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UPND’s Parliamentary Candidate for Kasenengwa Vanishes on Nomination Day


UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka

Only three political parties will participate in the forthcoming Kasenengwa Constituency parliamentary by election after UPND and NDC candidates failed to file in their nomination papers.

Only candidates for the PF, PAC and UPPZ successfully filed in their nominations papers today.

UPND adopted Parliamentary Candidate for Kasenengwa Constituency Dr Faustin Sitima Banda disappeared despite getting the adoption certificate yesterday.

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka told journalists at the Party Secretariat that the NDC Chilanga parliamentary saga has now hit the UPND.

“The enemies of Democracy are at it again. Just like what happened to our colleagues from National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Chilanga, our candidate Dr. Faustin Sitima Banda has disappeared after getting an adoption Certificate and campaign materials for the Kasenengwa by-election. We also gave him cash, which money he has disappeared with”. said Mr Katuka.

He said Dr Banda was UPND candidate in 2016 election and he proved a stable person and this can be concluded that something is wrong somewhere.

He also said his phones are off and no trace of him anywhere.

“It’s our prayer that he remains safe and protected,” said Mr Katuka.

He also said that he strongly thinks that Zambian people will now understand the position of our competitors which has been characterised by price tagging on people and buying them.

“To our members, take heart our environment is filled with corruption and intimidation and the weaker ones will give up but the strong ones will always remain fighting for the just cause.” said Mr Katuka.

Meanwhile, the UPND managed to successfully filed in its five Local Government candidates in Northwestern and Western Provinces, respectively.

Dr Faustin Banda, an Engineering Lecturer at the University of Zambia (UNZA) was the Party’s Kasenengwa parliamentary candidate in the 2016 General Elections.

For the NDC, the party will not participate in the Kasenengwa parliamentary by election set for next month after its preferred parliamentary candidate Sensio Banda was allegedly bought off by the PF.

Mr. Banda has since successfully field in his nomination under the Pf.

NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge said up until five days ago, Mr. Banda was a bonafide member of the NDC.

Mr Musenge revealed that Mr. Banda sat on the select committee of the NDC that has been tasked to draw up the party manifesto.

“The party is deeply disturbed by attempts by the Pf to cripple the opposition in the country. This is the second time that the PF has bought off a prospective electoral candidate from the NDC,” Mr Musenge said.

He warned that the country is slowly drifting into a one party state going by the recent attempts by the pf to kill the opposition.

