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UPND continues bleeding Councillors as popular Solwezi Councillor quits

Mrs Kyapalushi Kapatamoyo

UPND suffers another setback in Northwestern Province as popular Solwezi Councillor quits

The opposition UPND has continued to suffer setbacks with a number of Councillors and other grassroots officials abandoning the party.

Today, the party’s popular Councillor for Tumvwanganai Ward in Solwezi Central Constituency Kwapalushi Kapatamoyo has resigned her position

Mrs Kapatamoyo who was elected in the 2016 general elections with a landslide vote said she has resigned on personal reasons.
She further said she will no longer actively participate in politics and has ceased to be a member of any political party.

She has since thanked the UPND leadership for giving her a “rare and great privilege” to serve the people of Tumvwanganai Ward and she wished the UPND the best in future endeavors.

Mrs Kapatamoyo was seen by many as a rising start in women politics and was tipped to be the UPND’s next candidate for the Solwezi Central seat in the 2021 general elections.

She is a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow with a strong civil society background having served as North Western Coordinator for the Civil l Society for Poverty Reduction before venture into politics.

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    • Sena
      Kaiser Zulu Grade 7 way of doing politics should come to an end. PF does not have a Political Scientist who can advise the Party on the tenants of basic democracy?
    • Ntaulu
      Poverty can be a very powerful tool when especially, it is created to make people lose their morals and dignity. All dictators use poverty to stay in power. Watch the pace of the economic deterioration and soon the leaders seemingly coming to the aid of the gullible.
    • Nostradamus
      Everybody is resigning in whatever they are supposed to be doing in Zambia. Ask Lusaka Dynamos, ask Ponga Liwewe, ask Harry Kalaba. Eric Chimese resigned. There is no industry remaining. I will not be shocked to hear HH has resigned politics or Ba Inonge has resigned. The only people not resigning are Chinese.
    • Ntaulu
      To be honest with my fellow citizens, this is not an HH problem; it’s a national catastrophe. Very costly for a poorly managed country led by visionless people whose main agenda is to stay in power at all costs. Those of us who were grown up in the early 90s know what it is to be principled and fighting for what is right for the nation and not blindly supporting those perpetrating hatred and destruction of the checks and balances needed for a thriving economy.
    • Thorn in the flesh
      NEXT YOU WILL HEAR THAT SHE HAS BEEN BOUGHT BY PF. THE UPNDEADS, AWE SURE. ============================== It's either she did not fully understand the nature of her job i.e. the pressure from the community, the demands tied to the job OR The husband demand, chose between your job which is in essence politics and marriage. OR Just like her LSK counterpart, the UPNDEAD is cold to its elected officials. At this point I think she has her reasons for quiting/ditching POLITICS in general and the UPNDEAD in particular. I want more ladies in politics like MCS wished. She looks young and beautiful to say the least. The ward will miss her.
  2. Alexander Saimbwende Mushala-North Western Province
    "HH WILL DIE A BITTER PERSON" says Tayali. I'm seeing these words by Tayali being fulfilled. HH may go into depression and finally die looking at the faster rate he is losing members at the grass root level in North western province. North western province is destined to fall to PF, and UPND is likely to have only two strongholds by the year 2021. These resignations are, no doubt, giving HH sleepless nights, added to this is soon to come the contempt issue. The party in its history has never lost popularity so swiftly like this time. something has gone wrong in this tribal party and that something wrong is HH himself. No convention, tribalism, bitterness, I know it all kind of attitude, anti- government stance, underfiveness etc.
  3. Razor
    So if you were no longer interested in politics why not wait to finish your term then opt not to stand instead of causing an unnecessary and costly bi-election.
  4. Njimbu
    Things are getting worse by day for HH's UPND!!!This is what happens in life when somebody overstays in leadership.Many people are tired of fake promises from HH and people have heard all they could since 2006.Children who were born in 2006 have grown now but still Kainde remains a leader of tribal party!!!N/Western province is falling in love of ECL'PF.With the tarring of Chingola-Solwezi done now,PF will get more votes there!!HH SHALL SUFFER A WORST DEFEAT AT THE HANDS OF MIGHTY PF IN 2021!!!Most of these famous former UPND councillors will be adopted as MP candidates by PF in N/Western and Western who in return shall attract a lot of votes to PF in 2021.SO IN THIS CURRENT DRAMA-HH IS THE BIGGEST LOSER BECAUSE ALL 6.5 PROVINCES WHICH ARE PF'S STRONGHOLDS ARE INTACT!!
    PF member Fidelis Solomon Ngoma says current defections to the ruling party do not indicate its growth or popularity but “these are survival defections”.
  6. Dimba
    We just had by elections in the same province where UPND retained the seats. Now this woman resigns a couple of days later so that we start all over again. If I had my way, people who resign mid-stream would be banned from participating in politics for life. They are unpatriotic to the country. Each resignation is a huge cost to the country. Only an unpatriotic person would rejoice in such.
    • cozcowjr
      @dimba, which news source are you accessing? certainly not a credible source. upnd lost two out of the three by-elections in North West. do read too much of zambianwathdog because you will end up believing that HH is still the president of dundumwezi
  7. Mwelwa
    @ Sharon, the person who said only a tonga should....... is actually in PF today. My expectation is that if PF hates tribalism that much, they should have refused him to be part of them. Can we for once stop perpetrating hatred. I for one see voting on tribal lines as evil as voting on partisan lines. The moment we as Zambians will start voting for people on merit, that is the time this country will be better.
    • Sharon
      No, PF is inclusive and Larry Mweetwa is still in UPND. And when Larry Mweetwa is in UPND he speaks for UPND what he hears them discuss behind closed doors! It changes when in public but remains true behind closed doors. Thank you for your help though @HaMwelwa.

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