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I’m yet to get the best out of the team-Chipolopolo Coach

Chipolopolo boys coach Sven Vandenbroek

Chipolopolo boys coach Sven Vandenbroek says he is yet to get the best out of the team that played Namibia in the 2019 Cameroun Africa cup of nations qualifier.

However, Vandenbroek says the come back from a goal down to force a draw is satisfying enough.

This is after the Chipolopolo boys came from behind to draw one all against Namibia.

And Vandenbroek says he did not start Enock Mwepu in the midfield because the player joined the team late on Monday.

The coach further added that Mwepu did not start because he did not train on an artificial turf, the pitch which was used for the match.

The Chipolopolo mentor said this during a post-match briefing in Namibia.

This was after Namibia and Zambia settled for a one all draw in group K of the 2019 Cameroun AFCON qualifier.

Meanwhile, his opponent Ricardo Manneti says the results for all the teams in group K so far means that the qualification to Cameroun may go to the wire.

Manneti’s comment follows a two all draw between Mozambique and Guinea Bissau in the other fixture of group K, a results that puts both teams on top on four points.

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  1. Bozo
    Ok and patson daka trained on artificial turf? 3 things ba coach The line up was inverted! Subs were made too late Mwepu is a computer.
      Iwe coach, there was everything WRONG with that team - Sinkala, Sunzu and Kalaba are no longer Chipolopolo material. Ska plays well with Mwepu controlling the midfield and distributing balls upfront. Fashion Sakala must be left to grow first; he's always selfishly overdoing things trying to be THE Star, and its bad for the team. Please tell Mweene that he's not a coach. He should learn to accurately distribute the ball and stop screaming at and blaming other team members for anything and nothing. The time he wasted with the ball may have helped us equalize !!!
  2. maloza
    Mwepu & Shonga should have been put in at half time, not 10 minutes before end of match. Mwepu the computer is the best attacking midfielder since Isaac Chansa.
  3. Kenny Kasonde Kolala
    Let the coach learn from his choice of players then he will come up with the best team. You live in Zambia and you have seen all the players play. Let him see them too and then make the best team according to his type of play.
  4. One sibbuku
    Mwepu should have been featured the whole 90 minutes that is the reason why we failed to win the game. Sinkala was not good enough in the midfield alone.
  5. David
    Good display of football in my opinion,I expected Mwepu to engineer the midfield along side Sinkala but I guess I got it wrong...the coach had other ideas.I only wish our National team the best of luck the table is still open
  6. upnd cadre
    It's a bl.oody loss naimwe. Excuses after excuses! You went there to win and you didn't win period. Usel.ess excuses from usel.ess bench....makes one sleep.
  7. Himmler
    Vandenbroek will succeed with time because he is approaching the game correctly. For instance, he rounds up all possible good players both locally and abroad. This gives him a good sample space to choose from and other possible inclusions to the team. He is also a disciplinarian and shows a lot of objectivity in player selection. What we saw yesterday could be expected as players were just assembled into a new team. They don't know each other very well as a newly assembled team. Am positive good times are ahead. Let the nation support this man. He's truly still building a formidable team. God bless Zambia.
  8. KAKA
    He looks like a born again pastor to me our national don't such kind of a coach they need someone who can push them like was Renard.....
    • Nine Chale
      What makes you say that? Is it the "meek and lowly" look on his face? LoL. A marathon is not won by the swift nor the battle by the strong but by he who endures to the end.
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    I must have left Zambia for a while but gone are the days when Zambia's KK11 B team or reserve side would beat the hell outta countries like Namibia. Zambia was the truth back then and ruled the entire Southern Africa. North and West African countries were the real competition then. Man what happened to the football? I recall back then the football weekends were the only times my uncle would convince me to do chores around the house and send me to buy batteries from the local Boma to put in his Champion AM band radio so we could listen to Dennis Liwewe. We were carefree, no stress no mortgages to think about... man someone take me back there!
  10. Ngosamu
    Coach told us b4 the game that he was there for a win, but featured a non-winning team! To win a game you need snipers not rugby players! Mwepu joined late, how about sniper Kambole! Instead of Fashion Sakala, Sinkala, Kalaba and Augustine Mulenga, he should have started with Mwepu, Shonga, Kambole and Lubambo Musonda. Hope he has now learned something vital.
  11. Yuri
    Lets the man ample time,the team assembled was ok,i feel the referee was bias,what about that possible penalty?did nt we deserve it?
  12. scrutinizerer
    ..let coach consider himself as a seasoned qualified pilot who is about to fly a new plane with 14 million passengers(Zambians) in a newly manufactured plane...no trials please
  13. Geofrey simpelwe

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