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Your businesses are safe in Zambia, President Lungu assures the Chinese


President Edgar Lungu has assured Chinese investors that their businesses are safe in Zambia.

President Lungu says Zambia is governed by the rule of law.

ZNBC Staffer Hector Simfukwe reports that the Head of State was speaking during the Zambia-China Business Forum in Beijing.

The President praised China for being a true friend of Zambia.

He said this has been proved by restoring the dignity of the people through job creation and support to other sectors of the economy.

At the same function, President Lungu witnessed the signing of four business agreements between Zambia and Chinese companies.

Among the agreements is the assessment and preparation of the bankable feasibility studies and implementation of the Lusaka Mass Transit Railway corridor project which will see the construction of a transit railway line to reduce congestion on the roads in Lusaka


  1. Spaka like lilo
    All Lungu is doing is selling off Zambia, all his deals benefit the Chinese 90% and 10% to Zambians , from dumping their unemployed in Zambia to unchecked profits and externalisation of funds, unquestioned land acquisitions and blantent exclusion of Zambians in their skills passing on.... Lungu is so desperate for money he will sign anything.... .....
    • Nsimbi
      A country that embarks on important projects through loans is destined to fail. Rather locally built capital from thriving local businesses is the way to go. Promote Zambian businesses and they will inject tax money into the economy and in turn we can build anything we want on our terms ...
    • JourneyMan
      Which rule of law? The one which allows a city mayor to be harassed by PF thugs and then he is forced to apologize to the perpetrators? A rule of law that ignores court orders and deports a political asylum seeker against international law. Who are you trying to fool?
    • Sharon
      It is jealous Hagain! But it will NEVER be President in Zambia! Maybe a Section Leader, A Chairman or a Paramount Chief in Namwala, it may one day be. Jealousy!
  2. Dweny mwanba
    Garbage...we are not benefiting anything from these deals... How does he sleep at night... 90% of the Airport has been leased to the Chinese for 50 years..
    • Vanduu
      AmaZambians balibalowa ubupuba! I swear. Somebody was telling me yesterday that "We are for ba Yawhe to raise a leader from among us to solve our problems." I am like, really?
  3. Daniel D Chisebwe
    “President Lungu says Zambia is governed by the rule of law.“ Then let businesses representative meet businesses representative. If Zambia is governed by the rule of law. Where is the parliament in all this?
  4. Titus Musankwa
    No country in the world ever developed by allowing investors to come and set up businesses because all the money they make goes back to their countries and makes them richer. Russia, Japan, UK, France, Germany and even China have all become rich by promoting their own. It is really sad that we have educated people in Govt who can't see this. By the time Lungu complete his 3rd term in 2026, there will be no Zambia to talk about, we will be like a used condom thrown in a dirty alley.
  5. Dr. Ngosa
    mwaya mukulomba ubunga na family yonse!! and jst see the body size difference! it shows that they are in capital building and we are in body building!!!!
  6. Ndwiii
    Even the chicken rearing and selling of all second class goods that come out of China by the Chinese is safe?!? Go to Kamwala market, the d!mwits do not even bother to learn the local language or English. And the local even bigger d!mwits that work for them defend them. ECL, get skills that are rare in your country, let your chocholi train them and then let them go back to their country. You are giving them jobs that can be done by your OWN people. You claim to be Christian, look at how your own people are being taken advantage of. How, indeed, do you sleep at night?

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