Home Videos and Audios Lusaka Province Bowman Lusambo busts illegal roadblock

Lusaka Province Bowman Lusambo busts illegal roadblock

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Lusaka Province Bowman Lusambo busts illegal roadblock
Lusaka Province Bowman Lusambo busts illegal roadblock
Lusaka Province Bowman Lusambo busts illegal roadblock
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    • Jay Jay
      This boy Bowman travels around with his own camera crew? At first I thought it was his own phone...No wonder PF senior officials are wry of him...I mean why should Bowman summon these officers to his office...who is he to summon officers, does he know the separation of powers? These officers can turn the tables on him in court...what we need is a special unit to curb and get rid of such bent officers, you have thousands of school leavers who would give their arm for these jobs as witnessed by the number that applied for the last advertised vacancies. Get rid of the entire Police Command and Traffic officers ...start afresh with better training and better equipment.
    • general Kanene
      Kampyongo and Kanganja should resign, Bowman is doing their job, so we don't need them. ECL can save some cash instead of him begging Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
  1. Kalok
    After that bust they will start moving with fake receipt books. You joke with our Police guys - they have innovation on their finger tips.
    • Ndanje Khakis
      What we need are computer generated receipts fitted in the cars. That way they can only cheat by 15%.
    • Jay Jay
      No where in the world are police allowed to handle cash...all payments should be made at the police station or council
    • general Kanene
      Indeed, you get a voucher and go pay it within a given time limit, via a bank transfer or through other legal payment systems. But definitely, no instant cash payments. Here we have an example of a broken system, which is a result of a broken ..... It doesn't take a genius to realize this is a wrong way of doing things. Bowman is now looking smart capitalizing on other dunderheads.
  2. Love
    It is very unprofessional for him to do that to that officer they are protocols to follow those officers deserve not to be humiliated in public by a minister of all people, yes it too much from these officers but this wasn't right.
    • Ndanje Khakis
      You must be either a policeman or a beneficiary of corruption. How can you support such nonsense. If protocol can't work any other way is welcome.
  3. Nkope Shinyenga
    This is expected in a country which has embraced PENTECOSTALISM! I keep saying and wish to repeat once again that we need to do AWAY with departments/ministries that are dealing in Religious affairs and concentrate on ACTIONS that can bring Zambia to where it used to be - corruption FREE! Indeed why hasn't the same ZP or better still; the so-called OP created another Police within itself to fight such vices? Awe mwandi, bwafya...
  4. Chikamoneka
    I agree with @Love, there are protocols to follow. Lusambo should have involved other authorities. This is simply a show off kind of tour of duty by Lusambo, a nasty strategy used in this case. How much is being stolen by our leaders that doesn’t get revealed to the public? They are millions of kwacha. Zambians need to wake up from slumber.
    • The Skeptic
      Which protocols naimwe....Atase ifyama takomatako.....Protocol ifyabubwa.........Check out the video from Kenya.....
    • Ndanje Khakis
      He could be one of the affected people. ...losing out on the bribes. The protocols you talk about have failed because there is a network involving the senior officers. So what do we do?We call upon Comrade Lusambo to the rescue. Problem solved without your socalled protocols.
  5. Ububomba Mwibala
    Ba Zambia you guys are you real?I thought the Commander in Chief whom Lusambo calls the great leader said "...ububomba mwibala alya mwibala..".This a practical example of uku bomba mwibala.Edgar must fire his Bootlicker for apparently not towing the ububomba mwibala philosophy.What a country,7 years[steps] of PF 20 years[of Zambia] back.
  6. Its politiical..
    Real corruption is being done by big guys. Fire tenders. Road contracts. Fuel procurement Trafigura. That boy is just a publicist.
  7. Its politiical..
    How do you pick a boy from the street and make him a Minister. Is that how you run govt. Hes just embarrassing his boss lungu. Civil service is a system. You dont just wake up and do whatever you dream. Any full can do what lusambo is doing
    • Ndanje Khakis
      Is he not a human being like you? Look down on such people and forget of ever winning an election.
  8. Its politiical..
    The problem is that most bblogger supporting these stunts are pf cadres that have never worked in an institution
    • Ndanje Khakis
      So what is wrong with supporting a party of one's choice. It's called multiparty democracy. And do you know that some of people responsible for this Internet you're using didn't even go to college but utilized their God given talents to develop the world.
    I may not like this guy but at least he's showing how incompetent the Zambian government functions. That police officer is not the only one setting up these fake roadblocks in the country, there are thousands of these issues going on. No one should collect money without a record of payment and these transactions must be computerized for records.
