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Social media should be free-UK envoy

British High Commissioner to Zambia, Fergus Cochrane-Dyet

British High Commissioner to Zambia Fergus Cochrane-Dyet says the need to regulate the internet should not impede on people’s access to social media.

Mr. Cochrane-Dyet said social media has become an important way of communicating and a platform for free expression of citizens.

He said it is important for governments to ensure that its citizens have access to social media.

Mr. Cochrane-Dyet said the general principle should be that as far as possible, people should be free to use the social media.

The UK enjoy noted that although some elements could use social media to commit crimes, authorities should not implement laws that infringe on people’s access to the internet.

He said social media has proved that it could be a force for good if it is used properly.

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  1. Governer
    Yes we have issues but we did not say UK should come in. we can solve our problems as a monotonous country and UK should go and talk about brexit. dont make us support the government because you are putting your nose in our business.
    • IndigoTyrol
      @Governer Name one problem this government has solved. Do not insult long term friends just because we have now been dragged into bed with rogue countries. This envoy, and other voices of reason, mean well.
    • Bozo
      Fools like you governer are wrapped up in their thinking.You think the people in the majority -80% or so that only afford 1 meal a day and a 30 ngwee daily tax on data that they buy using their hard earned cash on top of other taxes is a small thing,its beyond them just like its beyond your understanding that a diplomat from a country with morals and respect for peoples wellbeing can speak for paupers like you that think muleteka! bunda bwa sebana wikute syndrome.
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    Amen! Not sure why these numskulls fail to understand simple logical things.
  3. edwin zulu
    no no are you , ignorant man or woman you are even hiding your names , lets people in GRZ be serious you donot expose ignorance in public this far at all. Can so called Minister of Transport and Communication resign , as this counter productive or also very criminal and pure lack of thinking . Can this be reversed immediately now now
  4. Spy mashra
    Governer I feel strongly the same. When will these two nation's learn some manners not to haste in meddling into other nations issues? Until we solicit for your authoritative views learn to be a silent observer please at times !!
  5. Mutulang'oma
    Hypocrisy of the worst kind from Britain! You are able to see a speck in our eyes when you have a log in yours. Britain currently is grappling with a looming regulation on social media like fb. There's too much free for all insults against govt officials (politicians) being vented on them through social media. Govt is stuck because they don't know how t proceed. They are reluctant just in case the world concludes Britain wants to clap down on social bloggers.
  6. Kalok
    That formulation of 2011 for the Internet to become a basic human right must be speeded up to implementation so that these clueless guys can sign on the dotted line. That way they will desist from trampling on citizens willy nilly like they are now. Awe mwe...
  7. Razor
    This man will be summoned by foreign affairs now and told off. Then they will use the usual PF stooges to condemn him in all the media.
    These British have become insignificant as they now view countries such as Zambia as zero priority. So all they do is issue out neutral statements. They all lnow that pf is corrupt and stole the election but they would rather turn their heads away because zambia has no oil.
  9. Jason
    If the platform is free, you are the commodity. Indeed many of the social media platforms package up your private life and sell it for advertising revenue. I'm not saying don't use social media, but use it with discernment and ask yourself: "Who profits?"

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