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Hakainde Hichilema may face contempt of court

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema

A Lufwanyama resident has written to the Office of Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima asking her to investigate the comments made by UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema towards three constitutional Court Judges last year.

Mr. Hichilema at a media briefing at his residence in New Kasama accused Constitutional Court Judges Mungeni Mulenga, Palan Mulonda and Annie Sitali of being corrupt, the sentiments Henry Chilombo claim may amount to contempt of Court.

In a letter addressed to the Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima and copied to the Director of Public Prosecution, Mr. Chilombo said he also understands that Mr. Hichilema was wrong to accuse the Judiciary whilst in South Africa last year of corruption and being under the control of the President.

Currently, Bishop John Mambo and Gregory Chifire have been summoned by the Supreme Court to answer contempt charges laid against them for letters written to the Chief Justice and media statements attacking the judges of the Supreme Court.

Mr. Chilombo said by accusing the three judges of having been paid to throw out the petition, he did not objectively criticise the Judiciary and its decision as permitted by the law.
He asked Justice Mambilima’s office to ensure that this matter is investigated and conclusively brought to an end.

Meanwhile, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) President, Andrew Ntewewe, who said that Mr. Hichilema like any other citizen accused must not be judged from court of public opinion but must be given fair hearing before a competent court of law to substantiate his claims that the three Judges of the Constitutional Court are corrupt, influenced by money and the Executive.

“We have studied the recent complaint against Mr. Hichilema and we believe the complaint raises genuine public concerns on slanderous attacks against the Judiciary, judges, magistrates and their decisions,” said Ntewewe.

Mr. Ntewewe said that while YALI will always stand up tp protect every person’s freedom of expressionas guaranteed by the Constitution, the institution believes decorum, civility and respect of these key institutions is key to ensuring public trust, confidence and credibility.

“Calling judges and the judiciary as corrupt amounts to scandalising the court, which politicians, activists and the public must restrain themselves from doing in order to protect the integrity of the judiciary,” he said.

He said in light of the seriousness of allegations made against Mr. Hichilema by a citizen, natural justice demands that Mr. Hichilema must be heard of his allegations of corruption among judges from our highest court of the land.

“A fair and speedy hearing in which Mr. Hichilema may substantiate his allegations will help clear the doubt in the minds of the public on what Mr. Hichilema termed as deep-rooted corruption among our judges,” said Mr. Ntewewe.


