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Africa’s CON-FIDENTIAL and Laura Miti: A case of Recklessness and Incompetence

Sunday Chanda

By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

In philosophy, a “razor” is a principle or rule of thumb that allows one to eliminate (“shave or cut off”) unlikely explanations for a phenomenon or avoid unnecessary actions.

One example is “Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence…” an aphorism Laura Miti seems to have stumbled upon.

Laura’s snide attempts to sully the PF government and its leadership with her inane version of the maxim is completely misplaced.

She has so many areas of profusion that she has neglected to “shave or cut off” – such as the overgrowth of malice that has reached endemic proportions and has blinded her to the positive realities of our nation. Ms, Miti refuses to countenance the bare facts and figures recently highlighted by the Minister of Finance Honourable Margaret Mwanakatwe even when they are placed right in front of her face.

This demonstrates her overpowering urge to make herself seem witty just as she appears to have an overwhelming compulsion to wish ill on the economy of the country and its people just because of her hatred of the country’s leadership and her fad with one opposition party. Such impetuousness has far reaching negative consequences for all citizens including herself.

Our sister bases her simplistic analyses on her infatuation with “Africa Con-fidential” – an alarmist publication with an enormous credibility gap.

The axiom she clumsily misused, has been widely attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte. As it turns out, there is one thing Laura has in common with Napoleon, and… no…it is not gallantry or any such admirable virtue.

What Laura shares with Napoleon is his quirky side; irrational phobias.

It is widely held that Napoleon had “ailurophobia”; the persistent, irrational fear of cats.

If Napoleons phobia of kittens was unreasonable, Laura’s type of phobia is completely off the scale of the bizarre.

Laura has the phobia for a certain race of fellow human beings; Sino-Phobia. The same phobia sadly advanced by ‘Africa-Con’.

Her poorly disguised dislike of the Chinese people and everything related to China drives her toxic eccentricities and impedes her judgement.

We encourage Laura and her ilk which includes the sleazy publication that is “Africa Con” to take note of the following;

1. Africa Con seeks to project China as a villain Africa must shun at all costs. Yet Chinese global investment since 2005 includes N/America USD136.7billion, Central & Caribbean USD11.9billion, South America USD115.9 billion. Others include Europe USD140 billion, West Asia USD163 billion, East Asia USD142.3 billion. Also included are Australia USD77.8 billion, Middle East and North Africa USD116.3 billion and sub-Saharan Africa USD197.2 billion. It must be noted that these numbers do not include countries with investments of less than USD100million, and do not include loans or trade. (This is before the USD60 billion financing aid to Africa).

To Africa Con and bedfellows, the above represents sovereignty take-over!

2. ZNBC is wholly owned by government while Top star, is a separate company and signal carrier. Top star is a company co-owned by ZNBC & Star Times. In other words. Top Star is a joint venture.

3. If Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) decide to contribute land, which is appropriately valued, to the joint venture, does that amount to the National Broadcaster being bought by the Chinese? No…It will be part of their capital contribution to the business.
Like others hiding behind the veil of racism, xenophobia and other discriminatory evils, we have some among us that hate the Chinese just because they are of a different race, and because they don’t speak the English language as well as the likes of Ms Mitis do.

4. Had ZNBC had gone into a joint venture with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), would these gripes and criticisms have existed? We must all get over the colonial hangovers, surely!
5. Government has no intention whatsoever to sell the power utility, ZESCO to China and no such talks have ever taken place as Energy Minister Matthews Nkhuwa has told the nation. Africa Con lied! As someone said, one would expect the survivors of colonialism to get over the hangover, when the colonialists themselves are reincarnating into neo-colonialists.

The Sensationalism of Africa Confidential – Africa’s Con

Africa Con-fidential is a compilation of articles sent by country reporters whose reputation cannot be guaranteed.

It is replete with error, speculation and guess work clothed as confidential analysis.

The numerous errors and factual mis-statements do not make it credible or true just because it is called the “Africa Con-fidential”.

lt is a privately-owned publication, which struggles to get information, and it routinely sensationalises the information it receives.

