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UPND lawyer Martha Mushipe loses practicing licence, her law firm shut

Martha Mushipe

The Law Association of Zambia has withdrawn the practicing licence for UPND lawyer Martha Mushipe with immediate effect.

The Association has also closed down Mrs Mushipe’s law firm, Mushipe & Company Limited.

Mrs Mushipe is accused of running a one man show.

LAZ says Mrs Mushipe cannot appear before any Court of Law or Tribunal and should not file any court process of whatever nature until further notice from the association.

In 2016 LAZ summoned Ms. Mushipe who was a senior counsel for the UPND to appear before its legal practitioners’ committee for alleged misconduct during the Constitutional Court’s hearing of the presidential election petition.

Police at the time charged and arrested Lusaka lawyer Martha Mushipe for being in possession of seditious materials.

The charge related to a confidential document entitled “Strategy of domination PF against UPND 2015-2016 and beyond-UPND at crossroads-transition or conflict/Patriotic Front’s use of ethnic divide and rule as a means of maintaining political control in Zambia 2015-2016 and beyond”.


  1. Wisdom
    Maybe UPND will have a better lawyer after her suspension because she doesn't look to be a good lawyer to me, though I feel sorry for her lose i believe she invested a lot of money but it's not worth it just to have one client
    • Sharon
      I am still thinking before I comment. I am not the kind that thinks tribe first, then comment, like HH supporters.
    • Nostradamus
      Martha will bounce back as Minister in next government, eventually Republican President. As Ba Edgar, he went through same, his license was stripped off, on grounds worse than Martha's.
    • Chachine Chachine
      The brainless ghost of Mwanakatampa has spoken through his behind. This guy has to look at a skeleton everyday of his life. That is not normal. Chalipena ichi chimuntu.
    • Thorn in the flesh
      IT'S A BALANCE OF NATURE, YOU CAN'T COMPLETELY DO AWAY WITH DISGRUNTLED PROFESSIONALS IN ANY PRACTICING FIELD. =============================== Hysterical theatrics and emotional allegiance to the double h movement Martha was. The punishment is rather hash. Let's understand people with resenting views. I will miss her drama. I wish I could reverse her practicing licence. Come on guys, shouldn't a lawyer die a little or act crazy for his/her client? I will give lazy a benefit of doubt.
    • Thorn in the flesh
      So lazy laz has not acted timely. Former president managed to put this gang of lawyers into disrepute. Suspension was a better option than banning. Give Martha a break, the decision is rather sexist. Lift that ban and just reprimand her.
    • maloza
      State capture is real. Instead of serving the people, LAZ, Parliament, KangCourt, High court, NCC, ECZ, Zambia Police, ZAF, ACC are there to serve one small god called Lungu. After Linda Kasonde gave them a tough time, PF decided to field their cadres for every position at the 2018 LAZ convention. The entire LAZ executive is full of Lungu worshiping PF cadres. Next we'll see Keith Mweemba's law firm being shut down.
    • Nostradamus
      @Khakis, yaaa because you are not professional. Us professionals chilatukalipa. Can you imagine a case of August 2016 and get suspended 2 years later? How can we control our emotions us professionals?
    • Ndanje Khakis
      I am disappointed with you. How can you say chilankalipa when you don't even know me and how I live? No wonder an African no matter how educated he may be will never add value to the world wellbeing. Even the computer you're so fond of using wasn't revolutionized by a college graduate. An African will always be talking about how educated they're but nothing to show for it except driving fancy automobiles and living in fancy houses. But these even a Kitwe Main Bus Station call boy can achieve if he puts his mind to it. By the way I may not be a doctor or a lawyer but I have my own field and that's the way it's for the world to rotate. Even our former managed to sneak into New York and he's still there from 1996.
    • Mr Kudos
      Under 5 will soon be overthrown by the few courageous young members. Rites of passage. We are watching the space.
