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Julius Malema on a united Africa(updated)



    • James buga
      African leaders must move on from this nonsense of saying Africa must be one! Feed your children first! Learn from our mistakes what benefit did we get from Zimbabwe South Africa Namibia mozambique? A broken economy don't tell me that brotherly nonsense it didn't pay for our external debt! Be careful with countries like Nigerian and Somalia. You cannot open a country to everyone. Do you ever think and ask Somalia is a failed state but where do these Somalians get the money? Pirates. And a country with more crooks than honest people has as many prophets as politicians yet you put all your trust in them? Lwenu! is yours!
    • Nostradamus
      That's old-fashion way of thinking. No am wrong, most Americans have never heard of Zambia. The only country they know is Africa. Can you imagine those Mohamed Salah of Liverpool speaking Swahili? I don't want to speak the fuuucking Swahili or Xhosa. I speak Bemba.
    • ex-moma
      Make Julius Malema president of Africa! He may be controversial but what he says is sound and if Africans woke up from their slave mentality they would see things the way he does. Africa has a bright future if we get more Julius Malemas right across the continent.He is right when he says " an undocumented white person is called an investor whilst an undocumented black person is Makwere kwere. We need to be united as Africans. Together we stand ,divided we remain slaves
  1. Mzambia wa Zamani
    No we don't want criminal Nigerians and bloody Somalians on our backyards .These people are social menace and totally unwanted .
  2. Matador
    Say that again...we can blame the colonialists for the culture of plunder, corruption ,intolerance and other governance evils in which the African continent has been plunged?

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