The publication thrives on speculation and its “sell – value” is leveraged on the melodrama of exaggeration, based on the little information it gleans and scavenges from questionable records and unsanitary sources.

It is not the infallible Alpha and Omega of truthful reporting. Africa’s Confidential is just one of many sources of (mis) information, which need to be compared with other more reliable sources for balance.
The publication is deficient of balance and fairness: the central pillars of journalism ethics.

Africa Con-fidential is on a mission to shroud any mutually beneficial outcomes of Africa- China relationships. They might as well be called “Africa’s Con”.

The reality is that China has established itself as Africa’s all-weather friend: in need and in deed – much to the chagrin of the adherents of western neo-colonialism such as Africa Confidential, Laura Miti and Hichilema’s UPND.

In the words of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda at the Opening of the Summit of the recent Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC): “China’s actions have demonstrated that a stronger Africa is seen as an opportunity to invest in, rather than as a problem or a threat. China has continued to lead the way in showing what is lost in not engaging and partnering with Africa. The health and productivity of the bonds between Africa and China are self-evident. Let there be no misinterpretation on that score. Africa is not a zero-sum game. Our growing ties with China do not come at anyone’s expense. Indeed, the gains are enjoyed by everyone who does business on our continent.”

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa also noted that “Chinese direct investment in Africa between 2000 and 2017 exceeded $100 billion, up from only $1 billion in 2000.”

Considering what other countries such as, Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa have said about Africa/ China co-operation; would *Africa Con* say in the same cynical tone that the named countries among many others are also on the verge of losing their sovereignty to China?

Would they say the same if it were the European Union, United Kingdom or the United States of America offering the same package to Africa and Zambia?

“Africa’s Con” like Laura Miti and her neo-colonial sponsors, carry what is clearly an anti-China agenda.

Malice is ascribed to everything they do.

Laura quotes Hanlon’s Razor: Maybe they need a razor to cut off the overgrowth of malice…

