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Paul Ngozi gets a road

Paul Ngozi Street

Zamrock legend Paul Ngozi has finally got a street named after him.

The street located in Kabwata formerly known as ZAOGA road was unveiled on Saturday by Kabwata Member of Parliament Giben Lubinda and witnessed by some members of the Ngozi family and some musicians.

Born Paul Dobson Nyirongo in 1949 was a Zambian popular musician who rose to the top of the in the 1970s and 1980s.

Paul Ngozi first became popular as the band leader of the ‘Ngozi Family’, a band which made a mark as a top local rock group and was one of the first groups to have its music classified as Zamrock.

He died in 1989.

Mr Lubinda said Paul Ngozi is one of the early pioneers of Zambian music and one of the most celebrated Zambian entertainers of all-time and deserves to get a road named after him.

The naming of Paul Ngozi road in Kabwata is commendable and must be celebrated by all Zambians.

Zambia Association of Musicians Spokesperson BFlow thanked Mr Lubinda for honoring Zambian artistes.

He said the Association is looking forward to announcing more streets to be named in honor of musicians.

“We are grateful to Kabwata constituency for giving us Joe Chibangu street, Augustine Lungu street and the newly named Paul Ngozi street,” BFlow said.

Kabwata MP Given Lubinda unveils the Paul Ngozi streets flanked by Paul Ngozi Jr In red T-shirt) and musicians
Paul Ngozi during his hey days
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    • Nsimbi
      Okay ba Lubinda, is there now a concrete naming policy for public places? Have not heard any authority talk about it and other equally important needs. I know one don at Unza passionately talking about this sometime ago but is now late (prof. Mildred Nkolola Wakumelo) ...
  1. Jay Jay
    This guy was the man I remember we used to shout his name as kids when his tinted Peugeot 504 drove past our street!!
  2. pink toe
    This is one man among men in music industry whose songs I cherished and I still love to listen to even now. May his soul continue resting in peace. Mwaziona a Lungu, akazi anu lelo ni amuka fwilwa. The message is still sweet to date.
  3. Nkope Shinyenga
    Let's change the name Kapiri Mposhi back to it's original name and what was supposed to be called AKAPILI MBONSHI meaning; a 'small' hill in the western direction (ku mbonshi). It's the colonialists who mispronounced it and we just kept quiet - typical...
    • abilima
      Since it is just a mispronunciation and not a western name, it is okay. Akapili Mbonshi also sounds nice by the way.
    I remember my secondary school days in the middle 70s when Paul Ngozi music was famous especially among the schools boys and girls. Among the songs included: "Tiyeni tiyamike ma soldier yathu" that time when Ian Smith was bombing Zambia at will, "Ngozi family", "6,000 volts", and many more. Form ones were not allowed to go in the dancing arena because they were perceived to have no legs for dancing. Mockery at its pick!
  5. Nine Chale
    Great musician. He deserves more than a just a street name. By now, there should be a Zambian Hall of Fame or museum where his musical achievements can be properly honored and revisited.
  6. John Phiri
    Ba Ngozi playing his guitar using his teeth. He was a talented musian. A Lungu!!! Kupeza mkazi wao alila. Ndiye alila maningi bacita kugwilira uku na uku. MHSRIP.
  7. ngozi
    Chibe paka paka...Ngozi had a food & beer outlet in Kabwata where we would order booze and paka paka special (boiled egg covered in rice). Ngozi was also a pioneer in pimping his rides...boy ooh boy his light blue Datsun 120Y that caught fire near kabwata clinic. His toys were always special ..nice rides with clear heavy music..RIP Paulo.....Ngozi
  8. desmond Ambrose
    Tivo vin ndevu naufana wako.....go cut that nasty beard bro. Already you are not blessed with good looks and decide to add a nasty beard. Go cut that beard as you so damn ugly dude
  9. Kabwata oldtimer
    Ngozi, one of the first guys to have his rides pimped in Zambia. I remember the 2 Datsun and the Skyline. Ba Lottie (Jimmy) had the old school Range Rover. Lottie was married to Saint Maiko's elder sister and Ngozi was the local womaniser ...young ..old he did not give a damn.
  10. Grand Funk
    I also want to see a street named after the great NASHIL PITCHEN KAZEMBE. I guess every one will agree with me that he was the great guitarist Zambia has ever produced. Iam listening to Nshili Malonda right now.( Bashi Maggie)
  11. One Zambian
    Nashil Pitchen was not Zambian but I hear you... I remember Rikki Ililonga, We have many road to honor these guys.

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