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DC unhappy with works by Zambian Contractors

FILE: CHINSALI district commissioner Evelyn Kangwa talking to good Samaritans, who included motorists and local people who rescued a tanker driver from Tanzania who lost control of his fuel tanker and plunged into a ditch following a tyre burst at Lwanya in Chinsali district of Muchinga Province

Shiwang`andu District Commissioner (DC) Evelyn Kangwa says some Zambian contractors are a letdown in advancing infrastructure development in the country especially in rural districts.

Ms. Kangwa lamented that in Shiwang`andu district, projects have been terminated due to failure by the contractors to complete projects.

She cited some projects which have stalled in the district such as the construction of ZESCO offices and the Post Office, among others.

She made these remarks in an interview with the ZANIS in Shiwangandu today.

Meanwhile, workers for Nyola Investment engaged to construct Shiwang`andu Civic Centre have stopped working due to non-payment of salaries.

The irate workers today stormed the DC’s Office to express their disappointment with the Company’s` failure to pay salaries amounting to K303, 000.

The workers claim that they have not been paid for a period of two years, stating that the debts have accumulated and that they can no longer work until they are paid in full.

And Shiwang`andu DC has expressed displeasure with Nyola Investment for its failure to pay workers and mobilize material to resume works despite being paid by Government.

Ms. Kangwa noted that it’s unfair for the contractor to take advantage of its workers as they have families to take care of.

She has since appealed to the National Council for Construction (NCC) not only to facilitate termination of contracts but to also reprimand erring contractors.

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  1. JAYD
    Tuntemeba contractors with poor quality of work. You are failures and a disgrace to the nation. How can you be given more work when you have failed to perform? People awarding contracts to these pathetic contractor should be held accountable. It is not the matter of accepting their offer (tenders) just because they look cheap, look at the ability of the company and their finances. Let then give a breakdown of what is involved. Can they pay their workers before they are paid by the government or any party? The contracts they sign should state that a breach of contract will be a serious offence even failure to pay worker. There should be express terms in an agreement. The contract should state that the other party will also the contractor of time. Performance must be exact and complete as...
  2. Angoni
    Then you have Kambwili who is also one of the local contractor trying to make political mileage that government is favouring the Chinese.we as Zambians need to change our mind set then we won’t have to engage the Chinese.A Zambian contractor prefers buying an expensive car and Lavish lifestyle before even doing the works and in the end you blame the president.The people in opposition are the worst corrupt so who shall redeem the country from this cancer.
  3. Chiko
    Our local contractors are ministers themselves, reason no single prosecution has ever happened. Forget, this woman needs attention.
    • Hakaiinde
      You are wrong Sir. Local contractors are mostly chaps like you who have political influence and knowledge about the available contract work but are only motivated by greed and useless trips overseas or to get big property in Zed at the expense of development through Government contracts. Its a shame that now you are blaming government for failure to uplift local business. A foreigner, especially the Chinese are serious on the job, Zambians just want fame and the ever elusive get rich fix when they get contracts. Mediocrity is the order of the day.
  4. Jay Jay
    How some local contractors with no track record are given contracts is down to you ....then you have those with track record but you never pay them on time....do you not know that contractors hire a third of their machinery?
  5. Jay Jay
    How some local contractors with no track record are given contracts is down to you ....then you have those with track record but you never pay them on time....do you not know that contractors hire a third of their machinery?
    WORKERS HAVE NOT BEEN PAID FOR 2YRS AND THE TOTAL BILL IS zmk303,000, so what is the monthly pay for each worker and how many are they? Furthermore ZAMBIA has not paid chinese laons for more than 10yrs and a contractor fails to pay hos workers for 2yrs is an issue?? khamon pipo

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