The Author is PF Media Director At the PF Secretariat In Lusaka


    • Mushota
      Keep it simple next time, you have lost the audience, which i am sure was never your intention, making your article irrelevant Thanks BB2014,2016
  1. Bozo
    He speaks from his stomach.Painting a picture of a zambia that is utopian full of milk and honey when the majority zambians are being subjected to unacceptable levels of poverty ,poor housing ,sanitation, health ,education unemployment and a boom in corrupt tendancies is a crime against humanity. This parrot speaks for his masters that are dinning and wining at the high table and he has access to crumbs and left overs.
    • Yambayamba
      Yeah, and centuries of Africa's engagement with the Western Powers brought what to our continent? The only things Western Powers built in Africa were a few roads and rail lines all leading to the sea so they can transport the wealth out of Africa. And all they left in place was extreme poverty (as they confiscated arable land from indigenous people in place like Zim, RSA, Kenya, etc), rampant iliteracy, social/tribal divisions, and for a long time promoted and caddled African dictators, extra. They were not even interested in planting "seeds of democratic rule" when they were in charge. Strangely enough, promotion of the so called "democracy" became the center piece of the conditions attached to their developmental loans/help and projects to African countries. An agenda they...
    • Nostradamus
      Everybody loves Laura Miti. I have never read or see someone who like Sunday Chanda. Being such an idyot he now want to use 3 names like his president... Sunday Chilufya Chanda.
    • Yambayamba
      Continue.... never cared about when they were in charge and Exploiting Africa. In case of Zambia, the only capital investment Britain can point to for all its years in charge of our country's economy is the Kariba Dam. Unfortunately, even Kariba was not built because the British were interested in developing Zambia....NO! The main purpose was to have a reliable source of power for their mines in the Copperbelt. Secondary schools and Universities for black Zambians were virtually non-existent. Only KK and his comrades thought it necessary to build schools/colleges for Black Zambians after Independence. So this romantic notions we have about our "Western Saviours" (the ba Zungus) has proven to be a giagantic fantasy with far reaching consequences.....such as backwardness and...
    • Yambayamba
      Continue... underdevelopment of Africa, and Zambia in particular. Yes, like any other relationship the China-Africa relationship has to be managed and carefully watched. But what we shouldn't do is fear or demonize it. After all, the few decades that China has seriously engaged Africa economically and financially, no fair minded person can dispute the fact that China has done more compared to what Western Powers have done in their many centuries of engagement with the continent. The final chapter on this relationship is yet to be written. But it doesn't help our cause by being our own worst enemy spreading rumors and Western propaganda about China's intentions in Africa....because neither is the Western world's intentions for Africa are pure....they have proven this point quite...
    • IndigoTyrol
      This man is a liar. You will never see the Chinese buying casts amounts of land in Europe, and reselling it at inflated prices to the natives. For you to imply people are racist towards Chinese is utter nonsense. People hate the type of deals you are making with them. People hate unecessary borrowing, which is not accounted for. Yet as public servants, you thieves are building mansions everywhere, on your small salaries. You are all thieves. You are corrupt. You will all be caged one day.
    • IndigoTyrol
      You douche bags are now playing the racist card. Zambians are not racist. First it was tribalism. Anyone that was critical of your government, and was not a Bemba or Easterner, you called them racists just to shut them up. I am Bemba myself, but I put my country first. You do not represent me, or my fellow citizens. You have failed us, and you have no clue what you are doing. You swines are common thieves.
    • Jay Jay
      Sunday Chanda is likened to a secondary school boy who has discovered reading hence trying to use every phrase he has come across in one article...its laughable that he states ZNBC is a joint venture between Top star and GRZ but is very careful to omit that the Chinks own majority stake of 60% making them controlling owners nothing joint about that. Its disheartening that we have these hacks like Chanda defending everything when they are not even accountable to anybody especially on important issues like ZESCO, we need Lazy Lungu to be coming out from under the table and address these issues head on in a press conference not make statements when he is on foreign soil..what is he doing now? Waiting for the next flight...
    • ManB
      Ba YambaYamba, Why cant educated Africans/Zambians like you be the ones to be leading development in our country. Why should it be other people? You mention the ill's of African engagement with the Western Powers. Why should we have to wait for the "ills of the Eastern Powers to happened in order to learn that we have to do things for ourselves? The biggest problems us Zambians have is that we don't "Love and trust" each other and cant promote each other, but foreginers. That's why when you go to Lusaka almost all big Banks, big Hotels, are headed by foreigners, while educated Zambians like you run away to western countries to still be second-class citizens..
