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PF picks Sensio Banda for Kasenengwa

PF Leadership introducing their party candidate Sensio Banda

Ruling Patriotic Front Party adopts Sensio Banda as their candidate in the forthcoming Kasenegwa Parliamentary By-Elections.

The Campaigns will be managed by Chipangali Member of Parliament Vincent Mwale who is also MCC in charge of Local government and Housing.

Mr. Banda stood as a Kasenengwa Constituency candidate on the Rainbow Party ticket in the 2016 general elections but lost to the PF’s Victoria Kalima, who passed away in June this year.

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila announced this during a news briefing at the PF secretariat.

“The Central Committee met this morning to consider adoptions for Kasenengwa Constituency and five other local government by-elections to be held on 6th September 2018. Following extensive deliberations, the Central Committee considered the 17 names of aspiring candidates who applied for Kasenengwa Constituency. I wish to announce that the Central Commitee today has adopted Mr Sensio Banda as the party’s candidate for Kasenengwa Constituency,” Mr. Mwila said.

“We are aware that some opposition parties are waiting like vultures to entice those who have not [been] adopted this around. The Central Committee holds the view that none of those who had applied but not adopted is for hire. These are distinguished men and women and we invite them to come on board and join the campaigns to assure and ensure victory in Kasenengwa Constituency and five local government by-elections.,” he said.

He said the PF Central Committee believed that 16 others who were not adopted would remain loyal by “understanding that there can only be one candidate at any given time.

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  1. Mzambia wa Zamani
    Endless electioneering and 24/7 politicking are seriously hurting Zambia's nation building and productivity.
    • Mushota
      So this man nanda was previously rejected by this constituency and somewhat because of death and his diversion he is being forced to become their adopted. Unimpressed by all the shenanigans of PF here I’m afraid. Thanks BB2014,2016
    • Vyakusi Vinu
      @ Mushota ...For PF to pick the rejected candidate probably they know better about the man.It could be that he gave them tough time that he won the previous elections but being government who knows they would have rigged the elections.
    • charles
      Iye imwe. Can the british come back and rule us for just 20 years and put out this rubbish called zambian politics out. This Zambian politics is more a religion than actual politics. People are worshiped and it is really bad. everyday in Zambia it is complaining, politicking, ukupia. Call someone in Zambia all they say awe mwandini ifintu nafishupa kuno. It saddens me to see this kind of id!otic behaviour in our political arena.
    • Jay Jay
      Another minister picked to manage a Parliamentary election campaign...surely dont these people have work to do in their ministeries?
  2. Pompwe Republic
    Democracy is the worst form of governance for Africans! Everything is in Dununa Reverse! PF has been stealing in the name of elections. They syphon money from parastatals to finance their expensive campaigns and the simple impoverished masses dance their brains off and don't see what is going wrong! A look at the price trends between December 2017 and June 2018 is quite frightening! Prices have more than doubled in a small space of 6 months! Zambians lack Perception and Analytical minds to make independent assessments! They are happy to go with political pronouncements! Sadly Zambians only wake up when their Economy is beyond repair!
    • RiggingPF
      A Zimbabwe Electoral Commission District Elections Officer for Mashonaland West has allegedly resigned from the commission claiming that he participated in an election rigging process which he now regrets. A yet to be verified copy of the resignation letter submitted to ZEC is as below:
  3. True Zambian
    Okay now that the PF and UPND signed a peace accord. Let there be free campaigning in Kasenengwa i.e. everybody should be free to hold rallies as long as they have a police permit and there should no interference in the counting of votes by cadres. There should be no selective justice by the police.That is when this government will restore confidence in the electoral process.Otherwise ba PF twalimisula ukukamamo na menshi.Echo twalekela noku vota
  4. Alexander Saimbwende Mushala-North Western Province
    "IF I LOSE THIS ELECTION THERE WILL BE ARMEGGEDON" Says HH. Another embarrassing and devastating loss for the tribal grouping UPND is looming in Kasenengwa bye election. UPND's popularity in eastern province is again put to test. Looking at the grudge and hatred that HH holds against the easterners I don't think UPND is going to perform any better than they did in 2016. The losing trajectory for UPND apparently will continue beyond 2021 provided the same leadership is at the helm of the party. This leadership has terribly lost elections since 2006 and there is no way they can turn things around today and in 2021. People are tired of this party for its political impotence and strategyless leadership.
    Another public holiday come 6th September 2018 we the people of eastern province request that 6th September 2018 be declared a public holiday so that we turn in numbers to vote in the Kasenengwa by-elections.This is the only way victor is assured. We should not let the opposition grab this seat. lets honor Victoria even in death by ensuring that the seat is returned to the PF God bless ECL Long live ECL!!!
  6. xFactor
    Now let's see the drama from UPND Camp. As usual they will not listen to the local people, but whom HH and his cahoots chooses. Unless, they have taken a big lessons from the two last defeats.
    • KATANA
      For your information, HH does not choose candidatesUPND is still having primaries to choose the people's choice.
    • Sharon
      They are looking for a "Thief" to redeem the tribal curse and tag which haunts HH and Larry Mweetwa!
    tHIS SEAT IS GOING TO UPND, PF have lost it by choosing a rainbow defector leaving loyalists like ben, zulu, etc infact can you avail the list of applicants. This SENSIO just yesterday was in rainbow we dont even know when he joined PF what of PF loyalists??? KASENENGWA REJECTED HIM just recently, what is new NOW he must have oiled some pipo to get this adoption at the expense of loyalists. MUSHOTA HAS SPOKEN TOO
  8. Mulenga Mwamba

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