    • Jay Jay
      Its a whole shambles my friend ...her boss the IG and top brass are on Chinks payroll, these officers see Mukula trees being transported by State House...its lawlessness!!
  10. bashinono
    Let he who is not of any sin cast the first stone. I understand that the police were caught red handed, but that is no way to humiliate professionals. PF are the biggest thieves themselves.
    • Just asking
      According to you, Police officers extorting cash from the road users are PROFESSIONALS? Which profession you are referring to? Criminal?
    • Ndanje Khakis
      That's why I feel that some of the problems being faced are from some of the people employed in government but support some opposition party. What Lusambo has done is within law. It's called a citizen's arrest. But someone whose preoccupation is to see government fail so that Kadansa can go to State house thinks different.
  11. Adage
    What professionals are you talking about? Professional thieves or what. And someone is saying there many of them and that woman is not alone. Yes. There are many thieves but they are all not caught at the same time. People are saying Lusambo should leave things to the right people. Which right people? How many people has the Anti Corruption officers apprehended? Who does not know that the Zambia Police are corrupt and there are many other offices that are corrupt. Do we hear anyone tackling these issue. If the people responsible for doing it are not doing let Lusambo do it.
  12. Njimbu
    Well done Hon.Lusambo and please keep it up!!Zambian motorists have suffered too much at the hands of Traffic police officers!!These guys are very corrupt!! President Edgar Lungu should fire Kakoma Kanganja and transfer Kapyongo elsewhere as they have failed to control policemen!! ACC MUST MOVE IN AND LET THOSE F0OLS CAUGHT IN CAMERA LOSE JOBS AND GET JAILED!!
    • Just asking
      What about criminals awarding inflated tenders to the crooks and benefiting from it? Are they exempted or protected by the executive branch of the Government?
  13. Samson
    Very soon law will catch up with CHOMA traffic offincers found on Choma- NAMWALA road and popota road up to popota primary school junction
      And very soon the law will catch up with traffic Police Officers who everyday from 1 to 30 mount up a check point on the mwami - Chipata Malawi Road and are paid 50 kwacha by taxi operators to pass from Mwami border to Town. Bena Chiwaya be alert, don't say I didn't warn you. I will report you to the PS Chanda Kasolo.
  14. Dateline
    Just boycott police activities as these officers are no good to the general public. They are pf cadres wearing a police uniform
  15. Peace Maker
    Bwana Lusambo: Job well done. These Police Officers are fully corrupt and cant even deny you saw it yourself: Shame ba Police even your own children know now who you are: My Brothers and Sisters in the police repent and find yourselves churches to join and start listening from the word of God. We know not every Police officer is bad.
  16. Spy mashra
    A professional is he that has intergrity, the right person for the job is he that practically swing into action and arrest the rot. Well done lusambo you are action oriented and we applaud your determination. Keep it up
  17. Sad Story
    What goes round - comes back around. There are other major thieves in this country least of all to say in the government. What happened was wrong, but equally wrongly handled, never publish peoples faces like that, no matter what the crime. Two wrongs dont make a right - there are right ways and channels of handling misconduct. Again i will say what goes round comes back around, cast a stone if you are perfect and we will know indeed you are not of this world.
  18. madaliso
    You are leaving out ma pompwe ba mushi bila sala..............GRZ top wings.....fire tenders-$42m,the Gen Chimese $62m,RATSA boss $30m.
  19. anonymous
    its not fair guys to blame officers as the most corrupt in the country,corruption has engulfed almost all institutions in our country busting officers like what happened yesterday is not a solution. i feel what is important is for the GRZ to put up measures that will control corruption.actually motorists are the ones that entice officers.
  20. Ladies and Gentlemen
    The motorists who bribed the traffic officers should also be taken to task. It takes two to tango. No hypocrisy here.Is Bowman Lusambo telling us that he has never bribed a police officer before he became a senior member of the MMD and PF? No need to pretend here
    • Ndanje Khakis
      Exactly my thoughts. If all of us refused to pay the police, the police won't be corrupt. There people out there who don't pay fitness, road tax and insurance or even maintain their vehicles or overload their vehicles. These are the trouble makers and some of these are posting negatives against Comrade Lusambo.
    And very soon the law will catch up with traffic Police Officers who everyday from 1 to 30 mount up a check point on the mwami - Chipata Malawi Road and are paid 50 kwacha by taxi operators to pass from Mwami border to Town. Bena Chiwaya be alert, don't say I didn't warn you. I will report you to the PS Chanda Kasolo.

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