    • Jay Jay
      ManB "The reality is that China has established itself as Africa’s all-weather friend: in need and in deed – much to the chagrin of the adherents of western neo-colonialism such as Africa Confidential, Laura Miti and Hichilema’s UPND." Surely can you work with such morons with this type of narrow-mindedness ...if you are Zambian you are pigeon holed as UPND and a foreigner you are affiliated to colonizer's agenda....no wonder IMF rep. left Zambia.
    • Thorn in the flesh
      MISINFORMATION IS AN EXTREMELY UNFORTUNATE PHENOMENON BOTH AN INFORMATION AGE AND SOCIETY NEEDS TO GUARD AGAINST. ============================= The advent of fake news in every civilised society defy common logic and sense. Historically even the devil used and still uses the instrument of misinformation to sway truth and push an agenda of fear, paranoia and sick illusions with fainthearted goons always at the receiving end. As every situation gets highly puffed up with ill-politcal rants especially from the double h inspired misguided sadists like miti, the stakes are high as we the elite try to pump civil behavior in the solid tribal cortices of liar propagandists like jjs and like lilos of the this platform. The infiltrated civil liberty organisation worry me to the core at the...
    • JourneyMan
      Sunday Chanda, just continue enjoying the dishonest money. Don't try to sanitize PF reputation by trying to make others who point out your evil behaviour look bad. Do but take us for fools Just keep in mind that your date with justice will come
  2. Chisenga
    • Jay Jay
      That's a simplistic, lazy and shortsighted way of looking at this issue...this issue is way bigger than PF it concerns your grandchildren..who will never forgive you for putting them into slavery. Its laughable you make it sound as if its PF going to pay back all these loans from their treasury...to China you are simply pawns on a Chessboard set ...do not cheat yourself about any partnership. Look at your friends in Swaziland they have refused any Chinese assistance as they do not want to give up their sovereignty where as Zambia went there with the whole cabinet.
    • Oko2
      “We write to express our concern over bailout requests to the IMF by countries who have accepted predatory Chinese infrastructure financing,” the 16 USA senators said in the letter they sent to the two secretaries earlier this week. They claimed that China was using the debt to control the policies of the borrowing nations. But Secretary Pompeo told CNBC news channel last week that Washington was watching. “Make no mistake, we will be watching what the IMF does. There’s no rationale for IMF tax dollars — and associated with that, American dollars that are part of the IMF funding – for those to go to bail out Chinese bond holders or China itself,” he said.
  3. edwin zulu
    Chanda , first of you so myopic , ignorant , stupid and not fit to be in the position that you have , look the statements by brothers Ramaposa , Kigame and all those , apart from my country's leadership, it all nothing, but diplomatic PR . Look at Rwanda donot even allow Trump to send second hand clothes there , what about China , they make real Deals. There is here there is corruption among our top Politicians can not mention , but know themselves . Guided by RB that is why even his cases where taken away , as he helped to source money for campaign when they white man did not allow use of state funds . Youngman , know that it is said in bemba that ifyamunda yamuntu tafibola ,meaning what is done and seen by people , they may not say or show it today. But some day all and all truth...
  4. Spaka
    I agree for the first time on some of the points raised by chanda....that regarding vilifying the Chinese by the west which is sour grapes in my opinion. Chanda should note that people do not oppose Chinese investment , but would like to see more GRZ active participation in these projects with GRZ engineers and other Zambian professionals not just give everything , lock stock and barrel to the Chinese....
  5. Spaka
    Chanda should note that people do not oppose Chinese investment , but would like to see more GRZ active participation in these projects with GRZ engineers and other Zambian professionals not just give everything , lock stock and barrel to the Chinese….
  6. Dumisani
    Sunday Chanda, you nailed it my patriot! The CSOs represented by the likes of Laura Miti and bunch are nothing but hired voices by the highest bidder...who does Laura Miti and these CSOs represent? To whom do they account? Who funds them to speak ill of their own country? Remember, he who pays the piper, dictates the tune! Well argued article Sunday Chanda. We love you and there is no doubt that you are part of the emerging leadership in our country. Let haters hurt and hate...it's because you tell them the truth they don't want to hear!! Twalumba mudala!!! Keep them coming!!!
    • Spaka
      Laura miti was loudest at 42/42 ....tax payers money $42 million was corruptly used when only the cost should have been $18 million.......You want no voices so you continue stealing and looting unopposed ? Keep it up Laura , if we had more of these theives will tread more fearfully ....
    • Jay Jay
      You dingbats keep abusing this word "Patriotic" there is nothing of that sort in this deals ...China gives you money and all the money goes back with the Chinese contractor who even uses the selfsame funds to fight for GRZ contracts making local contractors even weaker.
  7. Monday Chanda