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    • Thorn in the flesh
      ONCE AGAIN IT'S ADVANTAGE PF. =========================== They are definitely in this virtually unopposed. We shall wait until the AWOL nominee emerges from his hiding place. Congratulations PF for gunnering this one as well.
    • Mr Kudos
      Laughable! Laughable! To use his own words, Gay Jay UPND parrot was on an earlier blog post commenting about "International Refugee Law" This cheap cadre gave me the laughs today. What an expert this Gay Jay old man. He's indeed a jack of all trades or more like a jack aS5 morron
    • bantu
      Never in the history of zed has this happened not until PF and Koswe EL came into power, EL is bent of making Zambia a one party state, I am shocked that some foo.ls on this forum are happy with this, We falt for this multi party thing and now one man wants to kill it.
    • kci
      Only two things are possible here. Either the UPND candidate weighed his options and this is a staged disappearance for a party that has been concentrating on winning sympathy that telling the people of Zambia what they do differently and better once elected into power.
    • Jay Jay
      “Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.” ? Spencer W. Kimball Its clear that some bloggers have personal scores to settle and through insults even when its off topic.
    • Munsha Kimbala
      The conduct by Dr. Faustin Banda amounts to dishonest unworthy of his level. A man who holds a doctorate degree is expected to be of high level honesty and integrity. For him to behave in the manner he did is quite disgraceful of him as a high level intellectual and academician. For UPND they should report him to the Police for cheating and obatining money and goods by false pretences. The PF has also proved to be shamelessly corrupt. Corruption seems to be in their DNA. They are destroying democracy instead of promoting it.
    • Yambayamba
      This is what happens when political party or organization refuses to change or grow. You eventually run out of talented and motivated people to field. UPND has been shooting itself in the @ss by concentrating it's efforts too much at Presidential level and HH. Such that other levels that makes a Party tick have suffered serious neglect. Just look at the rate they are losing their MPs and local Govt officials. This is not a good sign for a Party hoping to takeover Govt. Sata succeeded because he kept growing his party, PF. With HH, the opposite is true. At this rate of decline, it will take a miracle for UPND to take over Govt unless radical changes are made. Changes that include removing HH as party President. Otherwise UPND will keep shrinking until it truly becomes a "perfect...
    • Yambayamba
      Continue.... regional party." Right now they can at least pretend it is not. But soon, and very soon, the few MPs they have from other regions will be wiped out. Good luck folks!
    • Mbili Yakale
      @kci, I agree with you. This must be a staged disappearance, considering Katuka's comment over the Lusaka Mayoral elections. They know what the result will be and have staged this to avoid further embarrassment.
    • Nostradamus
      I am 100% that Faustino Banda read my comments this morning that there is no way 1,300 worth votes compete with the 22,000 votes. Blame UPND secretariat, I think it time to change the secretary generals too. Why even Mucheleka joined UPND, just to add Bemba tribe numbers? UPND should get Charlotte Scott, Dante Sandres, Harrington or Deepak Patel to run the secretariat.
    • Ndanje Khakis
      Mucheleka joined Upnd because of his hatred against Sata. The man really hated the late president and for what I shall never know.
  1. Lombe
    This type of backward politics should come to an end. Threatening people that they'll lose there jobs and buying them off corruptly is unacceptable
    • Ndanje Khakis
      Lecturers from our universities cannot be fired for supporting a political party. They're different from ordinary school teachers. That man just lost his nerve. Time HH and team sat down to sort their mess.
    • mwansambula kulima
      Lombe there is nothing like buying who. This Banda man has just woken up man!. How on earth your friends have been whacked ngeyalya mani in very recent by-election ati naine apapene. No mune! Wait a minute, don't you think this could be another gimmick by UPND knowing that cannot win and decide to play a blame game early bells before they even start spending money? The materials they are talking about are chitenges bearing HH and GBM portraits and not Dr Banda's portrait which remained during 2016 elections. So no loss on the part of UPND. Its a gimmick these guys have played. Political Propaganda at its best. kikikikikiki
    • Ba Robbie
