Home General News 3,451 boreholes registered following since the signing of three Statutory Instruments

3,451 boreholes registered following since the signing of three Statutory Instruments

Borehole used by many people in places where there is no council provided water pipe system

The Water Resources Management Regulatory Authority (WARMA) has disclosed that it has registered a total number of 3,451 boreholes since the signing of three Statutory Instruments (SIs) by the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection.

Recently, the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection signed three SIs on ground water and boreholes, Licensing of drillers and the revised raw water fees and charges early this year.

Speaking during a media interactive meeting in Lusaka today, WARMA Regulations and Compliance Manager, Alexander Chomba said the authority has so far received 2,349 applications to drill boreholes.

He said out of the 2349 applications, 20 have been rejected for various reasons, with 60 pending for verification purposes.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Chomba revealed that about 88 applications were received for licensing with 84 having received licenses while, 4 were rejected for not meeting the conditions to obtain a license.

Speaking at the same event, WARMA Acting Director General, Lemmy Namayanga appealed to members of the public to register their boreholes with the authority.

Mr. Namayanga said the deadline for registration of boreholes is September 30th noting that all the boreholes which will not be registered by the deadline will be deemed illegal.

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  1. IndigoTyrol
    Next it will be pit latrine tax. Or bedroom tax. Or getting taxed in honour of our great leader, Lungu. Zambians are all taxed out!
    • Mubanga
      Imwe ba sw!ne you collect income tax which is supposed to be used to supply clean water to the public. You don’t. Then the same tax payers ding a bore. Instead of them getting a tax break, they are charged a borehole tax. Why do we pay income tax if we have to pay a separate tax for everything else? 2021 vote for Ching Xiang. Kabila they will own us anyway
  2. Malyendele
    That is the number of people having boreholes in Chalala! People are fed up with taxes! They will call out this bluff. Let's see how it will pan out!
  3. mbeba na kolwe
    It is not a tax. No natural resource is for free. Everything extracted from nature must be paid for to ensure equity. Sand, black soil for lawns, trees for firewood and malasha are all levied. Same for rocks to quarry and so on and so on. It is the same reason mineral loyalties are paid!! When natural resources are not paid for, the end result is depletion due to wastefulness, mismanagement e.t.c. Learn to understand than prove that UPND is clueless. Can't even control denkete in its cattle.
  4. Borehole Tives
    This is how $tupid we Zambians are - no understanding of things and no wonder this GRZ is taking us for fools left right Centre! Unless you bought an illegal plot, when you buy a plot, you pay service charge and ground rent to the council! That service charge is for the council to bring you piped water to your plot! You use your own initiative and sink your own borehole to provide yourself with water which GRZ has failed to do and you still want to entertain the thought of paying them to register a borehole they have not invested in? Are they the ones who provide underground water? This is madness! If it's registration of boreholes, let them just do so without asking overtaxed citizens to fork out more money! If I may ask, what added service will the government give if your borehole is...
  5. Dundumwezi arise
    @mbeba na koswe I was trying to pick some sense out of your sentence but am afraid,nothing is in it. Seat there and support headlessly when they are busy planning to tax the air you are breathing and once this happens don't complain because its a natural resource as you put it your self..
  6. Dundumwezi arise
    Its okay just take advantage of the poor,innocent and peaceful Zambians????????, but time ll come when people ll dance to the tune, Your water utility companies are failing to supply clean drinking water ???? to every citizen, now that people are sinking there own boreholes, it has become an issue...

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