    Chanda, as usual speaks through his backside, attacking everyone that provides alternative analyses to his. He is completely unfit to hold the position he has in utterly incompetent and corrupt party.
    • Jay Jay
      "The reality is that China has established itself as Africa’s all-weather friend: in need and in deed – much to the chagrin of the adherents of western neo-colonialism such as Africa Confidential, Laura Miti and Hichilema’s UPND." Surely you can not reason with such morons with such shortsighted vision not even a technocrat can pump sense into them ...its a 2 way street with such fooooools ..its either you are with us or against us whilst they are there enjoying the $30million bribe from China. You have also one Dr. Chilufya denying that there is no Ebola...he will play the same tactic and blame colonizers and WHO to cover his incompetence.
  8. IndigoTyrol
    This prick is a total buffoon. He thinks using big words will convince Zambians that this government knows what they are doing. ZNBC is owned by the Chinese. However way you want to sugar coat it, the Chinese own it. That is what it means to be majority share holder. By the same token, ZESCO will have the Chinese as the major share holders. The same will happen to game parks and all key institutions. Meanwhile, this prick and his drinkard boss will be in Swaziland eating mangoes while dancing dununa reverse. They can lie to the illiterate yes, but there are those of us that can see clearly that this government is all huff and puff. They are conmen. Disgusting thieves.
    • Jay Jay
      Dull cadres who don't read are mesmerized by such rubbish...they believe him when he says ZNBC is a joint partnership really laughable...imagine selling controlling stake of a national broadcaster to a foreign state company. They Chinese wouldn't even allow Google in China let alone give them 1 % of media they know it power...but Lazy Lungu goes ahead smiling and gives it away for a loan.
  9. Napthali
    Demographics Follow Capital bane Accept the Capital and make a return The other part must address the AGOA and Finance towards Africa if to counter the Chinese IMF and other alternative cooperating partners also has not been helpful enough to most of these countries in its Sovereign debt restructure mechanisms giving that vacuum to the Chinese Financing and Investments There is no takeover of any company by Chinese but one must analyse the soft Power or influence and set priorities in trade commerce and align and rein-fence the IDC ownership of companies or acquisition by Foreigners be it Chinese or other and Gov and Governments in Africa made pronouncements to that...
  10. Napthali
    effect at recent FOCAC The Chinese are simply strategistizing there own Agenda or interests as seen in its Five Point strategic plan far beyond Africa into the global There is a lot to discuss here but knowledge is expensive i realize Peter Smith,African confidential ,did he say that or its only speculative writing I will find out but i think its an omission or he is being exaggerated as African confidential i find out or let him comfirm accurately
  11. Njimbu
    Sunday Chanda is spot on!!well said Hon.Chanda!!!UPND and all its followers are aganist chinese investment because they know very well that chines money has improved or developed our country-a thing which pushes Kainde miles away from state house!!!The much works PF has done since 2011 has confused UPND cadres such as Laura Miti and many others.Thank God that we have people like Sunday Chanda who tell the world the truth!!!UPND IS NOW TAKING THEIR TRIBALISM TO ANOTHER LEVEL-RACISM-HEY WHAT A CURSED PARTY!!! Tell your Kainde to be strong because 2021 general elections with be tough for him.Since Kainde claims to be rich,let him match chinese dollars fying around in PF camp!!!all 53 african presidents were in china last week seeking funds to develop their countries,so WHY SHOULD ONLY HH...
  12. Napthali
    The starting point is our History Learnings and Geography at Secondary school Including Civics and there you clearly see the likes of Otto von Bismarck That is where it all started Risks and Investments returns Investing in Africa Having understood the Geopolitics and the euphoria in this ,The point is access to capital for Zambia and others countries to restructure their macroeconomic prospects given how scarce the capital and costly it has been for Zambia in conversational capital markets and partners The Chinese financing and restructuring is much more Cheaper and termly than the Conventional ones You take and Accept the capital , model the financing around that in risks...
  13. Napthali
    and returns , take hold of the reserves in our commodity resources ,have a policy on foreign ownership or acquisition interests of IDC companies and resources attaching more critical surveillance on committee on foreign ownership of companies carefully planning all aspects and matching those financing from China Do not also simply accept Chinese Investors as an open Gallo, Set the minimum standards and only take on Real, well capitalised companies with value and traceability in track Investors and from China with quality capital to long-term invest in Zambia sectors and export to China as seen from those Chinese Investors Invested in Australia and other Western and elsewhere around...
  14. Napthali