      #Ndanje Khakis, Mucheleka is not in UPND on his own will. Mucheleka is married to Juliet Kawesha who is a young sister to Regina Kawesha Mulenga. Regina is married to Christopher Mulenga who happens to be HH's good friend and proxy at Grand Thornton. Mucheleka is looked after by his wife and wife's family. He can't make his own decisions. He is hostage. I'm sure he cries himself to sleep every night.
  2. Hamadundu
    The Dr. Doesn't want to dent his name knowing so well that he will lose. If PF is buying opposition members, I think the oppositions can use the same formulae too. It becomes easier to counter your opposition if you know their winning formulae
    • Ndanje Khakis
      Lecturers from our universities cannot be fired for supporting a political party. They're different from ordinary school teachers. That man just lost his nerve. Time HH and team sat down to sort their mess.
    • Jay Jay
      Spot on..politics in Zambia has been reduced to just this ...buying opposition candidates openly with looted money. so much for multi-party democracy!!
  3. Lobyolo
    Willing seller, willing buyer. Your party member, your mess. Don't blame one side. If you can't screen your candidates properly to guard against corruption, how do you proposal to clean out corruption? He's probably sitting somewhere enjoying a cognac.
    • Ndanje Khakis
      Yes. They say it takes two to tangle. All women are proposed to and it's up to the woman involved to respect her marriage and decline such advances. It would appear Upnd don't have data on their membership and as a result they simply go to Katondo street and pick every Jimmy. Remember the Charmaine musonda saga. What was the criteria in picking her?
    • Thorn in the flesh
      The morale in the upndead is circulating in the endgame mode. No real opposition in Zambia as things stand. Upndead was depending on the and trailing PF for lectures before 2011. But when PF sat on the wheel, it's no more lessons for Under5 regional grouping. They have refused to grow. It's tough being opposition.
  4. Malala
    I pray that Dr Banda is safe. If indeed candidates are being intimidated or bought as alleged by Mr Musenge and Mr Katuka, then we are on a dangerous path as a nation. Despite the political party you support, we need our young democracy to grow and a free and fair environment is key.
  5. Tantwe
    UPND at it again. This party never seizes to amaze me. They now brought a lectrurer who has disappeared with campaign material and money. HH should just privatize UPND like did many companies. It has failed and collapsing slowly. The strategy is completely lopsided.
  6. Advisor
    If you want to safeguard your integrity, runaway from UPND. No one would want to continue loosing like HH. On a sad and shameful note, how can a Dr runaway with the political party money? How much was that money? Mr Katuka, you didn't disclose the amount and its difficult to believe UPND leaders nowadays because they like propaganda and you never know when they are telling the truth. The issue of buying opposition candidates by PF is just another propaganda. If anything, HH and GBM can buy everyone because they are damn rich. Unless UPND and NDC members are not morally upright but are just chasing money.
  7. Mpendula Kayaula
    Would PF have to resort to buying an opposition candidate in Kasenengwa? Realistically, did UPND have a chance in the by election?
  8. Advisor
    If it is really true that Dr Banda was bought, then UPND should be happy that they haven't gone all the way by fielding a corrupt candidate. That's accepting a bribe. Already the Dr has run away with chicken change. He can't be trusted with CDF, he will still runaway with it. This leadership crisis in UPND. Their adoption is a mess.
  9. Ndanje Khakis
    Time for jaded HH to give chance to another person. The inclusion of GBM has only improved the levels of insulting and nothing positive. It would be bad to give an abnormal majority to the PF. We need viable opposition not bitter ones.
  10. Gino Latino
    Ati ran away with party material and campaign money, so in short this candidate had no campaign manager for him to handle campaign money and material from the party.only a upnd propaganda infected cadre would believe this silly of a claim from an equally silly and loss infected secretary and party leadership all in one.
  11. Adage
    Unstable Party of Nincompoops and Dunderheads. Some of us had thought this Party was going to change things in Zambia but what a disappointment.
    • B R Mumba, Sr
      @Adage ... I like this!! Permission to utilize without copyright permission requested. Ati Unstable Party of Nincompoops and Dunderheads (UPND) You cracked my ribs
  12. Gino Latino
    Would the candidate have disappeared had the bye election been held in southern province. The NDC,I think true to kambwili's claim that he's been looking for a strong chemical to wash his brain, the man needs urgently to make himself realise that politically he's a disaster and heading nowhere more with the likes of musenge who lost an election to an independent jerabo candidate even when he was a provincial minister where is constituency was located.
