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Police record warn and caution Kalaba, but he vows to continue with his meetings

FILE: President Lungu share a light moment with Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba at Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission in New York where he addressed Zambian’s Living in United States of America

Police on the Copperbelt province have recorded a warn and caution statement from former Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba.

Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga told journalists in Ndola today that Mr. Kalaba who is patriotic Front (PF) Bahati Member of Parliament was summoned by police in connection with several illegal meetings he has been convening in the province.

Commissioner Katanga said the Bahati Constituency law maker held meetings without notifying the police in respect of the public order Act.

Mr. Kalaba held meetings in Chingola, Kitwe and in Ndola districts with a cadre of people without following procedure.

“The parliamentarian has been hosting secret meetings to mobilize what is called as Kalaba movement in churches within the province on the pretext of attending fellowships, “ she said.

She warned that failure by Mr. Kalaba to follow the law, the police will effect an arrest on him.

“Two supporters that accompanied Kalaba to police have been arrested and charged with conduct likely to cause breach of peace after causing confusion at the police, “ said Commissioner Katanga.

Ms Katanga said it is expected that Mr. Kalaba abides by the law irrespective of his political standing.

And Mr. Kalaba when reached for comment described the action by police as nothing because his meetings were held what he termed as a quest to liberate the communities.

He has vowed to continue his campaign saying that he did not mind on the number of times he will be summoned or arrested.

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  1. IndigoTyrol
    Kalaba, just carry on doing your work. But please tell the country what your relationship is with Bushiri. We do not want such characters in our country.
  2. Mbala Mafia
    WE, THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA: ACKNOWLEDGE the supremacy of God Almighty; DECLARE the Republic a Christian Nation while upholding a person’s right to freedom of conscience, belief or religion; UPHOLD the human rights and fundamental freedoms of every person; COMMIT ourselves to upholding the principles of democracy and good governance; WHAT THE HELL IS GOING THROUGH THE MINDS OF EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU & THE TOP BRASS OF PF PARTY? FIVE YEARS CAN INDEED BE SHORT TIME IF YOU DON'T HAVE GOD ON YOUR SIDE - BA LUNGU BALI SHENTEKA LESA MWE BA NENSU. KALABA, TULI NAIWE, NEVER GIVE UP, YOU ARE CALLED TO TRANSFORM THIS LEADERSHIP MEDIOCRITY
  3. Nzelu
    Kalaba can apply for a permit like any other citizen. What is wrong with Zambians trying to gain fame with mediocrity? He is a non entity trying to game recognition using mapulukutu. As much as we do not all like the public order act, it is still constitutional law.
    • Mbizo
      It is not an application for a permit but simply notification. Lets not cower in fear and sit idly by as our rights are trampled upon. Why should police be involved in citizens private meeting?
  4. Ndanje Khakis
    Scarface wait until you taste Mukobeko. Unfortunately unlike Kambwili who is an escape artist who faints you will end up getting a stroke while in jail. Just follow the law. If HH a leading politician can get a permit what about you who still has one foot in PF for money.
  5. Mr P
    Harry Kalaba knows about PUBLIC ORDER ACT , then WHY behaving like, A DAY CRIMINAL.? And I guess THAT HE IS SUFFERING from POLITICAL- BITTERNESS just like others opposition political leaders.This DISEASES known as POLITICAL - BITTERNESS should be cured in ZAMBIA.

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