  1. Mpemfu
    We have a corrupt and wicked judiciary. Sunday Chanda went to town to despise Magistrate Zulu last week. Justice Zulu has questioned why the Chief of Staff at State House Dr.Simon Miti was not held responsible in the Kapoko's case when he was PS at MoH at time of scandal
    • Ntaulu
      Such archaic write ups destroy our moral fiber and democracy. Why do you always want to shut up reason? Report Sunday Chanda too if you mean well for Zambia. Who doesn’t know that the judiciary is corrupt in Zambia? The national leadership is rotten to the core starting from State house.
    • RiggingPF
      Start with those that commited "treason" by rigging elections, where are HH's votes? It is alleged, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema won handsomely with a large margin in Kalulushi Constituency but we had to raid the polling station and grab his votes which are still buried at a known place at Kalulushi cemetery, some senior PF officials on the Copperbelt have revealed. The PF officials have revealed that they are ready to testify on how Kaizar Zulu personally phoned them to make sure they did something to make Edgar Lungu and Kampamba Mulenga now Information and Broadcasting Minister won the Kalulushi Constituency. “We are still keeping audio recordings of Kaizer Zulu directing us to do something after we told him that that the PF and Edgar Lungu had lost terribly in Kalulushi...
    • RiggingPF
      Continued - ... PF and Edgar Lungu had lost terribly in Kalulushi Constituency. We challenge Kaizer Zulu and Mumbi Phiri to deny if they never told us to bury Hakainde Hichilema’s votes at Kalulushi cemetery. Upto now we know where the UPND ballot papers are buried at Kalulushi Cemetary. Let the push us too far and we shall bring them out as they are properly secured,” the PF CB officials have revealed. They revealed that from now, they will be telling the nation exactly what they did in each of the constituencies on the Copperbelt as the PF lost in a number of places especially in Chingola and Nchanga constituencies. “After all what we did, now they want to treat us like doormats. We shall see who will lose in this power struggle games in the PF leadership. We were directed to do...
    • RiggingPF
      Continued - ... We were directed to do wrong things so that PF stays in power as Edgar Lungu himself was scared of being imprisoned,” they revealed.
    • umuswema
      You dont needs to have Mushota's PHD to understand that the Justice System in Zambia is rotten to the core. What has happened to Chavula the man caght tempering with the voting documents ;Why has he not been brought before he courts all this time . Why have the scambag ministers not paid back the wages they were taking illegally after parliament was dissolved?
    • Kelvin Mulanga
      Mr Sunday Chanda substantiated his claims people want Hichilema to substantiate his claims too. He cannot make wild allegations withought giving credence to his statements.
    • umuswema
      You dont need to have Mushota’s PHD to understand that the Justice System in Zambia is rotten to the core. What has happened to Chavula the man caght tempering with the voting documents ;Why has he not been brought before he courts all this time . Why have the scambag ministers not paid back the wages they were taking illegally after parliament was dissolved? Who is wrapping these people in cotton wool? The nomad and rotten justice .
      HH low respect for judges and judiciary is what will end his political carear. When people begin to ask him to account for his allegations, he can't hide in the name of Sunday Chanda. He has sued too many people before for contempt and libel. So why must he be shielded by the very judges to substantiate his allegations. Give him his day in court. That's called justice
    • Thorn in the Flesh
      CONTEMPT OF COURT AND DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER MUST ENSUE AFTER DOUBLE H CARELESS MUMBLE JUMBO - RULE OF LAW ==================================================== We do agree that YES the allegations leveled against the judges has enormous potential to erode public confidence to the trio. Yes, also, we should not judge double h in the court of public opinion on this particular matter. He is alleged to have made those statements in a wide public domain. So subject him to a fair trial, as the rule of law demands, so that we also can have an opportunity to learn on how double h caught those judges being bribed and receiving undue influence from the executive. The idea is so that we understand how and, consequently have culprits exposed and uprooted from the system. In America, we had the...
    • Thorn in the Flesh
      ... then candidate, Trump accuse the American Government, Judiciary and FBI of corruption and that they are infiltrated by corrupt elements. He gets away with it. In Zambia, the article sounds like we do have the Zambia way of doing things.
    • Thorn in the Flesh
      AN AMERICAN CASE STUDY - MAYBE SYSTEMS OF THE RULE OF LAW DEFER COUNTRY BY COUNTRY BUT AMERICA IS "THE LAND OF THE FREE", AT LEAST, SO THEY CLAIM. MAY BE WE CAN SPARE DOUBLE H FOR HIS CARELESSNESS AT THE EXPENSE OF COURT INTEGRITY. MAYBE WE'RE BEING PETTY ==================================================== BRENAN CENTER FOR JUSTICE - a New York University School of Law In His Own Words: The President's Attacks on the Courts June 5, 2017 Quote ==== Donald Trump has displayed a troubling pattern of attacking judges and the courts for rulings he disagrees with — a pattern that began during his presidential campaign (and even before), and has continued into his presidency. This threatens our entire system of government. The courts are bulwarks of our Constitution and laws, and...
    • Thorn in the Flesh
      ... they depend on the public to respect their judgments and on officials to obey and enforce their decisions. Fear of personal attacks, public backlash, or enforcement failures should not color judicial decision-making, and public officials have a responsibility to respect courts and judicial decisions. Separation of powers is not a threat to democracy; it is the essence of democracy. Collected below are examples of Trump’s public statements attacking individual judges and questioning the constitutional authority of the judiciary, including his statements on Twitter. It will be updated with new statements. Trump has made a series of tweets and public statements attacking the deciding judges personally, questioning the authority of federal courts to review his orders, suggesting the...
    • Thorn in the Flesh
      ... court is biased, and suggesting that the judges and court system would be to blame for future terrorist attacks.
