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Police on the Copperbelt summons Harry Kalaba

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba

Police on the Copperbelt have summoned Bahati Patriotic Front (PF) member of parliament Harry Kalaba to appear before the division headquarters on September 11 at 10:00 hours.

According to a call out issued by the Copperbelt Division Criminal Investigations officer and delivered to Kalaba today, the former Foreign Affairs Minister is expected to appear before them without fail.

The Democratic Party Flag

And The Democratic Party has won the court case in which it had sought for judicial review in a matter where the party had been deregistered by the Chief Registrar of Societies Madam Mhende.

High Court Judge Sharon Newa has since directed the Registrar of Societies to issue the party with a duplicate certificate of registration.

In this case, the Democratic Party, through its national secretary Precious Ntambu, commenced judicial review proceedings challenging the registrar’s decision to cancel registration of the party, arguing that it was illegal.

The Registrar deregistered DP on June 6, this year, on grounds that it had not addressed the issue of why it should not be cancelled.

But delivering judgement on Thursday, Justice Sharon Newa said the decision to cancel the registration of the party was illegal, irrational and procedurally improper.

“In this case, not only was the Registrar of Societies decision to cancel the registration of the applicant as a political party illegal, it was also irrational, unreasonable and procedurally improper and I declare so, and the applicant succeeds. I accordingly quash the registrar’s decision and direct the registrar of societies to issue the Democratic Party with a duplicate certificate of registration. The applicant is also awarded costs to be taxed in default of agreement, leave to apply is granted,” said judge Newa.

And DP Spokesperson Judith Kabemba says “the party wishes to thank its members across the country, our sympathizers and the nation at large for your resilience, endurance and determination that you have demonstrated through out the struggle.”

“Your ability to stand firm and not grow weary has again demonstrated that Zambia needs and is ready for change and that change is the Democratic Party,” Mrs Kabemba said.

“Further , we wish to advice our leaders in the structures all across the country and members to go flat out and begin the national wide mobilization which the party had earlier embarked on before being unceremoniously and unfairly disturbed.”

She said the party believes that the time that the party has lost in this process will surely be recovered soon because Zambia needs change and that change is what is going to give the party a platform.

“Let me state that the nation will be availed with the full judgment of the court. The party will further advice it’s members soonest on other activities that will be lined up,” she said.

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    • Jay Jay
      Its called stalling or frustrating you .... Registrar of Societies is one office that is filled with empty tins..I remember that overzealous registrar from 8 years ago, I bet now he is a nobody!!
    • Jay Jay
      I like Kalaba but I wouldnt trust him with instruments of power especially with his close association with Religious businessmen and he needs to speak up when on camera.
    • ndobo
      @Nostradamus This notice to the employer /ex employer should taken to lungu, these police thugs do not know what they are doing
    • Nkana Kiytwe
      President Dental FimoFimo is already bullying Politicians just like the Kenneth Kaunda dis throughout his Presidency.
  1. Its politiical..
    Leave the boy alone And you also. Dont start politics in bemba land. Start with east, west and south prov. . Its easier to convert bembas
    • Jay Jay
      Gratuity that's why? They resign now and they forfeit their 3-5 year Parliamentary gratuity ...we pay these MPs alot of money just to seat in the house and shout yeah yeah yeah and entertain prostitutes in their newly refurbished flats and Parliament hotel.
    • shu shu shu
      Rubbish who in their right frame of mind can vote for Kalaba or Kambwili as president? If the constitution court decides that Lungu is not eligible, oter competent persons will appear otherwise Zambians will vote for green party
    • Sharon
      Keep dreaming! Hallucinations of HH cohorts amazes me! Under Five will be kicked to the pavement by the President come 2021.
  2. Mzambia wa Zamani
    Kalaba has become a marked man since resigning on principle by refusing to serve an administration mired in corruption.
  3. Spaka
    Instead of concentrating on providing jobs, PF and lungu are always looking to harass anybody who has presidential ambitions....
  4. St. Sweet Angus
    A court rules in favor of someone and in retaliation the police summons him for more issues? Zambia is starting to look like a failed state.
  5. Senior Citizen
    There are more than 20 one family parties and yet you want to frustrate Kalaba's party which is remarkably winning popularity even in PF strongholds. Kalaba is proving credible every day and his touring to meet people is what PF is doing at all levels. Somebody is threatened.
    • Sharon
      Most HH fans respect those who differ with the president. Just watch. Kalaba will go nowhere. Just wait and see.
    • St. Sweet Angus
      Actually that is true. The test for PF is in 2020, when it becomes apparent that those that have ambitions really have to wait till 2026. Also, wait until people realize that money is in the short and corruption becomes hard to attain even for corrupt individuals.
  6. Ayatollah
    Just like the UPND, the PF are also employing outdated political tactics. When the time to go comes not even the Police will keep them in office. I still remember how the Police ignored the all powerful KK when he ordered the arrest of Christon Tembo. One day the PF will dance chikokoshi, how soon is up to the people of Zambia. As for Harry Kalaba, why is he still hanging on to PF? He's got a kokai brain

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