    and elsewhere around the globe Wealthy seasoned Chinese businessmen and industrialists to partner and work the Zambia manufacturing Industries together with Zambians Take stock of our own indigenous Zambian companies and sectors Have a policy to promote and develop and drive then together as they interact and partner to growth with other foreign companies even from others not only the Chinese The policy should clearly identify those companies that are so critical to the functional operativeness’ of the country and would not impair the sovereignty of the country Do we even have a sectorial performance and analysis of those companies of our own to show case Apart from Trade kings...
  15. Napthali
    and other listed Zanaco or Zambeef No wonder our luse All share index does not gain superlatively because we have no companies we carry and promote for Foreign Direct Investments may be as ZDA I am not sure which companies we will take to say a plat form or forum to show case the Zambian Brand That is where the problem is in global economics for long-term Zambia Let’s see it in Central Luapula or Northern Expo and these companies get Foreign direct investments Not simply virgin or resources for auction if that is done then you expects raw exports and no value additions If you attract useless companies from Chinese of no value then you have a lot of issues and...
  16. Napthali
    often the consequences has been and would be the much criticisms of Chinese led investments If those we know businessmen of Chinese where to come and invest in Zambia, the thinking of them might be different may be But Chinese also should do more to establish firm business environments , assign quality workers to Zambia, be respectful and law abiding and less demining of their partnering colleagues ,if the case should be reversed We know they want to export excess capacity as can be seen in the China of Africa Ethiopia. The Chinese have a huge excess capacity they are struggling to manage to export a portion of its excess capacity and a portion of its 5 Billion people...
  17. Napthali
    people of which 200 million should be and must be strategically exported to stratrgic countries in Africa in the typical ZOUCHUQU AND QINGJINLAI STYLE It’s sad also sad to observe that Zambia and its African countries part of the FOCAC , with capacity and resources have failed to trade within and amongst themselves to create that might capacity to dictate and shape the economic agenda for China and US in the global economics and as a result and at every stage there has been always the western scrabble of Africa, the form of new Arab enslavement now manifest in the new turkey including the chinses ,often nothing left for Africa in hard infrastructural assets Now because...
  18. edwin zulu
    you small minded ignorant cadres , understand the difference between mere business deals and investments , roads constructions business deals are not investments at all, also donot talk about issues you do not fully understand . This is about Zambia and not PF , look at 2016 we were at USD6.8B Debt and two years later we are at about USD15B, show me the investments or development for that much money , apart from afew of criminals who where with no money at 2015 , now have Billions .
  19. Napthali
    because china has shown that difference most countries in Africa have shown that partnership as in the FOCAC It’s a fact that the Chinese are good at learning and try hard to imitate as they innovate Their curiosity and attempts including commitment to hard work have often paid dividends Look at how they have reinvented and defined global financing trade and now politics We The agenda for China is to become a global power in trade ,financing and relations Remember always that these financing initiatives and infrastructure developments are mainly to support Chinese accessibility to key resources and commodities or create capacity to support the Chinese Manufacturing companies ,trade...
  20. Napthali
    and global Geopolitics In Africa you can see that unfolding in countries like Nigeria Ethiopia and Tanzania You expect naturally Chinese and plants in cities of the Nigeria Dar and Kenya slowly becoming like the China of Africa Ethiopia Whether its Chinese or American or other, there should always be a firm policy with regards to trade ,financing and foreign relations Those interests can be established or classified as soft What is important for a country like Zambia is to set its priorities in trade,manufacturing,ownership and financing initiatives It must be a two way traffic for each sector of the Zambia economy and gains or losses being magnified accordingly o national...
  21. Napthali
    on national accounts In case of the Chinese ,they have a 50 year plan from now on how they want to profit from Africa and Zambia in particular Zambia also need to have a firm policy towards China not only china but all and negotiate on its own terms first and then agree consensus with the rest Zambia should avoid falling to fit into the rest and avoid the trap of masses or copy thy neighbour in front running trades, deals or on on our behalf We have all the resources manpower to build the capacity and work with the Chinese to build the core infrastructure we need for sustainable development for long-term If China has created that capacity in Financing and manufacturing and is...
  22. Napthali
    looking for trade routes partners and countries for its own people in a typical style of going out (zouchuqu and (qingjinlai) bringing in more to support the chines rise, Zambia can also do the same It will also be helpful also to understand the Chinese Africa strategic model, further as read together with the Chinese Five Point plan strategy as it impacts Africa and Zambia in particular There has to be a two way street in these Investments and Commerce Each party should come out well off for long-term In terms of current economics and positions ,the united states is the only country that can unwind china and its fundamental future in global trade and financing and that for...
