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Church irked over circulation of obscene material on social media

ICOZ Bishop Masupa , Catholic Diocese of Ndola Bishop Banda during the Interdenominational Thanks giving requiem church service of President Sata at Parliament in Lusaka on November 10,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

The Church in Zambia has called for stiffer laws placed on the circulation of obscene materials which have characterized various platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

Zambia Council for Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) Director Winfield Kunda says immorality should not be entertained in a Christian nation like
Zambia.He added that all well-meaning Zambians should support the move by government to implement cyber laws in the country.

He noted that people have freedom of accessing social media but should be responsible on how they use the social platforms.
Fr. Kunda added that biblically, God demands for responsibility on moral values and people should strive to follow what the bible
teaches.He further appealed to parents to take keen interest and ensure that their children are not exposed to such offensive materials.

He noted that parents should monitor and inculcate good morals in the children who the future leaders, adding that such materials have a negative impact on the future generation.Fr. Kunda has described the obscene material involving Zambian women as a shame to the country, and disrespect to the women folk.

And Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) Board Chairperson David Masupa said the Church is saddened over the exposure of Zambian women
involved in pornographic videos.

Reverend Masupa said that Law Enforcement Agencies should help the nation by tracking the phone numbers of the culprits who are involved in pornography and those who circulate to ensure that they are brought to book.He also called upon various churches to desist from preaching on prosperity adding that they must shift their preaching to the risks of immorality behavior.

Reverend Masupa said some churches have dwelled so much on prosperity messages that has led congregants to forget about the national moral values.He further noted with concern that some women are exposing their bodies and corrupting the actualization of the Christian national value.

Recently a number of videos of naked women have gone viral on social media after they were promised huge sums of money for participating in pornography.


  1. Auxilliria
    Hasn't the Church heard Amos Chanda offering deep insults. Church, where are you. Is the declaration of Christian nation still in force or it expired.
    • Capable
      How did these obscene materials found itself in the Church Leaders phones?, Or who showed these pictures or videos to these men of God?
    • North Korean
      They say nothing about the immorality of people like Chanda insulting others but when they smell nude pictures they get so excited
  2. DJ7
    Fr Kunda u should preach a good homily in Church and its none of your business what people do after Church. In fact, most Catholic priests don't know how to preach because your preaching is mostly about politics and Pentecostals focus on money. Always encouraging people to plant a seed instead of preaching the word of God. This is why people in Zambia do what they do because they have no good preachers to teach them the true meaning of being a Christian. So the best Fr Kaunda u can do is keep quiet and continue calling your Lusaka archbishop Dr archbishop Banda. This is a shameful title in the history of the Catholic Church ever in Zambia. It's true this Banda bishop is from Chipata. Strange things comes from Chipata always. So Kunda advice your bishop before u advice people...
  3. webman
    Is the ‘Christian Nation’ status irrevocable? What parameters are used to attain the status? Or can someone just wake up one morning and declare that they are a Christian nation? Why then can’t the church revoke this declaration and only reinstate it once the ‘Christian Nation’ conditions have been met?
  4. Mambepa
    With South Africa just around the corner and the USA brought ever so nearer by ICT our priest ought be well aware of the main source of the critical challenges of our time. it's hard to believe the pulpit alone would have the capacity to overcome current trends in the culture onslaught. The same forces have unfortunately infiltrated the church and almost certainly ripped it apart
  5. Razor
    The church leaders talking here are the biggest culprits. By talking the loudest against it they are trying to take the attention away from themselves.
    lungu seats all day in his office busy kup0ny0la fwa fwa fwa watching fima movies. SO what do you expect of the entire nation. the same church chaps are pedos who touch little boys
  7. Higher Taller
    "biblically, God demands for responsibility on moral values and people should strive to follow what the bible teaches." Note that God does not say governments must be in charge of moral values. If God did that then there would be no need for judgment day because government should take responsibility for the immorality of its citizens. judgment day isn't for governments

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