    • Mr Kudos
      UPND is imploding and the Under 5 will soon be exposed. They borrowed a lot of money in 2016 thinking Zambians could allow them to access the instruments of power.
    • Ububomba Mwibala
      Ati ka Mr Kudos Etu swine utulelila ifwe tule chula and he takes his idiocy further by insulting us.Ok lila,lya sana swine wapatwatako no kupatwa stupid.Defending 1diocy pantu ule lya?Ngo kulyafye nefipubafinobe qiuetly?You have the guts to insult uku ulenya?Aba nobe balenya amenshi,elo watutuka?....ok
  2. Spaka
    Martha , remember even lungu was debarred by LAZ......for a worst transgression , stealing. ...so it's not the end.
  3. Njimbu
    "Wanyeka munzi"..kkkkkkkkk.......WHAT WILL MARTHA MUSHIPE EAT NOW AS GREEDY KAINDE DOES NOT HELP ANYONE WHILE GBM IS BROKE?..kkkkkkkk.....Wamudziba Yesu lelo Mushipe!!! WELL DONE LAZ AS MUSHIPE IS SIMPLY AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE LEGAL FRATENITY!!! Anyway,as "spaka has said",Martha Mushipe shall bounce back as Justice minister under Kainde's rule in 2099!!! YOU ASSOCIATE YOURSELVES WITH HH AT YOUR OWN PERIL BANE!!!next will be Kainde as the Concourt Judges gonna teach him a big lesson soon for insulting them in 2016!!
  4. upnd cadre
    Ahh finally, I kept reminding LAZ of the pending case for Mushipe. Thought I had lost the battle.? By the way the case she has been suspended for is the complaint against her by the Chief Justice for her behaviour in 2016. The sedition matter is before the courts of law and it is nothing to do with LAZ.
  5. upnd cadre
    If Mushipe can be disciplined by LAZ for demeaning the judiciary, what more trib.al Hacks for insulting the judiciary? Mushipe is lucky LAZ has no powers to lock her up, but the judiciary has powers to lock up the other fella, and Patricia Scotland cannot intervene in that one, being a lawyer herself. Three months imprisonment I predict. And that is imprisonment NOT detention ka! So we shall see the prisoner in full uniform, cleaning up the court premises. That is unless he apologises, as I said earlier.
  6. Nothing ever changes
    Zambians, shallow brains. How many lawyers who were disbarred became presidents? And who says only lawyers become presidents in zambia? And anyway whats speacial about lawyers, what do they achieve as presidents? Do you know lawyers learn no economics at vasity? Who becomes president can't be foretold. Unless they system is manipulated.
  7. fedup
  8. Dokowe
    Maybe she will have time to find a man or woman. You see no matter how educated or confident a woman may think she is, the lack of a good man in woman's life can lead one to making poor decisions. I met her once, I noticed she always seems to get angry for no reason.
  9. Ayatollah
    I don't know what motivates Martha, it must be bigger than god. The way she goes ballistic over Hichilema, not even Mutinta would do that. I believe don't know how she managed to get through ZIALE where several reasonable people have failed. Herself and Jack Mwiimbu prepared the most useless petition in the history of Law Practice in Zambia, not even Sangwa could cure it
  10. Victim of Bank Charges
    This is not the first rime that this lady is being suspended from Practicing Law. It Happened some years ago.There i snothing political about her suspension. She is only paying for her sins. God is a fair God.
  11. Spaka
    Lungu is only trying to set the grounds to destroy all opposition to any 2021 presidential bid....he his systematically teaching all opponents who threaten his grip on power a lesson.....or any one who dares oppose him...
  12. Chitapankwa Allepo Trump
    Martha will survive. I like her fighting spirit. Some of you don't know that Marther sells chickens. She also sells empty grain bags ku Soweto.
  13. Independent
    In Zambia,you can even become president after stealing from a client and having your practising licence suspended by LAZ
    • Sharon
      HH wants to become president after stealing money from Zambians in inside trading during privatisation and money laundering?
    • Ndanje Khakis
      Where exactly is the contraversy? Point it out and I'll make it simple for you. But right now I am about to go to church so my answer will take a bit of time to come.

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