  2. Chanchima
    We have also heard some people say that HH has built a house or houses for a judge or some judges. It is hoped that people who have made these comments will also be given an opportunity to substantiate them before competent court because they are no less serious.
    Hichilema must answer contempt proceedings same way Mambo and Chifire have been called. No sacred cows when it comes to justice
    • Mbili Yakale
      That letter from the man in Solwezi would have caused HH problems if he had said what he said to ConCourt Judges about Supreme Court. Mambilima and Supreme Court doesn't take nonsense from anyone. Reason why he was not asked to answer contempt by ConCourt is because "some top woman" whose husband is UPND protected him. But mulandu su ola as HH always says
  4. MONDE
    "If Hichilema can insult judges, tell them they are corrupt, and goes without being asked to substantiate himself, why not me" is the reason why there are increases in cases of people insulting the judiciary, judges and magistrates.
  5. JAYD
    For once, can we please live in harmony? No court cases, no name calling. We focus on the economic growth of mother Zambia. Mufwailisha imilandu mwebantu!
  6. Mr Kudos
    New educated zambian upnd strategiest I've been following your requests to partner with my intellect. I agree on one condition that you return to Zambia. Though I know you can only come back after your Swiss wife leaves you Come and save (HH)
      Kiki iwe kunda my wife and i are based in lusaka. We visit europe on holiday to see family etc. I am here for us to engage. You need leave the usa.
  7. marion
    Who gives audience to every Jim and Jack,, certain chaps sentiments should not been given audience cause they are just to shallow,, countless politicians have uttered such statements which can trigger a contempt of court then you categorically pick one, spare this to your dull colleagues,, what criteria is used to pick such a Youth representative?
    • Ububomba Mwibala
      marion That is PF for you.They cant even consult,busy embarrassing themselves.Can a crime committed in South Africa be tried in Zambia?These 1diots,they have an avalanche of Lawyers at Justice to consult but they still go out farting in public.
  8. upnd cadre
    Lazy Jay j, this is your area of operation please handle this while I console your tri.bal head h.h for his dying directionless party.
  9. Kaswili
  10. Chanchima
    Hakainde has been longing for his day in court to demonstrate how those 3 judges are corrupt and we paid by State House to throw out his petition. Reason he was not summoned was that they know he has evidence of corruption by those judges. so bring it on. Keith will defend him.
    • Chanchima
      Just to clarify, I mean the posting at 12. The real Chanchima is at 2 and 12.1. And this is my last posting on LT because someone is trying bring me into court issues I am not interested in. I will continue reading but you have heard the last of me on LT. Bye, bye.
    • Kelvin Mulanga
      What happened to the 14 days he was allowed to present his case? Where was this evidence or was it heear say or social media news? We were all eager to listen, but there is a time frame and a country to develop we cannot wait forever to hear nothing.
  11. Maimwene
    So all ministers will stop work and go and parade at the airport to see off President Lungu to Namibia today.This is despite the world moving from stone age to iron age to computer age and to now digital age. In America not even a Vice President sees off the President at the airport because people take work and the mandate they are given by the people seriously. Here today there will be no work, everbody will be at the airport
    • Mwakale
      They have to pretend to show love to the great leader otherwise they will be called traitors. Most of them go there because they have no choice. Mwanawasa issued a directive to stop such nonsense but the great leader likes attention more than a baby likes her milk.
    • M.M.
      Actually, you are right. For our friends in developed societies, they count time as money, they do not do such thing as escorting the Head of State to the airport. Parading at the airport by ministers and technocrats does not make sense at all. But this is historical. In the KK days, everything came to a standstill when KK was just passing through, going to the airport or returning from wherever he went. The route KK took would be lined with school children and adults alike just to waive at him as his motorcade cruised past.
  12. Chisenga
  13. Kubweka
    Cowards can't drag HH to court for contempt because they know he has evidence of corruption among those judges and it will open the presidential petitions. the justice system knows donors and Patricia Scotland won't allow them to touch HH
  14. The People
    Justice in Zambia favours those with money. If HH was a poor man, he would have been in jail by now.
  15. Gunduzani
    Chalo ichi! maybe this time we shall hear the evidence of how Mungeni, Mulonda and Sitali are corrupt. Reason why ConCourt has low rating and respect is because of this dent of corruption on their heads. So don't be cowards, Keith will defend him and will show how the judges are corrupt.
    We less worried as UPND over this. We got best lawyers in the country to defend mwana mubotu. Those judges grew cold feet when HH exposed them as corrupt coz they know our leader has evidence of how much they got paid by Jonathan Mutaware. HH will never lose this case but show how his election was stolen. Finally, petition is being heard.
    Much as I support HH, I think he was wrong to call the judges corrupt and scandalising them in public and international fora unless he has evidence Keith will use against him. This may be the end of his political journey if convicted.
  18. Razor
    HH will say sorry and this will be history. Don't think British and Americans govts will allow anyone to get HH in unless u want sanctions.
  19. Its politiical..
    Leave him alone He s not factor Why are you building his image Thats why is say PF is a failed project. Intact you don't need lungu to win Just field in Tasila or miles sampa in 2021
  20. Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans
