. Decongest traffic on Lusaka roads; iii. Introduce free WI-FI in bus stops, public places, airports and train stations; iv. Introduce town hall meetings;
    v. Provide title deeds to all house owners in Lusaka;vi. Provide conducive markets and trading spaces;
    vii. Make the local authority financially viable;
    Now we are hearing: integrated planning, sanitation, solid waste management, establishing Mini-Civic Centers and running the council like a business enterprise.
    Clueless not knowing what the LSK people need, today or tomorrow. Very bad.


  5. I think the second wife of HH could have won this! They should have tried her. Even the first wife Mutinta could have beaten Miles.


  6. @Sharon. you are a bitter jealous person hating a fellow human being for no apparent reason.


  7. The same recycled thieves are purpoting to be leading you and then you wonder why your standard of life is deteriorating. It is clear that many zambians have got to the point where they believe that things will never change. They have therefore decided to just give up and this is shown in the high voter apathy. The only inevitable next step is a widescale revolution to wipe away the whole rotten structure that has been used to continuosly subvert the people’s will. The upnd is the only party that can facilitate such a revolution and we will soon begin to do the ground work. we thank you


  8. Congratulations. You should introduce workers to be picking pampers in the city more toilets bins And watering the gardens in the city perpars


  9. 100 Days Starts when he is Officially in the office minus weekends. Not counting when he is getting installed. No. Lets wait see. Critisize him after 100 days in Office, not before.



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