Former Chibombo distict commissioner Barnabas Musopelo tries to talk to his supporters after he was removed at Chobombo district commissioner.
Former Chibombo distict commissioner Barnabas Musopelo tries to talk to his supporters after he was removed at Chobombo district commissioner.

Sable Transport and Consolidated Farming Limited is set to establish a large scale Sugar Cane, Wheat and Soya plantation in Chibombo district.

Chibombo District Commissioner (DC), Barnabas Musopelo said Sable Company has decided to set up an agricultural plantation in the district because the area has comparative advantage in the land suitable for sugar cane, wheat and soya beans farming.

Mr. Musopelo told ZANIS in an interview today, that the company has since acquired over 19,000 hectres of land near the Lukanga Swamps where the plantation will be established.

He said once fully operational, the plantation is expected to stimulate massive employment opportunities, and other social and economic developments in the district.

Mr. Musopelo said over 2,500 employment opportunities are expected to be created for the youths in the district and the surrounding areas once the project commences.

He said livestock farmers in the district are also expected to benefit from the molasses that will be extracted during the production process of sugar cane, which he said can be utilized as food supplement for the cattle.

And Mr. Musopelo said extensive consultations have been conducted with community members who graze their cattle near the project site to ensure that none is disadvantaged in any manner by the development.

He said community members and the traditional leaders have therefore, pledged to support the project because of the many economic benefits it is expected to yield.

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  1. Yes more of this sugar investments , economic growth ,jobs and changing lives and less and less of Lungu ,Kambwili ,Wina etc.


  2. This guy is speaking on behalf of a group of lndian CROOCKED business men that are grabbing land from locals in central Zambia. I can tell you pipo that there shall be no such projects this ‘job seeker’ is talking about. All we shall witness are even more lndians coming into Zambia to open up even more CONNER SHOPS…


  3. WHY GIVE ALL THAT MASSIVE LAND TO ONE COMPANY OR INDIVIDUAL? Why not tell them to take MAY BE HALF OF THAT and the other half left to LOCALS AND OTHER ZAMBIANS FOR OUT GROWERS SCHEMES?? NOT every local person would like to be employed Sable BUT THEY CAN DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!! This TYPE OF THINKING by our leaders of expecting Zambians to perpetually work for others is what will keep us in PERPETUAL SLAVERY and POVERTY!!


  4. Indians have been here since the 1930s. And they were here during the struggle for independence. Their numbers seem to be controlled. They are no threat to Zambians.

    The Chinese however came in only recently. And their numbers are swelling. Soon this land will be called “Zambia the real China”… especially since the Chinese government has its fingers in our pot!



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