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Chingola Parliamentarian happy with road works


Avic International employees working on the US$ 23 million upgrade project of Lumumba Road

Chingola Area Member of Parliament Mathews Nkhuwa says works of upgrading roads in his constituency are progressing well.

Mr. Nkhuwa said his constituency is yielding maximum benefits from the C400 road project being undertaken by AVIC International Holding Corporation.

He told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that the community and his office are delighted with the quality of works which currently stand at 50%.

“The rehabilitation and construction of roads in my constituency is impressive. AVIC INT. is doing a commendable job and the whole community in my area is delighted. The work is now at 50% and once it’s complete, am very sure that it will boost the business fortunes of the district,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nkhuwa who is Minister of Energy said the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for 2017 has been allocated to the needy areas in the constituency.

He said some funds were channeled towards the construction of the only modern police station in the district which has been stocked with computers to ease the work of the officers.

The Parliamentarian further emphasized that women empowerment programmes in poultry business and the construction of classroom blocks in Kakalo area are among the programmes which will up lift the living standards of people in his constituency.


  1. saddened
    You are right to say so because majority of the works are being done in Nchanga south where the bazungus and the apamwamba live.Can it be said that Chikola, Chabanyama are also benefiting ? ....Because you are a minister you are controlling things in Chingola at the expense of Nchanga constituency where Chali is MP. How many roads are being done in Kabundi East, South and riverside not to mention Nchanga North. Ba Chali mulelanda mwandini. Ifi tufwile ukwakana. Nchanga South will vote for Nkhuwa while Chikola, Chabanyama, Maiteneke will choose who to vote for. Please give a timetable when these other areas will be attended to.
    • Sharon
      Hatribes Utd Football Club! It will never be happy of any progress unless if it was the head of Animo Farm building a school in his tribal constituency of Namwala using stolen Zambian money!
    • Zambian
      Local contractors busakala , no equipment , bulena , delay to finish the project or taking 5 years to finish one road but you collect the full payment . you buy motoka for your wife , your girl friends etc . Look at the Chinese they don't waist time not even putting on the nice clothes but work suits all the time .
  2. Malinso
    @ saddened Iwe, uletekanya sana, the rehabilitation of the roads on the copperbelt, our homeland has been well planned under the C400 and it will be done systematically including the mentioned townships and all towns on the Kopala. We know whats in the plan and all you have to do is to visit your MP for the updates, otherwise take advantage of the development taking place on the Copperbelt and position yourselves and venture in other meaningful undertakings other than mining. Money comes from Kopala, so find ways in which you can innovatively take part in ensuring that it supports Copperbelt even beyond the minerals. Meanwhile, work hard as you see President Lungu restore the past lost glorry of Copperbelt.
    • Jay Jay
      There is nothing sophisticated about these roads in Zambia...I wonder why they need AVIC to tar a road when a local company can do it if GRZ pays on time not after 2 years!!
  3. Jay Jay
    I just read AVIC...all these GRZ contracts being handed to foreigners like AVIC who have even decided to stay on and share the spoils with politicians!
  4. Kuonako chabe
    Having gone through you comments , feel I have a small contribution to the subject. @saddened I also used to ask the same question as to why the same company was being given almost all govt contracts? only when I got into the road construction sector did I understand what was happening. 1. The Chinese govt was asked to help with rehabilitation and construction of New roads by the president then Sata. Unlike the link 8000 which was purely govt funding. This grants for L800 and C400 came with conditions that a company chosen by the Chinese govt will undertake the projects. Hence the awarding of the contracts to AVIC A, B and C. All these a vice are owned by the Chinese govt. It may seem strange that there is such an agreement, but it's not only China that have done such before...

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