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HH’s Arrival in Mongu

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  1. Alexander Saimbwende Mushala- North Western Province
    "ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND" says Sejani. This tribalist HH is just chasing the wind. Why going to Mongu where he is already popular and not Luapula, eastern, muchinga or northen province to gauge his popularity. And why going there in the night KKKKKKKK for sure this man has no political strategy, he is under five and the god of TONGAS
    • Ndanje Khakis
      It's not hatred naimwe. HH is a public figure and so people are free to insult him at will. If he can't stand the heat then he should leave the kitchen.
    • Musonda Kateule
      Yes it's true go where you're not popular. Go to the copperbelt, northern, eastern, lusaka, place like that. Not southern naku mongu. We know you will get 100% vote there, even if you don't go there just send a whatsapp video message, they will vote for you.
    • UPND CADRE from Ngombe Compound Lsk
      @Musonda Kateule They get arrested and charged when they venture into PF Stronghold.
    • Katampi
      I have a few questions for you blind man? When did sinjani say that? What is the connection of HHs arrival in Mongu to do with sinjani. Have you also condemned RB with the wako in wako anthem ? What is your mission ? Will i be wrong to tell you that you are an enemy to our peace and stability
    • Ububomba Mwibala
      The Think Tank It is not hate,as i see it it is fear HH akose to remove this regime kaya they know their destiny Zabwino Palibe
  2. nshilimubemba
    My only worry for opposition in zambia is it is not making enough impact , for instance losing all parliament by elections not only that , but people leaving opposition and joining PF . These leaders must dig deeper to see how they can start winning elections and gaining new members in the party.
    • Ndanje Khakis
      This agenda of calling the president all sorts names cannot help. Zambians have heard this before a million times and it hasn't born fruit for them. The opposition including myself accused KK of all sorts of things and promised a better future. We removed and things only got worse. People believe in what they see. HH is in Mongu to counter the gains made by Mrs Inonge Wina's frequent visits to the Kingdom. It may be too late too little.
  3. Joja
    I even doubt he's in western province coupling with loses upnd has suffered at hands of pf.Councillors and many other upnd members are leaving the party all the time and now let's wait and see what will happen to nangoma constituency in the next three months. HH is loosing popularity in western province come 2021 he will only have southern province.
  4. DJ7
    HH u not a real leader. A real leader must be rejected by his own tribal men and women. Jesus was a real leader and he was rejected. I hope u read the bible
  5. Nutro Commando
    This Guy (HH) and his Political Advisers must go back to the Drawing Board. These kind of Politics where you pay people to stage a Fake Rousing Welcome has always worked against this perpetual loser and his Up and Down Tribal Party but he continues to use these same outdated Tactics. Who doesn’t know that all he is trying to do is show his Blind Supporters that Mama Inonge Wina’s had no impact. Foolish Tactics at their best
  6. Njimbu
    HH is now in panic mood because PF has really entered into Western and N/Western provinces.Kainde has now gone to campaign at ward level there.His officials are resigning on weekly basis to join PF.Soon,UPND's stronghold will only remain Southern.Late Patrick Mwanawasa managed to win the souls of voters in N/Western and Western.Am slowly seeing ECL achieving that!!!GBM has already seen that Kainde's UPND has no future,hence taking a back seat.Ever since Miles Sampa won as Lusaka Mayor,GBM has distanced himself from Kalusa!!! PF HAS VERY HIGH CHANCES OF GRABING NALOLO SEAT FROM UPND IN THE UPCOMING BY ELECTION THERE!!!Am just seeing things getting worse for Kainde as we head towards 2021!
  7. Peace Maker
    He will rule one day, that even those in PF will join his party just as those in MMD joined PF and are enjoying. Mark my word. Remember that even MMD used to tell abafashi ba Sata (MHSRIP) that he will never rule this country, it came to pass that he ruled the country. It is only GOD ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN who knows the destiny of each individual person in this world. HH God bless you, pray even for those who hate. That is the teaching of Jesus Christ in whom we believe.
    • MMD die hard
      I totally agree.HH can never plunder the resources of this country. He's already rich. So his main focus will be on the citizens' welfare. He's not like some people who came with empty pockets but are now living like kings while their people wallow in poverty
  8. Human Rights Activist
    Give back Barotseland to the original owners so that HH becomes their first President. I think no one will ever take away his popularity there.I hear Barotseland comprises all land west of the Rail line

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