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Janny Sikazwe yet to decide on appointment

Janny Sikazwe

Zambian FIFA Referee Janny Sikazwe says he is yet to decide whether to take up the position of Technical Director at Football Association of Zambia or not.

Sikazwe said he will soon inform the nation on his decision.He was speaking to ZNBC Sport in a telephone interview.
He is aware that many people want to find out his response regarding the appointment.

Last week, The FAZ Executive Members appointed Sikazwe as FAZ Technical Director Subject to secondment by his employer.

FAZ also appointed Adrian Kashala as General Secretary which was effective September 1, 2018.



    My advise to you Janny, let that appointment be on part time. As a Ministry of General Education worker there are more benefits. I should think twice or else you may regret if you make a wrong decision based on the title because that appointment does not guarantee you job security.
    • Nostradamus
      Sports: referee is a better job than coach. Then Janny is not just a local referee but an International renounced FIFA referee. Professional: keep a job as teacher. Titles: director, DR, CEO are messing up Zambians. Only idyots can leaving Nobel job as teacher to go be an employee of Kamanga as director. Look at Honour Janza, he is now unemployed.
      Don’t even try, you are better off a referee. You make your money internationally. Your going to FAZ will create a conflict of Interest on CAF and World Cups especially if Zambia qualify. Also note the FAZ is political. Be where you are and never get fooled.
    • Aeolus
      I once attended the Climate Change summit as one of the invited guests from Zambia. Never realized I'm supposed to be appointed as Technical Director in the Ministry of Lands/ Environment. CAn someone please send me auntie Jean's #...lol
    • Charles Mubonda
      My advise to my beloved brother Janny is, PLEASE DON'T ACCEPT IT as you still have brighter future as an international referee. Only a fool or an idiot would accept that appointment. After all, you are still youthful to continue as a FIFA referee. This is not the right time to take up that appointment..
  2. Napapa Sana
    Mr. Sikazwe, please never accept that appointment. Being part of the confused and corrupt FAZ will just bring down your hard earned Respect in international football circles. Whether you like it or not, your name will at one time be linked or implicated in dirty activities at FAZ. By the time you are cleared as innocent, your name will have been dented.
    • Nostradamus
      By not "deciding" yet, his name is already dented this week. FAZ has already brought him down. FAZ will now start claiming than Janny owe them money etc.
  3. ichipaso
    Janny you have done well so far..please stay in your lane and don't get distracted by some of these sugar coated appointments.FAZ at the present moment has so many issues which are in bad taste, such that it would be very risky of you to jump on that bandwagon.You have earned yourself a lot of honor and respect through your hard work and all this can be lost in just a blink of an eye if you decide to make a wrong move. please heed.
  4. Vision2win
    On one hand, FAZ needs people like you to "clean it" from the inside out. On the other hand, I fear for you because FAZ is associated (and rightly so) with corruption. My advice: Don't rush to decide. Invest in further inquiry....and follow your gut-instinct.
  5. analyst
    Being a good referee is not synonymous with being a good manager. Just because someone has been washing cars well for years does not mean they can make a good driver- you need a different skills set for that.
  6. Sharp Shooter
    Janny....you are one of the most distinguished whistlemen in the world and please dont let your name be soiled.
  7. Jay Jay
    So an official is sent to FIFA World Cup to officiate at two matches and you give him a position ...really laughable...give him time to gain more international experience the man is still young
    • Sharon
      Diseased heart and diseased reasoning and diseased rationale and diseased perception and diseased soul and diseased brain and diseased mind and diseased advice and diseased person and diseased group he belongs to.
  8. Mutulang'oma
    The rising to stardom was through Zambian football run by FAZ. FIFA noticed you through local body, an affiliate. my advice is invest your knowledge acquired so far by training other local referees to rise to your level. Accept the appointment, but spell out certain conditions under which you can work, especially unnecessary interference from top executive members.
  9. zingalume
    Jani sikazwe accept this ppposition...Am advising u as a fellow teacher,a secondary school tteacher...You are on secondment....it means that u re not resigning from ministry of education after ur work at FAZ...While at FAZ u still be getting ur teaching ssalary...because u re on secondment....To be a Technical DDirector...at FAZ...this is a privilege ..Jani Sikazwe....u will be exposed to certain benefits which goes with that position.....This is an honour to us teachers....Start the process through DEBS,PEO kkabwe..and PS Lsk.....Also invove the union where u belong.....In short accept the offer....and dont listen to doomsayers....
