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Zamtel introduce toll free lines to curb abuse of govt vehicles

General News Zamtel introduce toll free lines to curb abuse of govt vehicles

Zamtel CEO Sydney Mupeta speaking during the commissioning of the communication tower in Dundumwezi
Zamtel CEO Sydney Mupeta speaking during the commissioning of the communication tower in Dundumwezi

Zamtel in partnership with the Ministry of Works and Supply has launched a free call Centre service for the general public to report any suspected abuse of government motor vehicles , toll free.

Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta believes the development will help the ministry to control the abuse of government vehicles.


The new free call Centre has a capacity to handle over 45,000 calls compared to the current one which has a paltry 16,000 capacity. .

Speaking at the Zamtel Call Centre at the show grounds yesterday, Mr. Mupeta explained that apart from the services the mobile provider is currently offering, the company is with the help of the ministry of works and supply going to build more digital services that would ensure that government vehicles are only used for the intended purpose.

He said, “ real time management of transport will go a long way towards reducing costs towards reducing the GRZ fleet.”

And Minister of Works and Supply Felix Mutati said the call Centre of 3003 will go a long way in eliminating waste of public resources particularly to the misuse of government transport.

Speaking at the same Centre, the minister revealed that 2.1 billion kwacha has been spent in 2017 which is more than enough to replace the entire fleet of government on a yearly basis.

“ At the moment government is sitting on over 12,000 motor vehicles hence the need to bring about regulation on the use of government vehicles, “ said the minister.


The compliance levels , the minister said, will be increased by the involvement of members of the public whenever they observe abuse of the vehicles as the move will be a sustainable way of continued control of the use of government motor vehicles.

Mr. Mutati also disclosed that the number of civil servants who have applied and registered for competence and have been issued with competence certificates has increased to over 1000.

Furthermore, the minister stated that over 120,000 kwacha has been collected for various fines and penalties for the offences committed while over 500 motor vehicles were inspected and consequently impounded 112 a move he said has reduced levels of accidents by 60 percent in the country.

Mr. Mutati revealed that the difference compliance measures put in place has enabled K395 million to be saved which will be channeled to various deserving sectors.


  1. We live in a nation of ignorance. 12,000 vehicles at an average cost of say K250,000 or USD 25,000 (that is the lowest price infact) = K3,000,000,000 or USD 300,000,000 that’s 3billion kwacha or 300million USdollars then add to that the annual cost of fuel and maintenance which has been mentioned at 2.1billion Kwacha gives 5.1billion kwacha spent on govt vehicles which is half a billion US dollars.

    • Ctn… So few will comment on such an important subject because the majority are truelly ignorant and more concerned with petty politics. Even the so called opposition are occupied with nonsense and fail to address such issues. I’m on record for always bringing the issue of the Govt’s love of luxury SUVs as a obstacle to true development. The funds spent on these vehicles which add no value what so ever to the nations well being is something that pains me greatly. All these expensive cars do is feed on the oalrwady overgrown egos of the underperforming officials be they govt or even opposition MPs in parliament.

    • Ctn… However in reporting the abuse of these vehicles it should be noted not all Govt vehicles have GRZ plates. Some have ordinary civilian plates. The ministry should see to it that those that don’t have GRZ plates should then have stickers indicating which line ministry they belong to, so many govt vehicles are being driven as private vehicle due to this lack of proper labeling.

    • This is were we should start with the so called austerity measures..expenditure on vehicles is too high….in zambia we have 2 problems ,wastage and coruption….

  2. Ctn… I for one thank both Felix Mutati from and Zamtel for at least making an effort in the right direction to reduce the costs incurred as a result of the abuse of these vehicles. However it is important to note that our so called donors and cooperating partners IMF and World Bank etc failure to raise both the lunacy in our purchasing of these expensive vehicles and their rampant abuse as an issue shows how they are not interested in seeing us overcome our challenges of abuse of resources.

    • Ctn… Tanzania, Rwanda and Botswana are good examples of how to cut unnecessary expenditure on these vehicles. Botswana makes it a rule that no govt vehicle should be a personal to holder vehicle all vehicles should be parked after working hours. Tanzania and Rwanda have stopped the purchase of expensive luxury SUVs for more reasonably affordable mini buses and cheaper sedans such as Toyota Corrola. They have retained the use of utility vehicles such as the Toyota Landcruiser trooper carrier strictly for use in rural areas

  3. Members of Parliament who are given vehicles to purchase for use within their constituencies should also have those vehicles labeled as they were given solely for the purpose of use within that constituency. If an MP is abusing the use of that vehicle by always using it to visit lodges, bars, night clubs or even to go to his farm let that MP be reported. Let’s be serious with life bane how else will we develop?

    • Look at the presidential escort vehicles very expensive, while the district offices, from all ministries, don’t transport to monitor projects. Most of the vehicle on the road is that road unworthy from districts and the officers work even the weekends and then subjected to unnecessary checks. I hope the free toll line will be utlised for the benefit of the nation.

    I would believe this Governments was serious, had this been Campaigns, or 2021 Chakolwa nafuchi nafuchi drive, as that’s the only time I see P.F proactive, apart from stealing state resources of course.

  5. Well, this the type of Zamtel that we have now which really fights hard to impress government instead of fulfilling its real call. Meanwhile Zamtel’s own resources are being abused on a daily basis with impunity.

    • 2020VISION, I salute you for including the opposition party leaders and membership.They dwell too much on unproductive arguements centred on becoming presidents.Our so called main oppostion party opposed the creation of new districts,but participate in the election of civic leaders of the same districts, just imagine, unless people have forgotten, the opposed the re-basing of the Kwacha. They gave a lot of implication if the Kwacha was to be rebased. Thank God the late MCS went ahead. Unfortunately, the Governor of BOZ was replaced as soon as the new confused came to power.2020VISION, tell this opposition party to constructive in terms national development as opposed to personal development,”Now I am the president”.

    • This is a government businness concern, please. That is why we don’t progress because we want to do things in our own way as opposed to the organization’s policy guidelines.

  6. Why not a toll free line to report corruption in govt depts….anyway Mr. Mupeta is an engineer not a business executive merely hand picked to bootlick and let politicians continue using Zamtel as a blank cheque!!

    • This is a retrogressive comment! Who told you that engineers don’t have courses in their programs relating to management and leadership! In addition, one who becomes a leader of an organization read a lot about management, financial management, and budgeting.We must be progressive in our criticism!!!

  7. Good development the problem with most Zambians is that we believe stealing ,corruption and misuse of resources is normal stiffer penalties of those caught should be imposed now we need a crack down on government officials I don’t know how long people have been calling a an audit of our officials . This is the only way of returning peoples confidence in current government .

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