  13. Thorn in the flesh
    Disappearing without a trace. This is like a bride vanishing on a wedding day leaving attendants guessing how come. I wonder how the mature MCS managed to pull shots in the political MMD air tight environment. MCS was visionary. He was a genius. He was a political calculator. Political vultures like Wynter, Scott, Kambwili, Mmembe, Geoffrey etc. thrived making themselves look like political heavyweights. Alas they are Zeros. Its either ECL is damn good at his work or the opposition have no options. A political leader must be charismatic y'all.
  14. kci
    If people are interested in solving this puzzle they will start by asking these questions. Is Kambwili PF or NDC? Is NDC a breakaway organ of the PF or an opposition party? If Kambwili does not want to leave PF what will stop NDC members to be ping pongs between PF and NDC? Coming to HH who has gone in hiding following the recent losses, he is the richest man in Zambia and cannot counter offer his employees new job offers. What will become of Zambia if Zambian one day elected the greediest man this country has ever hosted. HH will just sale the whole country and build mansions for himself and not even for his mother. Even the people of Namwala will become home under HH.
  15. Munamwaze
    Adotolo Adotolo am amazed with this dotolo.Indeed money is everything even respected people like Doctors can be bought
    • kci
      There places in this country were even a dying cow can not be sold to a person with a name that does not get pronounced without the letter "H" somewhere.
  16. Jean Bonheur
    Rather than whine and cry "corruption and intimidation", the UPND really ought to thank the good Dr. for saving the party from yet another embarrassing electoral defeat at the hands of the ruling party.
  17. Njimbu
    The song goes on as "WANYEKA MUNZI"...UPND is a house on fire in Zambia today.Everything has gone wrong in UPND.At the pace UPND is being destroyed,only die hard tribalists will support it in 2021!!!Dr.Banda knew too well that UPND cannot win him Kasenengwa seat,so why waste is money and time?as for NDC,they should just shut it up as NDC only exists in Kambwili's and Musenge's sick minds!!!Truth be told,even a rat on PF would defeat UPND,NDC or any opposition party in Kasenengwa now or in 2021!!We have heard that Dr.Never Mumba's MMD has also pulled out of an alliance with Kainde's UPND today!!SO UPND IS IN TOTAL MESS NOW......."WANYEKA MUNZI....!!!I can imagine how HH is failing to sleep!!We cant wait for 2021 to see Kalusa cry once more!!!"GO PF GO!!!
  18. China
    PF is using tricks to win elections just to boost thier egos which is just going to cause more suffering as they don't have a real agenda for the country. It will be nice if they could rig the economy and provide jobs as well which they are drastically failing to do
    • Ndanje Khakis
      China continue with your delusional accusations until 2021 then again you'll be running to the concourt where again you'll miss the deadline.
  19. c200
    China, do you live in zambia or maybe you are in zimbabwe with BITI THEDAI? The problem with such pipo like you and your hh/upnd is that you fail to see thru your bitterness and hatred that zambia is awakening in almost every field. your propaganda ZWD, mast, prime tv have failed to provide you with the true image of zambia.
  20. Pensulo
    This guy is not worthy the position he holds at UNZA. He is fraud and probably even his degree is a fraud. He has defrauded UPND and UNZA must take him to task. The opposition voters are humans too and deserved their voices to be heard, but he stole their opportunity to do so. It’s wrong and I hope he does not reappear anywhere. He should have just refused.
  21. ANYOKO
    Dr F.S Banda hmm.. quite unbelievable as much as i know him he is a stable minded and very intelligent geomatic Engineer with alot of development plans for Zambia and indeed a passion of UPND as a credible opposition. Remember he was 2016 candidate and i met him at the Chassa Alumni after 2016 elections the man was abode and so focused , well lets hear his side of the story. Hope he is safe though
  22. Ms Becky Ford
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  23. Muwelewele
    Here we go again with more Electioneering! Meanwhile, Council workers have gone for two months without pay. All moneys diverted to Bye elections! Keeping workers without pay for months because you want to win elections is really Satanic! How are the affected families expected to survive in this harsh economy? The problems we have as Africans is lack of empathy. When our rectums are full, we don't care and we think everybody else can afford a full rectum! This is madness! No wonder Africa remains colonized and enslaved to this day. Yes, we may have broken the Physical chains of colonialism but the psychological chains of neocolonialism are alive and well to this day! Pay our brothers and sisters you evil people!
