President Edgar Lungu confers with PF Secretary General Davies Mwila at ZAF Lusaka shortly before his departure to Muchinga Province for three days working visit
President Edgar Lungu confers with PF Secretary General Davies Mwila at ZAF Lusaka shortly before his departure to Muchinga Province for three days working visit

The Patriotic Front-PF Secretary General Davis Mwila says more development is coming under the ruling party as its leader and President Edgar Lungu has committed to delivering development to all parts of the country.

Mr. Mwila said this in the tourist capital at the Livingstone PF Fundraising dinner held at the Road Lodge where he raised two hundred thousand kwacha (K200, 000) for party mobilization towards the 2021 general election.

The PF Secretary General has also called on the Livingstone business community to support the party.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwila has said the PF intra-party elections for all the Provinces at constituency, district and ward level to be held later this year in readiness for the 2020 national convention, will not break the party but make it stronger.

He says the PF is a democratic party that allows members to exercise their right to contest hence the intra-party elections to be followed by the convention.

And Southern Province PF Chairperson, Lawrence Evans has noted that indicators are that people are tired of working with the opposition and now want to work with the ruling party to foster development.

He has since appealed to opposition party members to freely join the PF as it is a party that is delivering development.

And PF Livingstone District Chairperson Sibeso Sianga has said the district wants to ensure that the PF wins the Livingstone constituency seat and wards in the 2021 elections.

Mr. Sianga says the party is seriously preparing for the general election in 2021 to mop up as many seats as possible in the district.

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    • Its so amazing that there are still so many gullible pf00ls still believing this lie. All new development projects were canned by mwanakatwe due to Govt bankrupcy.


    • PF kind of breathing a sigh of relief after catastrophic events in last 8 months. Things getting better.
      You see life without:
      – Mumbi Phiri – silenced after getting more drunk than her president and “insulting” at fundraiser. She got suspended.
      – Kaiser Zulu – has been away after he caused accident in a State House vehicle. We pray for him.


    • The winning party’s hard working SG is incomparable. That’s how they win votes not publishing articles not no head on this podium; party functions and grassroot naturing. Good job Ba Mwila, your party members like your systematic approach to party mobilization. Don’t mind yappers on this podium who don’t seem to know whether they are going or coming. The yUP N Down upndeads. The loser’s den. Yac!


  1. how can these clowns bring you development when they are failing to finance the eurobond they squandered? Zambians can be docile at times. In a fully functioning democracy these clowns would have been hounded out via vote of no confidence. It is time we zambians woke up and got ride of bad elements by force. Sometimes revolutions are the only way to bring about change. My swiss wife is always wondering why zambia is poor and yet so rich in resources. Sometimes I fail to answer her and realise that you cannot defend thieves and thugs. I ask you all to reflect before next election. HH or myself will not suffer even if you vote PF because you are promised things that belong to you. Wake up


  2. Do PF know what development is? Using borrowed money from which they get biggest cuts and brainwash people with 3rd class roads while the standards of living are dwindling by the day.

    A sad story for Zambia, doesnt Mwila see that Livingstone despite being the tourist capital has no roads and looks like a town without leadership!!!!

    Thank you


  3. Patients in Mufumbwe District Hospital are being discharged prematurely because the hospital can only afford i cheap meal per day.

    Women and girls are waking up around 03,00 hours to go and collect water, it gives a good excuse for time to commit adultery. KiKikI …….

    Rampant leakage of examination is now a seasonal phenomenon etc just to mention a few. Shame!

    You mean more development to your families.



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