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Police Cancel UPND Rally after cadres break into Chief Kasempa’s palace grounds


Police in North Western Province on Tuesday cancelled a UPND rally in Kasempa district after opposition cadres forced their way into Chief Kasempa’s palace grounds and beat up people there.

Zambia Police Service Spokesperson Esther Katongo says the UPND campaign team which assembled at Nkenyauna for a campaign rally went to the Chief’s palace to pay a courtesy call.

They however got upset when they discovered that Kasempa District Commissioner Goodson Sansakuwa was meeting the traditional leader.

Ms Katongo says the UPND cadres used force to enter the palace grounds and beat up whoever they suspected of belonging to the PF.

She says Police will not give the UPND a permit to hold a rally for the Kasempa local government by election set for Thursday because the party has violated the conditions under which the permit was granted.

Ms Katongo says police are looking for the perpetrators of the acts of violence and medical reports have been issued to the injured people.

And Ms Katongo says police in Western Province have arrested UPND District Chairperson Nyambe Matakala and two other UPND officials and charged them with two counts each of assault and malicious damage to property.

She has told ZNBC News this evening that Mr. Nyambe in the company of John Chinga and Aaron Muyambango attacked a PF meeting that was campaigning for the Limulunga local government by election on Saturday and assaulted people and damaged property.

The trio is remanded in custody and is expected to appear in court soon.

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  1. fedup
    HH visited the palace at 12 by 14:40 he was in Kivuku area - I smell a rat. People being paid to act like UPND supporters to cause havoc !!!
      We witnessed the happenings . It has saddened me that my Party UPND can sink so low by attacking the people who were hopeless and could not do anything. We witnessed our leaders telling people to attack any man not in UPND uniform
    • shu shu shu
      Any one who chooses red as a colour is interested in shedding blood hence the call for Armageddon if s/he looses
  2. Mzambia wa Zamani
    UPND please give us a break .To have Zambians doing politicking 24/7 is a sure way of setting the country behind developmentally.
  3. Geofrey Simpelwe
    The police must make sure that those involed must be brought to book it's now getting out of hand people are being beaten for reason , were is this country heading to , HH and entire UPND leadership should sit down and come up a solution to this problem before many life are lost
  4. Alexander Saimbwende Mushala-North Western Province
    "IT IS PANGA FOR PANGA" says GBM. This party UPND and its tribal leader HH violence is in their DNA. HH is a preacher of Armageddon to cause unrest in the country and to make this country ungovernable as long as he is not in the state house. UPND cadres killed non UPND supporters in Namwala in the aftermath of 2016 general election. During MMD era UPND maimed and killed people opposed to them in the infamous mapatizya formula. Therefore this is the United party for nincompoops and dunderheads. The party is full of heartless people., sub-human beings. The earlier this party is kicked out of the political arena the better and safer for all well meaning Zambians.
  5. Mudenda Bornface
    So if its upnd violeting the law,police cannot give permit to them,is there any single day police cancelled pf rally even when people are shot dead? This selectiveness of law enforcement is bad. Of upnd wins and form government dont blem them for removing many men and women in police. We dnt condon lawlessness but the application of law mus be equall.
    • Ndanje Khakis
      Should we justify violence all the time? On Saturday in WP the Upnd lead by a district chairman attacked a PF meeting where some people got injured. What does that tell us? Your party has run out of ideas hence their obsession with violence. Violence is violence no matter who's committed it.
  6. Ndanje Khakis
    By the way GBM has become invisible of late. What's happening to him? Previously HH and GBM were like Siamese twins.
  7. Mr P
    HH / upnd is panic moods. Upnd has come to realize that PF is distracting Upnd in North western and western provinces. Hence frustration and disappointment within upnd leadership escalates day and night.So they are using violence and any possible move just to violate PF gatherings.if Upnd continue with their mapatizya formulae that has failed to work on them since 2007 , what will happen if PF does same in their strongholds..? And Upnd they always cry loudest. Shame on them.
    • Ndanje Khakis
      That's why I don't support the so called Dialogue between political parties. To Upnd these talks must be based on the principle that they should be given a chance to rule the country. Even here where I live you're always on the lookout if you're the only non Upnd member say in a bar.
  8. John Laing
    How I wish we could get rid of these by elections! How do we spend so much of our people's time on these unproductive engagements involving so many people almost every other week? Imagine if we only had 40 days of election campaigns in 5 years! We have more serious developmental issues to channel our efforts. How many man-hours are wasted even by people in very high offices of the land?
  9. Ayatollah
    PF is 50% violent while the UPND is 101%. Violence was mild in Kasenengwa because it's only the PF that's involved. It seems supporters of these 2 parties enjoy butchering each other

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