RTSA Chief Executive Officer Zindaba Soko, left, and Zambian Breweries Corporate Affairs Director Ezekiel Sekele agree an MOU on road safety.
The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has called for a meeting with Intelligent Mobility Solutions, the company that has been engaged to manage the speed camera system regarding the possibility of waiving off fines slapped on motorists.

RTSA Chief Executive Officer Zindaba Soko says the meeting which is due to take place on Monday will discuss modalities and iron out concerns by the public.

Mr. Soko admits that the rolling out of the speed cameras was done amidst improper and lack of signage on the roads which the institution will seek to correct going forward.

He says the road agency has since started putting up all the necessary road signage on roads that have speed cameras.

Mr. Soko adds that speed limits on selected sections of roads such as Lusaka’s Great East and Kafue Roads will be upgraded from the average 60 to 80 kilometers per hour.

And Mr. Soko says RTSA may consider reducing the 300 Kwacha speed fine once it carries out a motor vehicle census, an activity which he says has already started.

He has revealed that the Road Safety ACT requires that a census is conducted every 10 years and that no census has been done since independence.

Mr. Soko has told ZNBC News in a telephone interview that the country has 7-hundred and 65-thousand vehicles and that only half are registered with RTSA.

He said this makes it difficult for the agency to re-look at some fines and systems that members of the public are complaining about.

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  1. These guys are jokers ..yet they are paying millions to so called foreign consultants with unknown track record. Soko you are very lucky that this corrupt govt compliments mediocrity and most Zambians are docile.


    • It is just a cheap scheme of making a private company rich using government platform, Rosa, making Zambians pay for those cheap camera which may not even be calibrated.


  2. What qualifications does this Soko have? What is his track record? Where was he before he got this job? He seems clueless to me, every one of his pronouncements does not inspire. Talk about the non-insuance of licence cards. So frustrating that people are paying through their nose but get pathetic services. Remove this chap please


  3. Mr. Soko has told ZNBC News in a telephone interview that the country has 7-hundred and 65-thousand vehicles and that only half are registered with RTSA. what is this in FIGURES ..700,65000 is it?


    • Basically thats not how we write numbers either in figures or words regardless of the grade. Anyoko is right. This number is confusing at whatever level of thinking.


  4. #1 Lazy Jay j, h.h has just whispered to you that his name is Soko? And which region he comes from? Don’t argue, we know!!


  5. MR.Soko of all people shuld have known better on the signage.I would like to have a job like is where you get paid so much money for being dumb!


  6. What a disaster ……to teach those theiving lebanses and lungu , every one should drive at 30mph….lets see how else they will try to skin Zambians….

    How do you put up cancelled cameras without warning ?


  7. Why is our Government relying too much on Foreign advice instead of using our own intelligent graduates and elderly people those who served in UNIP, MMD, even those in opposition. Why always foreigners. Are they the ones to be fixing fees which we are to pay when we offend. One day they will even start even telling us how many times each family should eat a meal per day.


  8. We have contracted a company to do what we are supposed to do and have not even reduced the labour numbers.What will our labour do since the jobs have been contracted?? The wage bill will be the same.?!!!
    We will be giving cash to MtN and airtel after being taxed if you phone through the internet!!!!
    There is an English saying…” A fool and his money will soon depart”. Is nt this what it means?There is money in Zambia and foreign companies are really benefiting from the confusion in our planning.Where are the learned ones to educate us? Kampyongo and Mumbi have done well to keep low. Lekeni abasambilila tubamone uko twalapela!!!!



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