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Ministry of Mines directs KCM to provide data regarding payments to suppliers

MINES Minister Richard Musukwa

The Ministry of Mines has directed Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) to provide data regarding payments to suppliers.

Minister of Mines Richard Musukwa says his directive follows the elapsing of the one-week ultimatum that government had given to KCM to pay suppliers.

He says KCM should be mindful that government will take punitive action following the company’s alleged failure to comply with the ultimatum.

Mr. Musukwa says it does not make sense for KCM not to pay the suppliers and workers on account that it has paid the Copperbelt Energy Corporation for the supply of electricity.

Mr. says he expects the company to have a plan on how to pay workers’ salaries without giving them explanations that do not add up.

Mr. Musukwa told ZNBC in an interview in China that KCM must mobilize resources to liquidate all its indebtedness to suppliers and contractors without further delay.

He said that government is closely watching the happenings at KCM and that the interest of the workers will be protected.

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  1. loud and smart
    Ba Mwenye are a terrible investment. China is way better. One time they are not paying for amalaiti, another time it is suppliers. Buy the way, they also have compensation to do after they lost in London court.
    • The Real Olivia Pope
      Speaking of Mwenyes worst racists ever. I would rather die than spend a dime in an Indian store or vacation in India. I pity clueless nouveau rich Zambians that actually send their children to school in India. Nasty and ultra racist place!
  2. Spaka
    Yes ba mwenyes are worst...just look at their shops in Lusakas kamwala....they don't do no maintenance while they bring their own mwenyes from home to work for them....
    • Ba Robbie
      In the Western world, if you work with Mwenyes, watch your back. They will gang up to undermine you. They don't believe a nigger should supervise them. The Cast mentality is in their DNA.
    China man better when it comes to payments, but mwenyes rubbish.Where did they get the experience to run the mines, look at Binnani in lyausha,they run away. Government what were they thinking to bring ba mwenye in the mining industry. Once of the fallacies of the levy Mwanawasa's legacy..............KCM is killing the cluster industry in Zambia.....chase them before they finish us.
  4. Bamwine
    Just reposes this mine and give it to the Chinese, they will run it better than these Indians. NFC is way much better than this crooked run KCM. They run a mine like a mafia organization.
    • zambiaisours
      @4 Bamwine, I agree with you on Indians NOT able to run a Mine and DIFFER WITH YOU on how to run it after repossessing it; WE (ZCCM -IH ) SHOULD RUN AT LEAST ONE MINE or IN TRUE PARTNERSHIP WITH A CREDIBLE PRIVATE COMPANY, NOT TO GIVE IT AWAY AGAIN!! We are being cheated by Mining companies bcoz we have removed ourselves from the sector hoping that foreigners will be fair with us!! THEY CHEAT US, WE KNOW and THEY WILL CONTINUE TILL WE GET INVOLVED AND START SHOWING THEM THROUGH OUR OWN OPERATIONS THAT WE KNOW WHAT GOES ON, and DEMAND FAIR TAXES!!
    • Chosen
      My brother, Bamwine, of course these characters are mafias, period! We have seen more than enough! We think we are patient yet we are just dumb for not taking action in time!! What a waste!!
  5. Chosen
    Chinese and Indians are just the same you people. Get rid of both and let's run our own mines please. What's wrong with us kanshi?? Problem is, we have no self-onfidence to do things without involving outsiders, that's why we fail. Hon. Minister, sorry to say this, but you are wasting time debating these mining issues. Just kick them all out. Leave credible First Quantum, Glencore and all such miners. Let ZCCM IH reorganise and take over we make our own money. Of course we need to clean up our own house before we can run mines without corrupt elements in the Zambian government stealing the nations wealth. I am a mining engineer with vast experience and I am ready to provide ideas and serve this country if called upon. Or else, we need a political drive and campaign against embezzlement...
  6. Kapata
    Its time we tried to manage the mines ourselves ,just like before.true.these investors are lying too much,stealing too much. Let us empower ZCCM IH
  7. Kapata
    We are in Trouble as a country.By now we should have our own civil engineers doing roads in Zambia.getting involved in major projects outside Zambia. I don't see this happening and that is why it is costing us huge sums of money to build infrastructure.We resolt to engagement of foreign companies. We have a lot of Economics graduates who are not taking part in the economic affairs of the nation,mining engineers who can't advise the government on mining issues or let alone team up with others and run mines. The List is endless.

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