  23. Napthali
    for Africa is important as it engages China they must rethink the Manufacturing and resource policy including IDCS because China alone is wealthy and more powerful reserves and on the international global ,financing , trade and Politics Its understands the importance of countries like Zambia and Africa in its quest to become an economic and political super power It’s a Tianxia system and Zambia like the rest of the globe trading and engagements with China and within the FOCAC should understand the Tianxia system in which china is positioning and align its foreign policies well It should be on top of suitability debt analysis verse vies the Chinse engagement or the fears that the...
  24. Napthali
    rather it should be on top of sustainability debt analysis verse vies the Chinese engagement or the fears that the country borrowings will result in locking its self into the crisis or debt trap as can be seen and perceived by most other similar African countries Issues of sustainability and macroeconomic restructure must always preoccupy The labour laws and investments promotion must be revised and practises adequately crafted to safeguard cases of unlimited utilisation of Chinese labour, unsustainable industrial and healthy practises These are soft issues that can be discussed We know that in most cases the cost of financing though sweat loans might attract hidden agendas ,...
  25. Napthali
    agendas often such hidden in the mezzanine , such and it’s within the sovereign to ensure it negotiates well and align. There must be constant interrogation of the China Zambia relationship and always knowing the best possible outcome for Zambia and review The IMF and others in debt restructuring and SDRM have not helped many Africans to restructure their macroeconomic prospects in the falling global resource or commodity prices at the same time when many Africa’s had gone to debt markets for financing of infrastructure on which they premised to roll their economies Its the opportunity the Chinese have seen and is filling that financing vacuum in the most sweat and attractive way...
  26. Napthali
    and most African countries have found it attractive It should be interesting to observe also that China is restructuring most of these debts from western Investors for African countries and is perceived not to be the official lender in most cases , It becomes a plus for them to refinance in a mezzanine manner since the IMF is seen not to be providing the funding gap or short-term financing and allow Zambia to make adjustment on the macroeconomic level to increase the structural space and create that capacity China is using the strategy of Cooption,cooperation and inducements to advance its Grand strategy and Influence in Africa The soft power concept is simply a copy from...
  27. Napthali
    from American scholar Joseph Nye’s writings from the early 1990s on the importance of culture, values, and ideals to shape global norms The most important thing to observe in this China Grand strategy is the quest for Global power and greatness China has projected to see It GDP double to USD 12 trillion since 2010 by 2021 and Africa is a very key strategic partner and Zambia is a core source of rare identified earth metals and natural resources crucial to the support and growth of the Chinese economy in the global sense Chinese Investments and Financing to Zambia is very welcome but with any other ,sustainability should be of the core to avoid externalities Zambians should also be good at...
  28. Napthali
    rather ,Chinese Investments and Financing to Zambia is very welcome but with any other ,sustainability should be of the core to avoid externalities Zambians should also be good at understanding the potential and risks posed as they engage the Chinese because the Chinese are expert negotiators in fundamental analysis They get it right always The Chinese saw the potential like in Australia , purchased a large chunk of land in Australia and the exports in returns to China can be seen from increased agricultural exports back to China African countries are more venerable and part of the 5 billion people of China are already in Austria producing food for Chinas enormous market of 5 Billion...
  29. Napthali
    Those African countries that will emerge and make a return on Chinese going out and coming must define and align their policies well China when you look at it is not debt trapping Africa its expanding its capacity and securing its resources Its loans and financing are much more huge in outlay or placement and cheaper than conversional ones allowing Africa to restructure and create macroeconomic capacity Most of the African countries in debt stress China is not the main creditor but its seen the potential to restructure cheaper than the conversional The conversional refinancing has been onerous to most African countries as seen from the international economic situation at which the cost of refinancing...
  30. Napthali
    has been costly for most of these countries Cost of raw commodities or prices global have not also been supportive towards the debt trajectory The soft policy of China towards Africa has been not to interfere in sovereignty or internal affairs or impose restrictive conditions This is to unwind the global consensus The Chinese will not tell you that we are plundering and therefore it’s up to you to set your priorities right and ensure they do not plunder you actually When you look at these Chinese loans and interest term sheets, they are cheaper than the traditional in fact the amounts have been very similar The debt relief has not changed in character also You like, Malaysia that cancelled...