    Malabishi, such an abusive of the court process and time. There are currently people in in the penitentiary languishing waiting for their cases to be heard before a judge... instead of wasting time looking for 15 minutes of firm, you need to petition the Chief Justice to speed up cases. And the proper procedure would be to write to the ACC and petition them to investigate these allegations by HH. Also why are you complaining on behalf of grown up men and women of the judiciary, can't they surmon HH on their own if he slandered them? By the way, it is a wrong 'charge' of Contempt of Court as the cases were already concluded; anyone is entitled to complain about a judgment that doesn't go their way. Maybe try to sue him for slander in a civil case. Again Malarkey, Malabishi!
  21. Chimbwi No Plan
    Appears time is catching up with HH. He has slandered the judges for far too long. Is it because he has money so everyone fears to make him accountable? All our politicians in Zambia don't inspire confidence
  22. Malukutu
    All animals are equal but some are more equal than others. Why is Mambo and Chifire in court over contempt and yet HH keeps telling us that Judges are corrupt, no one is coughing
  23. joseph Mwape
    Very soon we will start running to London High Court and ICC for cases. Uko kulufwanyama efyo mutontokanya efyo. That is why our courts are not respected someone can just rise and say arrest HH for contempt of court. We all know that under PF we are slaves.
  24. Disciplinarian
    HH is a law-abiding citizen. He will go to court to defend himself when summoned unlike some criminals who disobey court orders. We have said this before and we will keep saying it: "We do not know exactly who won the 2016 elections as the right to hear the petition was denied". This will remain a fact whether some people want to accept it or not.
    • Mbili Yakale
      You go tell the EU that they boobed when they observed that the elections were free and fair and that the PF won. In fact, tell all the 2016 election observers that they boobed and if they accept maybe as citizens we can support your plea to reopen your petition. This is my post and not the impostor @ 4.1
  25. Common Man
    I think riches must not be an excuse to run away from facing same liability before Court. If HH called Judges corrupt, let him answer same way others do. He has a mouth to go tell the judges of their corruption, and if he convinces them with facts, he will walk freely.
    A rule that justice delayed is injustice caused applies. What injustice has been caused if HH had been asked to answer contempt charges? ConCourt today isn't on good standing in public eye than Supreme Court because allowed itself to close eyes to injustice, it delayed justice. Today, anyone can write contemptous letters to courts, judges, or make attacking comments against judges all knowing courts wont mind this type of Hakainde behaviour. So i don't blame Hakainde, blame the courts for their silence and LAZ too
    Hichilema is powerful man in Zambia, untouchable, courts can't manage to deal with him. Watch the space!
    • Mbili Yakale
      Zambian law has no eyes for powerful men. Ask FTJ, may his soul rest in peace, ask Rupiah, he is a living witness.
  28. Habeenzu
    Zambians must learn to forgive each other just as Christ freely forgave us all. I vote Hichilema because he is the hope Zambia needs but I dont tolerate his wrongs. As a christian, though, we must forgive each other instead of wanting Mr. Hichilema in jail. I pray the Judges wont summon Mr. Hichilema
  29. Ndanje Khakis
    Please leave the man alone. Don't treat him as an alien. He's one of us. Let sleeping dogs lie. What's the use in harassing the man. Let the judge who was personally insulted by HH sue for charecter assassination if he so wishes.
    PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. 16/08/2018. YALI'S NTEWEWE MUST REIMBURSE DONOR FUNDING AND NOT EXTEND FINGERS TO OUR PRESIDENT. ___________________________ We have noted with dismay a statement by Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) deranged Andrew Ntewewe calling on the Judiciary to cite our party President Mr Hakainde Hichilema for contempt of court following his lawful comments that some judges are not fit to dispense justice in our Country. Ntewewe's uncoordinated reasoning is in defense of PF'S Sunday Chanda who is likely to be cited for contempt of court when he blatantly commented on matters before the courts and basically defending those practising corruption and anchored at State House. Firstly, we stand by our party President that indeed some...
    • Kahwema
      Is this how dull so called UPND leaders are that u can't see that the more u talk about these guys or refer to DFID matters, the more its getting clear you guys and YALI have personal battles and UPND appear to be using British to fight the boys? I don't think you doing yoursekf justice coz it appears these boys were reported coz UPND had insider who didnt like them? Just soften their hearts and dialogue rather than talk about them, they won't stop hitting at u
      I think UPND fighting YALI who spoke well for them won't help them at all. I don't want to see HH cited for contempt but the battle they have opened up with these boys will make UPND even dance more and dance. Liswaniso must understand that silence is Golden.
  31. mbaluso
    This is one way of deviating people from real issues.The economy is paralyzed and crippled owing to mediocrity in its management.Arresting someone will not solve economic malaise in which we have put our nation.This is the time we need the voice of the opposition.The voice has been stifled because of unnecessary arrests which cannot be justified.Dictators will always deviate peoples' minds and attention by arresting opposition leaders.We need to remind them that the economy is on its needs.They need to reduce and eradicate these slavery taxes that they have introduced. Otherwise,the economy is in doldrums and requires a miracle to be resuscitated.
    • Wako ni Wako M0r0ns
      Exactly! This is meant to divert public anger and attention from PF failures like Failure to pay Council workers for over 4 months, Failure to pay suppliers and retirees - all this in the midst of lavish expenditure on VX V8 land cruisers! Pay our relatives first imwe ba mwibila nsala!
  32. KK Airport Cabinet
    who does not know that Zambian judges are corrupt; corruption from the top to the bottom; this Henry Chilombo is corrupt too;
  33. As it is
    On this one, HH has the support of many Zambians . Surely Concourt judgements are always already predetermined and just made to appease the superiors
  34. pink toe
    It was yesterday when the people of Kanyama punched HH in the face when they resigned in numbers to join the PF. The leadership called it a drop in the Ocean but wait until they remain without supporters. Soon even the professional insult bloggers shall quietly start campaigning for PF.

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