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3 planes to be used by Zambia Airways expected in the Country next month


Communication and Transport Minister Brian Mushimba announcing the cabinet approval of a new national airline during a “Team building” cocktail at Lusaka Intercontinental Hotel on Monday, 18 December 2017. Picture By Jean Mandela
Government has announced that three planes to be used by Zambia Airways are expected in the Country next month.

Minister of Transport Brian Mushimba says the planes will initially fly into two regional destinations and domestic routes.

Mr. Mushimba has maintained that the inaugural flights are scheduled for January 1st, 2019.

He says after the signing of an Agreement with Ethiopian Airlines the process is now gaining momentum.

Mr. Mushimba told ZNBC News in a telephone interview that the board of directors has also been appointed but did not disclose names.

And Mr. Mushimba anticipates that over 5 hundred jobs will be created directly among Zambians.

He further says the airline will improve aviation services in the country as well as market Zambia as a tourist destination.

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  1. Muzovu Ndhlovu
    Well done. Zambia deserves its own National Airline, but must compete with Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates and South African Airlines to survive. Good lucky.
    • Nostradamus
      Minister Mushindo just stop issuing bushiit. Last month you said no no no no it will be next year. Now you are back to lies. Next month will be different story, like his friend he grabbed parliamentary seat in Kankoyo used to act.
    • Shameless
      Ba Muzovu at Bare minimum try to understand what you read and put in some effort to do even preschool analysis .... How can this new airline compete with Ethiopian Airline when it will be fully managed by them ? You are struggling to run Zamtel, even a monopoly like ZESCO has been a problem to run small wonder you are leaving it to the Ethiopians to operate.
    • maloza
      How does PF00lish govt buy Russian planes, instead of boeing & airbus? Interjet a once-successful Mexican discount airline Interjet is now in almost bankrupt after buying the same russian Sukhoi Superjet 100s which have been grounded because of engine maintenance delays. The Russian-made aircraft, which average just 4 years old, are now being cannibalized for parts to keep other jets running. JSC Sukhoi doesn't have a single maintenance facility in the Americas or Africa.
  2. Kalima Nkonde
    From the word go,efficiency ratio of 500 employees for 3 aircraft is 167 employees per aircraft and those of with air industry knowledge will deduce losses from such a ratio. Employee per aircraft in the range of 85 to 95 would show efficiency
  3. nshilimubemba
    That will employ more people and lots of families will benefit from the airline it will be good for business zambians abroad will share the pride of having their own , welldone zambia you cannot afford to live in past if it failed once but this one will be a success for Zambia. Zambia at hub of southern africa in centre of southern region needs an airline and nations in the region will be happy to use zambia airways .
    • Returning Citizen
      @nshilimubemba...have you ever travelled using Ethopian airlines? if you have you would reserve your comments. I think the lack of understanding of issues in their full context and entirety, makes us Zambians somewhat dull. It's not just about owning an airline, its about profitability and return on investment. I don't think you have enough information at your disposal to make the comment you have made and to start applauding Zambia. Mediocre is our middle name!
  4. Daniel D Chisebwe
    “Mr. Mushimba told ZNBC News in a telephone interview that the board of directors has also been appointed but did not disclose names.” Things like this raises eyebrows. Why releasing the names has to be so sensitive?
    • John Laing
      I'm sure everybody knows that all those on the board will be hailing from the same well known region of the country.
  5. Umuswema
    These PF guys are worse than cholera .This airline business will just be a drain on the borrowed financial resources in a country whose economy is on a ventilator in the intensive care .

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