  31. Napthali
    You may like to see the flexibility in the china and malaysia, Malaysia cancelled USD 20 billion worth of projects , have the power to cancel Chinese financed projects if you feel they are unsustainable and creating a debt trap You have the flexibility It’s the same restructure in the USD 7.3 billion in the Kyaukpyu project in Myanmar To conclude if the Zambia State utility was to be taken We could have seen it in the news like the case of failed 20% stake in the German Transmission system operator 50 Hertz by China State owned Company CHINA GRID CORORATION OF CHINA or other SINO
  32. Napthali
    In conclusion there is no sell of stakes in the National Power utility Zesco as allayed here and attributed to Peter Smith of African Confidential You could have seen CHINA GRID CORPORATION in the picture or the famous common sinos hyros The minister of energy at the 19 hrs news has confirmed that there is no sell or offloading of shares in the Zesco Its important to understand the needs of Zambian economy the structure disposition and what is fairly important in the short and long-term economic prospects for the Country Any Investor in Zambia is welcome but such should not be a risk in return or sovereignty or political and Trade or financing must be mutually beneficial
  33. Napthali
    Debt refinancing,Restructure, Growth resulting and others is another topic of discussion Any risk management begins with the risk taker and in most cases the refinancing from Chinese has copied the sustainability analysis from IMF and OECD but because they ave been priced in a sweat sense the issue and detail is how you align soft policies to them The trade must be two way and mutually beneficial and the UNITAD or World Bank or MOFCOM trade between indicators must show They pay for detailed modeled advice its money bane I have left i realize
  34. Kabisa
    When this empty tin's President is gone you will find him shouting at his empty beer bottle on a farm full of weeds, saying "Do you know me???"
  35. Napthali
    I see,Its a forecast ,They have made a forecast of how the demographics will change and strategically re-positioning over a 50 year period or horizon The base year is Now or Yr O as you may call it and the and the current population of China stands at 1,416,108,459 as of Monday, September 10, 2018, based on the latest United Nations estimates,representing populations equivalent of 18.54% of the the whole world population.Its the number 1 on the list of countries including on dependencies by population.The population density in China is 151 per Km2 390 people per mi2 ,total land area is 9,388,211 Km2 (3,624,807 sq. miles),59.3 % of the population is urban (838,818,387 people in 2018) The median age in China is 37.3 years. Now...
  36. Napthali
    Now if you are that massive like china and you are a global player and consumer of 50% of all resource commodities you stratergize to secure the sources in critical commodities and factors of production that support your economic power and political strategic interests China like shown in demographics is the greater market also in that representation of almost 20% global populations Its currently consuming 51% of all known commodity resources China’s Staggering 51% Demand For all global resource Commodities makes it sense why it has to form partnership with African countries a source of rare commodities to secure the supplies It has to use soft power and diplomacy pitting...
  37. Napthali
    the others for Africa Its currently consuming 51% of global Cement , Aluminium , Coal ,Gold ,Copper, corn,soya,pork,steel name it etc That is why Zambia should proactively and strategically manage china relationship and come out good just like other counter parties Avoid brief case Chinese ma-skeeters but those long-term blue chip companies that need to export the exceeded capacity as shown above Okay napyamo
  38. Napthali
    The 200 million is the net migrants and that for China is an outflow Meaning out bound to the rest of the world The actual un documented is assumed to be at 350 million per year and for the projections given the growth of the the population by 6 million people yearly at 1.9% fertility rate The Chinese people are intellectuals and have thought about this well carefully so you need also to match up just like others are critically reviewing the economic and political relationship Its a serious long-term model those who will forecast and negotiate well will emerge okay
  39. Napthali
    How does that matter , Its simple simply review the Chinese economic data including the demographics and pick the top 4 economies of the world or regions and see why that matters and the Chinese strategic corporation with Africa is projected to work for them in the long-term Already one country has been left through the focac corporation To see a big picture ,simply compare the population , GDP figures for the 4 economies or economic in the world in nominal terms to mention them China, the European Union, the United States of America, and Japan .It should not be a passive approach in engagement it should be business with returns and risks well understood Its a gift napyamo
  40. Ahmad Strejan
    The three chief virtues of a programmer are: Laziness, Impatience and Hubris. -- Larry Wall (Programming Perl)

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