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Chingola Mayor warns Pastors discouraging people from taking HIV Drugs


Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo has cautioned clergymen that have a tendency of discouraging people living with HIV from not taking Antiretroviral drugs to stop doing so.

Mr. Tembo says the cure for HIV has not yet been established hence the need for all those living with the virus to continue accessing drugs.

He says this is why government is providing enough drugs in various government health facilities across the country.

The Chingola Mayor speaking at the Civic Center during the flagging off of the HIV and AIDS Event dubbed run for your health Chingola free from aids.

And Mr. Tembo has praised Non-Governmental Organisations that are providing easy access of Antiretroviral drugs to the public.

Meanwhile, Catholic Medical Mission Board Dreams Officer, Cecilia Mulenga said her board has enrolled about 200 girls who are currently learning on issues related to HIV and Aids.


    What difference will this make when actually there is a shortage of drugs in hospitals and the market is now flooded with fake chinese drugs.. this is life under pf. we warned you
    • The Real Olivia Pope
      The Zambian government should jail these fake pastorpranuers who keep asking their congregations for money so they can cure their ailments. Unfortunately a lot of lives have been lost due to the folly of these fake healers and their gullible followers.
    • Keleni Mutaware a sumbule!
      The P.F Government does NOT jail these fake Pastors, But enables them as propaganda cheerleaders, & mouthpieces. Have Zambian's forgotten about the thin necked Nigerian Drug dealing fake Pastor, who was arrested@ K.K International airport, with a bag full of Narcotics? All he needed to do is tell dopey Zambian's, "I saw a vision from God showing me Chakolwa Lungu will be President for life, & he will turn a Cholera /garbage stricken Zambia into the Dubai of Africa' Immediately P.F goons tampered with the evidence, & case, & thin necked drug dealing Pastor was set free. THIS IS THE REALITY IN ZAMBIA UNDER A VISIONLESS CORRUPT P.F REGIME!
  2. Keleni Mutaware a sumbule!
    If you are daft enough to believe superstitious garbage peddled by these 'Men of Gold" in this current age of information & enlightenment, then I'm sorry to say you deserve what comes your way.
  3. Ndanje Khakis
    I lost a niece who was very healthy until she obeyed some pastor who told her stop taking the drugs and concentrate on prayer.

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