    • Kapotwe
      Whoever lied to. Once he accepts that job his salary at ministry of education will be put on hold. You can't get two salaries working for the same GOVT. Besides as Fifa referee he is making more money than kamanga. That technical director job is even junior to his current position at DEBS kapiri.
  10. One Zambian
    Many breakthrough decisions are not recommended. I am also tempted to say DON'T but because of the overwhelming No I suggest you take it but factor the advise against corruption. You have been a shining example for many of us to follow. Take the FAZ job with your eyes wide open. Question to ask is, can one function in a corrupt system? You are the salt of Zambia
  11. zingalume
    Jani Sikazwe take this appointment as a Technical Director....refereeing has a limit....u cannot officiate at the age of 45yrs....Who kknow?....U might be the next FAZ president...things start like with such appointment......Ask urself.....how many pipo would refuse such appointment if they were ooffered??..Nobody would refuse iit!....Wishing u the best as u consult widely....
  12. lound and smart
    we are all what the issue is: NOT THE APPOINTMENT but THE WAY FAZ IS MANAGED. It will be a brave decision to accept. If I were you, I would not accept the appointment.
  13. yaks
    It's daisy. May be. Lets look at the terms of reference of a technical director!!!!! He/she is a super coach. He advises which players to field in the game.He/she looks at full backs, mid fields. strikers. wingers. All the Technical aspects of football. TD reads the game technically. advises the coach when on substitutes or Player call ups. The day Zambia will lose horribly. You will become "chiSikazwe" what do you expect from a "Teacher". My friend don't the job. Focus your energy on the whislte. emulate Willy Chikuka. Leave a trail of good references. the ball is in your court.
  14. St. Sweet Angus
    Turn it down, keep building your CV as a referee and you could be getting the top job as FAZ boss in no time. The country loves you. Try going to referee in the UK or so, there is a vacancy after that referee resigned for mocking a disabled person online.
  15. Luanshya
    Take a risk and accept the offer Mr Sikazwe. Life is about take a step forward. Even Jesus himself took a risk to come and serve mankind. Suceess is for risk taking people. Don't listen to prophets of doom.. This an opportunity and honour from FAZ. Turn it down at your own Perl.. Lesa tapela muninwe apalamikafye...
  16. Steve
    Janny please don't! Just continue building your reputation.FAZ is too tainted and they want to use your good name to launder it. DONT DONT DONT!
  17. Able Mulanda
    This man is just a just a referee and not a coach. so which come first? A technical director has to work closely with the national team coach. Mr. Kamanga it is not a company where you can appoint anyone. The former director did a course for one year under German coach. His other job is to conduct the coaching course. Can the man coach
  18. Judge Masipha
    @ JANNY SIKAZWE C'mon, you are smarter than that! What is there to think about? Can't you see that this is a SCAM to bring you down? How can you be President of the United States of America and agree to step down to be President of Zambia? Let me tell you: they will make you resign your job and then fire you for insurbodination or indiscipline. FAZ is a poisoned chalice at the moment and if I were you I wouldn't touch that finished organization even with a 50-foot pole. In short; RUN! RUN! RUN! They don't love you, they just want to finish you up!
  19. Trigo
    JANNY don't take the appointment, tell them after you retire as a referee then they can offer you that job. Better you continue enjoying your work rather than if Zambia looses they will start blaming you..Its a good thing you said you think about it. Just to show some respect. Please say NO. Clive Chirwa gave up his British Citizenship and businesses he had in the U.k did it for our country what happened he was fired and stuck in Zambia. Doesn't mean if you reject you are unpatriotic No.. All the Best Mr. Sikazwe..
  20. Kalumbia Sakashalo
    my dear don't finish your self, that is more of a coaching job. are a coach to know how to conduct coaching courses. You have to work with instructors conducting coaching courses
  21. Kalumbia Sakashalo
    you should qualified coach to know how to conduct a coaching course. Things like watching how the course is going on and advice well you feel things are not okay. Let them give a deputy who has a coaching know how
  22. zingalume
    @Charles Mubonda.....this is a platform to express our views not to insult others....Tell us ur views...sindine..galu.wamva!!!

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