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Savior Chishimba takes a break from politics

United Progressive People (UPP) leader Saviour Chishimba

UPP leader Savior Chishimba has announced that he has gone a 12 month sabbatical from politics.

Dr Chishimba said he has decided to go on a one year political Sabbatical because the political tension is high.

“Let us love one another and continue to reach out to those in government for the good of all. The country has numerous problems that must be addressed in the spirit of bipartisanship,” Dr Chishimba said.

He added, “The tension in the country is too high. Vitriolic utterances from both sides of the divide (ruling and opposition) are not helpful.”

“Although we tend to wholly blame the governing party in many instances, the language we too use, as opposition leaders, is not civil.”

“Consequently, our good and well intended messages are not taken seriously by the people who are driving the statecraft.”

Dr Chishimba said he may occasionally be available for national duties.

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    • Nostradamus
      Agree with you Saviour. Imagine calling others "imbwa" from a state House phone. Lying to Nation that someone wanted to kidnap him and that's why he is posing with guns. Playing with guns in public is thugish and childish.
    • IndigoTyrol
      You do not have stamina my guy, You have just put the last nail into your political coffin. I fail to understand what has worn you down. Surely it can not be the sermons you give while sitting down? You do not announce "sabbatical" from politics. You do it quietly. Lungu has been on sabbatical since he came into office. He does very little in his job. Now Lungu wants to extend it till 2026. Anyway good luck, and have some rest Sir. Politics is not for everyone.
    • The Real Olivia Pope
      Reading between the lines, Dr Chishimba has been offered a government position. Wait and see!
    • Chilyata
      This guy is a joker. The real reason for hibernating is because you have been paid up by PF. I f your were a real politician you want to go on a sabbatical - you would reflect on what would happen if all opposition went on a sabbatical like you! Actually, nobody will miss you so don't even worry but go well cunt!
    • FuManchu
      @ The Real Olivia Pope that "Dr Chishimba said he may occasionally be available for national duties" gives credibility as to what could be lurking in the vines! Indeed let's await a possible non surprise!
    You know that you can't win young man go well don't come back in to politics or don't join any party
  2. Ndanje Khakis
    What break? Just say that the loss for Lusaka mayor has confirmed that you are not as popular as you thought you were.
  3. Jay Jay
    This boy is lost and sick in the head..he thinks he is Jewish and a human rights activist, freedom fighter at the same time.
  4. Shadreck Biemba
    Use this BREAK to have your head examined at chainama because ififumfumuka mu kanwa kobe, fyumfwikafye ifyabushilu.
  5. Chendabusiku
    There was absolutely no need for your saviour to behave like a Kngaroo by just jumping about and insulting people. You can send home the same point by being sober and articulating your view without malice. Zambia is bigger than all of us. We sencerely hope that your "Sabbatical"break will allow you to think like a man not like a chicken.
  6. Netaniel
    He does have the right temperament for a leader. I hope its a permanent leave. From experience people who talk too much never deliver.
  7. John Phiri
    Savior Chishimba is political comedian like late chama-chakomboka or this Lozi boy, Mulyokela from Chibolya.
  8. Kamushi Kalilalila
    You lost your political compass by hastily crawling to the MMD. NOW WALISOBANA. HAVE A MUCH LONGER BREAK.
  9. Amano
    Looks like the doc is about to join dununa reverse. His language is surely pointing towards that. Good luck!
  10. GBM the UPND door mat
    Ba Saviour, try soya beans farming, maybe it will make sense and not to be in politics to insult other political players. Have a good break and get matured.
  11. Senior Citizen
    You could have ceased this moment to prove your tenacity as a leader, but as the say, when the tough gets going the weaker ones fall off. Reading between the lines, how heavy is your brown envelop? Anyway, wishing you a good introspection.

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