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PF SG expresses deep sorrow over the death of UPND MP

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila

Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila has expressed deepest sorrow over the sudden and untimely death of Honourable Naluwa Mweene, UPND Member of Parliament for Mangango Constituency who died in a road accident at Itezhi tezhi turn off along Mongu-Lusaka road .

Hon Mwila has also sent messages of quick recovery to other passengers who were in the same vehicle with the deceased and are currently hospitalised and nursing injuries.

“The Patriotic Front wishes to send a message of condolences to the family of Hon Naluwa Mweene on his painful demise. We further send a message of condolences to the UPND and the people of Mangango Constituency on this loss. It is with profound grief that we, in the ruling Patriotic Front received the news of Hon Mweene’s tragic death”, Hon Mwila has said.

“In moments of such agonizing pain, it is difficult to give comfort to the family and friends that have lost their loved one. Our thoughts and prayers go to the bereaved family, the UPND and the good people of Mangango. May they find solace and comfort in the bossom of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ”, he has said.

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  1. Peace Maker
    MHSRIP and may GOD Almighty comfort the family together with all UPND members and the country as a whole for this great loss of an MP.
  2. Erigo
    I blames pf for their dirty money they have enticing councillors to defect to pf to the positions known to pf.The blood of the deceased will be upon the people who caused the bye election because the Mp was in his 2 campaigns.Shame upon the councillor for causing this tragedy.
    • Yambayamba
      @dontcare & @Erigo, you two need to grow up. There is a season for everything, this not one for silly statements and childish politicking!
    • Dontcare
      You’re right. There a season for everything and this one is definitely not one for your uncalled for comments. I am just stating the obvious and you are in denial!
  3. Mr P
    @ Erigo grow up boy. Time and chance befall up on US all.lets try to understand why certain things happens . Furthermore,let be one with the bereaved family on this trying moment .May God comfort the bereaved family.
  4. Musonda Kateule
    Condolences to the family no soul can be replaced and congratulations to PF this is another seat won.

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