Prince Ndoyi, the ardent critic of the opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his party has seemingly turned his guns towards the ruling PF and government at large as he has accused them of betraying the legacy of their founding President Michael Sata.

The outspoken young politician has taken issue with the never ending introduction and implementation of new taxes which was one of the main issues which the PF spoke against as they kicked the MMD out of office in 2011.

Ndoyi in his latest Facebook posting wonders if whether taxation is the new motto for PF or if that is the legacy President Lungu wants to be remembered for when he lives office.

“There are many questions in the heads of many Zambians. Questions like is this the end of the almighty Michael Chilufya Sata Legacy? Is this the introduction of the Edgar Chagwa Lungu Legacy, and if it is, then this begs the question is this the legacy President Lungu wants to be remembered for once out of office?

“Cadres for convenience purposes today may say its a bit of both, Sata’s and Lungu’s legacies combined. Maybe this is the SMART ZAMBIA President Lungu has been talking about,” he said.

He said President Lungu and his team used Michael Sata’s Vision and Legacy to win elections hence their continued introduction of new taxes is not only a betrayal of his legacy but that the PF was taking advantage of the goodness of the Zambian people who voted for them based on the legacy of the late President.

“Zambians are naturally good people and should never be betrayed by politicians especially those in government. We cannot sacrifice the Zambian people on the altar of revenue collection at the expense of the many exploitative and non tax compliant foreign firm and cooperates.

“Today many mining firms are on holiday and honey moon having the best time of their lives. Worse off the Chinaman whose free and tax exempt at the expense of the suffering indigenous Zambian slapped with withholding tax, borehole tax, internet tax among others,” he said.

Ndoyi went on to warn the PF of the consequences that come with the loss of trust saying “politicians should hold public trust with great sense of responsibility knowing too well that trust is like virginity which once broken can never be recovered.”

He has angrily added that “It is heartbreaking to hear rumors of government buying brand new EXPENSIVE and LUXURIOUS GX and VX vehicles for themselves while on one hand imposing new taxes on the squeezed Zambians. Government should reverse this new tax proposal forth with.”

And Ndoyi has called on the PF party to reorient those have recently joined them.

In an apparent reference to former MMD members saving in Cabinet such as Dora Siliya, Joe Malanji, Bowman Lusambo, Michael Katambo, Vincent Mwale and others, Ndoyi urged the PF to reorient their new members on the pro-poor foundation and policies which won them the hearts of the many Zambians.

Ironically the young politician who is in the MMD, the party which is in an aliance with the PF last week lambasted the ruling party whom he described as enemies of democracy after word went round that the UPND candidate Dr Faustin Banda absconded filing in nominations for the Kasenengwa by election because he had allegedly been bought by the PF. Dr Banda barely a day after going missing has since defected to the ruling party a move that has vindicated the upcoming politician.

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  1. Lungu has not honoured Sata.

    He has brought back all those Sata fired.

    Sata must be turning in his grave.


    • Well said Prince Ndoyi. You know the issue of the 42 fire tenders as much as it is sad is nothing in comparison with the amount of money which govt spends on luxury SUVs. It just baffles me how ignorant most Zambians are on this subject, even our opposition who are meant to cry out on these issues are blind to this which shows we are in serious problems. But how can the opposition cry against this when their MPs are part of the rot Using the money they get from parliament to buy the latest SUVs whilst the roads in the constituencies remain deplorable. Let them burn when God comes to judge them they are all guilty cretins!


  2. Ineffective administrations like the one clueless Lungu is running usually have no idea how to create wealth in the country. Thus the only options they have left are endless borrowing and overtaxation of their fellow countrymen and women. A country that overtaxes its people never achieves meaningful development and never grows the economy. If people have no money to spend, because you’re taking away all their money through heavy taxation, it means businesses in the country will have fewer consumers of their products. And if businesses have fewer consumers, they make less money, will not employ new workers, and will pay less taxes themselves. Eventually, the businesses will begin to close down, and the economy suffers over all. I’m not an economist, but this is common sense. And yet…


  3. (Continued)… clueless Lungu has decided the only way to raise revenue in Zambia is by overtaxing the Zambians–even if it means overtaxing them to death. What a shame.



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