  24. upnd cadre
    Lazy Jay Jay, I see that the expose that your no more than a tribal h.h lazyling is now complete....kikikikiki....never thought I would see this day with my intelligent assessment and expose!!
    • Jay Jay
      You are just a simple minded dull cadre who only comes here for nothing but useless issues ...go and engage your fellow cadres in opposition ....same thiing all the time. How old are you?
  25. upnd cadre
    On a serious note Lazy jj, surely you and your tribal h.h underfive even had some courage to field a candidate in Nsengaland? After the insults h.h himself has been showering on ECZ Chairperson simply for being Nsenga? I mean, h.h went raw on his tribalism, publicly mentioning Nsengas, and with chieftainness mukuni in full tow? How on earth Lazy jj and his tribal uncle and god h.h think beats me!!!!!! Guys you are a dying party, cancer has already eaten even your tribal brains now to a point of no return!!
  26. upnd cadre
    Dr Banda probably overheard the upnd officials insulting him in their language when they thought that they were alone, you know how they are, even GBM has heard it by now....Uuhhhmm, explains why Lazy jj knowz that the doctor is safe somewhere.
  27. Zambian Citizen
    Quotes of the day: "Unstable Party of Nincompoops and Dunderheads", "Wanyeka Munzi".....even North Western and Western is regretting supporting the loser party. Is the ruling party buying out candidates and destroying our democracy?? No, truth is PF is doing what they just are suppose to be doing while upnd, ndc and the useless opposition are getting it wrong. When the opposition ideology becomes 'removing Lungu and PF from plot 1', all other democratic ideas and progressive party activities are sacrificed. In the end, ineffective egotistical politicians hijack parties like hh, gbm, kambwili etc. End result: a one party state by default due to lack of options.
  28. Luapula Premier
    BREAKING NEWS! UPND’s Parliamentary Candidate for Kasenengwa Vanishes on Nomination Day and Nevers Mumba ends Alliance with HH’s UPND. Meanwhile, the the Secretary General of UPND strongly thinks that Zambian people now understand the position of our competitors which has been characterized by price tagging on people and buying them.
  29. inchenjeshi
    All this mess is as a result of the Chilanga wrongful adoption. HH you are now paying the price heavily. You have destroyed the party because of your Stubbornness. people talked and advised but did not want to listen. This is very sad indeed.
  30. Ndanje Khakis
    I remember a team in the Zambian Super Division which always blamed the referee each time they lost. One time they won the late Costain Mweemba who officiated the game asked them who was to blame for the loss of the other team. They couldn't answer.
    • Ndanje Khakis
      He's been reported to the police but I doubt if anything will come out of it. He'll simply come up with an excuse such as he over slept like Dr Phiri of PF did.
  31. Menomeno
    Typical of Easterners! They can't be trusted, too sly! No time to be nice here ba UPND! Find the bu$tard and get your youths to sort him out! The bl00dy Judas should not go unpunished! No need to report him to police or to sue him! The police and courts don't exist! No time to waste time trying to be nice to criminals!
  32. me 1
    bare in mind that am not partisan, thanks. now, i am personally getting worried at the level at which our opposition is behaving. (1) the recent mayoral elections in Lusaka, they cried to say there was apathy, the question still remains to say were those that did not vote from the opposition?
  33. me 1
    cont... (2) The appearance of there adopted candidate for Kasenengwa and allegations that the ruling party's candidate came from other opposition party , why should it be blamed on the ruling party? for me each individual with the right senses can weigh the options and see the viability attached to to the other option. the problem am seeing in the opposition is that organisation of there party structures are in a mess due to lack of flow of information from top to bottom and back. so much selfishness.
    I know that some thugs from PF are doing this to destroy UPND party if the party is destined to form government it will one day wait and see you fools and idiotic commentators.
  35. Timothy
    Hope there is no foul play. It time importation of candidates stopped. UPND should have thoroughly investigated this Dr. who has behaved like a lundondo. What a waste of hard earned resources.

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